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12 Minute Affiliate is the brainchild of online marketing sensation Devon Brown. It is a plug-and-play system that delivers and makes affiliate marketing as easy as it is supposed to be.

Making money online doesn’t get easier than this with the 12-minute affiliate platform as the system has been designed with you the newbie in mind and is carefully laid out step by step so it is easy to follow.

All a person needs to do is to be consistent in doing the work assigned in the steps and as you learn, I always will add implement, and then you go on to earn.

It couldn’t be simpler.



Let’s go on to explore the 12-minute affiliate system and see why it should address our attention. This will be my honest and unbiased review upon which I know will aid & guide you in making your decision on this product.

There are many affiliate programs and products in the online space, and not all have been created equal. Some are actually a load of junk. But then there does come a program without the bells and whistles and does deliver.

I believe that by the time you are finished reading this review you will know what a solid program looks like, what it focuses on to guarantee you success, and then it remains all up to you on what you will do with the information received.

So let’s dig in.


12-Minute Affiliate – What Exactly Is It? 


12-minute affiliate


In the wonderfully yet complex world of online marketing, two models have emerged as the chosen vessels of many an entrepreneur. Those of affiliate and network marketing.

Many established and successful marketers having started out as affiliates themselves, go on to create products that can assist persons new to online marketing, to have a more enriching and easier experience.

The 12-minute affiliate does just that as it was seen by the creator of this platform that many new people coming into the industry were complaining of programs either being too techy or simply not working as described.

Notwithstanding, many of the programs were not as given to detail and step-by-step guidance as is evident when you dive into what the 12-minute affiliate offers.

Many marketers will often want you to patronize them in their product releases and so on, but when it comes to supporting and guidance they fall short. Not here.

What Is It Exactly

The 12-minute affiliate system is a step-by-step system that will help you start and grow a successful affiliate marketing business.

It is a step-by-step breakdown of all the moving parts within an affiliate business that any marketer bent on having success would need to know and learn.

You might have heard of the term ”funnel” or ”sales-funnel”. The 12-minute affiliate system can also be described as a sales funnel designed to bring you results because it teaches you exactly what you need to know and do to achieve results.

What the 12-minute affiliate system does not do however is leave you to believe that there is no work involved on your part.

While it does a lot of heavy lifting for you by way of detailed teaching and explanation of how affiliate marketing businesses work, there is still a role that you, the one now building your own business has to play.

It has been called a DFY (Done For You) system which generates income for you even while you sleep. This essentially is what a successful online business will do for you as it operates 24/7, generating sales on autopilot.


The Man Behind The 12-Minute Affiliate System 


12-minute affiliate

Devon Brown is a successful Internet Marketer who has shared the stage with many giants in the online business arena.

People like Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson, and others to name a few. But his success doesn’t just come from the people he has hung around.

His success comes from the hard work and effort that he puts into his program and from recognizing the struggle that most new people experience when it comes to online marketing.

This is why he co-developed the 12-minute affiliate system where anyone desirous enough to build their own online business can do so.

All that is required is to sign up, follow the simple and well-detailed steps of the program to the letter and get ready to be blown away. It is that simple. Learn, implement and earn. No shortcuts.


How The 12-Minute System Works – The Breakdown



In the short video above, Devon Brown co-founder of the 12-minute affiliate system takes about 4 minutes to explain basically how the system works and why it works using a process he refers to as Sleep Technology.

But it is always best to hear from persons who have already been using the system and to listen to their results. In the next video, you’ll get to hear from everyday people like yourself and what the experience was like for them using the 12-minute affiliate program. Click The image here below to view the testimonials video.


12-minute affiliate


Time To Get Down To The Nitty Gritty


In this section, I am not going to do what I have seen so many others do with review articles. I am going to simply give you information. But I am also going to ask you to do something else that may be sometimes scary.

I want you to THINK. Yes, you read that correctly. THINK. Why? Well, you are going to need to really think carefully and you’ll also find that in starting any business of any kind that a strong mindset also helps.

So I am going to point out to you the PROS first and then the CONS as I see it with this program. However, I will start by saying right now that this program is by no means a scam. No way.

I can say that because well, let me leave that for when we get into the pros and cons.



  • The system is legitimate, and it is also backed by ClickBank
  • It is ideal for both newbie and intermediate affiliate marketers.
  • Simple plug-and-play activation
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • You can test drive it for 14 days for just $9.95 with a money-back guarantee if not liked
  • It helps you market & sells other ClickBank products
  • It features a DFY (Done For You) setup on many of the moving parts associated with an online business
  • It is stated out front that it is not a get rich quick opportunity



  • It is designed to promote ClickBank products alone which is not ideally a bad thing
  • Only gives you 3 niches from which to choose for your proposed online business
  • With the Gold membership of the program, you can access all 3 niches but the categories are the same as before


Having The Right Mindset For The 12-Minute Affiliate System 


I chose to include this section even though this is only a review article because I believe that in being fair to the product being reviewed, one should also know that having the right mindset is key for future success in any undertaking.

By having the right mindset, what I mean to say is that we need to understand the program for what it is, what it can potentially do for those opting to do it, and realistically what it can’t do.

I hear many today talking about organic methods and most don’t want to spend any money even though it’s the business we are looking at here. How can you be in business and not want to spend any money?

When last I checked, it took money to make money, and then to even scale your business took some money but it also made you more money when done the right way.

So having the right mindset to business and in business is critical. There are many systems and programs out there and the 12-minute affiliate is only one of several hundred programs.

For what it is designed to do, I can say that in doing affiliate marketing, there are so many moving parts and the 12-minute affiliate system does take care of some of the more challenging moving parts for you.

Landing pages, autoresponder email sequences, and the automation behind the system are a great plus as many persons new to online marketing would not have a clue how to build any of these moving parts.


Knowledge Is Power


What I like about the 12-minute affiliate program is that it does not hide you from what it really takes to build an online business. It is not easy, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as many would want you to believe either.

A lot of people are genuinely lazy and just want everything done for them right down to the success they get. If they are never exposed to what having a real business is all about, how can they ever hope to succeed?

Knowledge is power and while the system saves you time, it does expose you to knowledge once you know what to look for.

In making things so simple that you make money in your sleep, you also get to learn copy by the many email swipes provided for you in the follow-up emails sent on your behalf. You also get to learn how a properly set up landing page looks like.


How Does One Succeed With The 12-Minute Affiliate System?


I decided to take a closer look at what I listed as the cons associated with the 12-minute affiliate program. I have come to realize that because of my vast amount of knowledge and the ability to see the good in any program, there is still a way to overlook the cons.

Let me explain before you blow off this whole review. Let’s take for example the fact that it only is structured for the person using the system to promote ClickBank products.

So what? Isn’t ClickBank an affiliate network? Don’t hundreds even thousands of people come to ClickBank looking for products to help them solve their perceived problems?

Let’s look at the niches. Home Business, Weight Loss, and Personal Development. These are 3 of the biggest product niches in the market. How could a person not succeed even if they only had these 3 niches to work with?

ClickBank has some Home Business products that are High Ticket as well. This means that if you selected such products and were able to locate your ideal prospect, you could make quite a lot of money in just that one niche of Home Business.

So for starters, the best way to succeed with this program is to first follow what it teaches you to do. But you don’t stop there. You also look for the best products ClickBank has to offer within the niches the system caters to that pay the highest commissions.


Time For My Conclusion & Recommendation


If you are completely new to online marketing and have decided to go the way of affiliate marketing, then the 12-minute affiliate system can help you. However, it will not cover everything you ought to know about affiliate marketing.

This is because while the system has been ideally suited to those who are new, it also takes into consideration at the expense of the new person a shorter route to success or a shorter learning curve that may not be in the best interest of the user.

I will say though that if individual users can appreciate that there is more to marketing than just being able to go to sleep and make money, then they will see that the 12-minute system can only give them a much-needed jumpstart.

It is good for what it intends to do and teach, but it cannot be revered as the best product out there when it comes to teaching anything about affiliate marketing, with a view to making life-changing income online.

For the pricing at $9.95 for 14 days and then the $47. dollar monthly price tag, the fact that one can get a 60-day money-back guarantee, speaks volumes. It does so because you are given enough time to either succeed or fail.

Once you have given it your best shot, however, I think you will succeed. That there is also a lifetime payment option is also a great incentive. With all the monthly payments out of the way, there is only traffic to think about and scaling one’s business.

I have had the chance to see a number of reviews from other writers on this same product, but it greatly disturbs me as their views appear so biased.

And then on top of that, they go on to promote another program within their review post, and still some even promote the same product they have just given a bad review on. I’m just in awe.

I hope this review has given you enough insight into the product that you can make a wise decision about it. To learn more about affiliate marketing and the skills you will need to master you can also learn more here.




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