Barack Obama taught me 10 powerful things about leadership. That has been for me,  a source of inspiration and has given me the resolve to push forward and become the leader I believe I’m meant to be.

I am sure that once you have read this post, you too will be impressed to be that leader you too have known for some time that you can become.

I have been thinking about this topic for some time and while it might seem a strange topic to be addressing it is indeed very much needful. I actually alluded to this in my story here.

What Barack Obama Taught Me About Mindset & Its Role In Leadership

While I will be the first to admit I know nothing really about Barack Obama, except that he was the first black President of the United States, I must say that he is a remarkable leader and that has stood out for me.

Like any leader and others before him, he has had to overcome many obstacles, and with those around him, offering nothing more than criticism and challenging his every move to make America great again, he stuck to his mission as any great leader would.

So can we learn from Barack Obama? I say,”Yes We Can.”

Yes We Can 

The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year, or even one term, but America — I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there. I promise you: We as a people will get there.

This was a quote from a transcript of Barack Obama’s victory speech back in 2008 after he won the presidency.

I will put a link for you to read it as you will be able to appreciate and sense the qualities of leadership shining through.

In this speech, we also get a glimpse of even though Obama acknowledged from early on that the challenge of turning America around would be a great one,

He was prepared to meet it head-on. His mind was fixed on the goal ahead.


Yes, we can, had become a very predominant chant during his presidential campaign, but you can understand why.

If you are going to achieve great things, you have to start out by believing that you can. You must have a vision. He had that.

So the YES WE CAN chant was not just Obama positioning himself to get things done in a mighty way, no, it was more than that.

Obama was getting the people to see within themselves the potential to make a difference by first accepting that they had it within themselves to perform.

He had to drill that idea into their minds so it became their mindset as it was his. I’ve said it before that which the mind can conceive and believe, that it can achieve. You also must have a vision.

Mind(set) Over Matter 

You can use the expression mind over matter to describe situations in which a person seems to be able to control events, physical objects, or the condition of their own body using their mind. Good health is simply a case of mind over matter.

Since it would appear that everything starts in the mind, then it behooves us to have the correct frame of mind to start with.

This is why when a person has the right mindset, invariably they exhibit good leadership traits of character.

Let’s consider for a bit the qualities of a good leader. Every good leader should strive for and possess these 10 following characteristics.

These 10 Traits A Good Leader Makes 

  1. Positive Attitude
  2. Integrity
  3. Commitment
  4. Confidence
  5. Communication
  6. Inspire
  7. Ability To Delegate
  8. Gratitude
  9. Relationship Building
  10. Decisiveness

“A great leader possesses a clear vision, is courageous, has integrity, honesty, humility, and clear focus.

Great leaders help people reach their goals, are not afraid to hire people that might be better than them, and take pride in the accomplishments of those they help along the way.”


Many of these characteristics exemplify the man that Barack Obama allowed us to see in himself during his tenure as president of the United States and these same attributes are those born of a positive and strong mindset.

The positive character traits possessed above then can only lead the individual who has them to go on to exhibit the right mindset.

Having the right mindset is necessary if you would become successful in life especially in building and running your own business.

Why Mind Over Matter Is Important

Everything we do and everything we feel originates in our minds as thoughts. These thoughts form perspectives and influence our decisions.

Decisions then lead us to or prevent us from the action. The pattern of thoughts we choose to entertain and focus on, shape the quality of our lives.

Our minds are our most powerful asset and for this reason, it is imperative that if we are to be successful in life then we need to shape our mindset from the beginning.

We ought not to just have a great mindset but the right one.

Having The Right Mindset Matters

While Barack Obama has been my focus for this blog post, he is the only one among a flotilla of leaders who all proved what having a powerful and positive mindset can achieve.

In fact, we can look back to The Bible and can easily pick some great leaders of that time who showed great skills in the characteristics I listed above and would have stood tall even though their opponents were literal giants.

david vs the giant goliath

Moses, David, Samuel, Daniel, Esther, Joshua, & Abraham to name a few, are some of the great Bible heroes we can learn so much from.

History is replete with some of the greatest leaders of our time and how they shaped the world through profound leadership.

But while great leadership may be a by-product of a great mindset, I must say that it does not mean that even though one possesses a great mindset that mistakes cannot be made.

Neither does it mean that the mindset could not be used for negative purposes or in a negative way.

It’s about having the right mindset, not necessarily just having a great one.

The bottom line then is that to be a great leader, one has to have the right mindset. If you take nothing else away from my post today, this is the cruncher.  To be a great leader, you have to have the right mindset.


Barack Obama was not perfect. He was human just like me or you (reading this post ), meaning that he was prone to making mistakes just like we all are. But what stood out for me about him was his leadership.


And as I reflected on his leadership, it spoke to not only the mindset that he had but also the qualities I listed earlier.

It was also clear that he had the right mindset for the role he was then to perform as leader of the United States.

Today, you might also have a goal you would like to achieve, but while you know it sees you becoming a leader in your own right, you are unclear as to how to accomplish this feat.

To do so you will need to first believe in yourself that you have got what it takes to get it done. The fact that you are here reading my article tells me that you are willing to take the next step forward.

If so then take a look at this video which I believe will set your mind in the correct frame to achieve success. Take a look.

This is unlike anything you have seen before but it is very powerful and can transform you.

Much success to you.


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