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List Infinity is a very clever and unique approach to email list building on the one hand while learning how to build an online business on the other.

It is a great opportunity for those new to online marketing and of course list building.

This is the brainchild of experienced online marketer Derrick Van Dyke, and it is really great to not only build your email list but also to learn the fundamentals of building an online business.

Derrick Van Dyke has been a successful online marketer for many years. He has put what he has learned in a form that even beginners can digest and start their online business right out of the box so to speak.

Van Dyke has been around internet marketing for years and he is also a software developer. He is the owner of a company Digital Profits Inc. and is known for his software development, marketing and coaching.

In this post, you will not only learn why this program really delivers but you’ll discover why it’s so ideal for new marketers.

1. It’s mostly a DFY ( Done For You ) system. 2  You learn how to build an e-mail list. 3. You have multiple income streams. 



This will be my unbiased List Infinity program review as I look at 7 important features of the program for you to decide if it’s a fit for you and your business.


What Exactly Is List Infinity?



1. It’s a done-for-you system designed to take care of the hard tasks making it super simple for newbies.

This is the first item you are exposed to when you come to the list infinity website. This short but concise video gives you a basic overview of what the system is and offers you.

But I would be quick to add that there is so much value put into this system, that for beginners it is quite an offer.

List Infinity is a viral list-building system that not only teaches you how to build your email list using organic traffic methods, it also ensures that your referrals to the program help you in your list-building exercise.


How The Program Works 


list infinity When you come into the program, the first thing you are required to do is to set up the system.

This includes setting up your list building software and you get very detailed instructions on how to do this. I will add here that you will need to have an autoresponder, and you are given two (2) options to choose from each featuring free trial services.

List Infinity has both a FREE version as well as a paid PRO version. The initial system setup is required whether free or paid. The difference between the two versions would be the bonuses and of course, the free version has limitations as one would expect.

You can get your system set up using these 3 quick steps I’ll lay out for you right here and then you’re off to the races as it were.


Step #1: Set Up The System


Customize the system so all of the leads and sales go to you! Payments go directly to your PayPal or Stripe account. You are given fully itemized steps on how to do this.


Step #2:  Select A Lead Page


list infinity

Select one of the done-for-you lead capture pages that build your email list and follow up with your leads to generate sales! You have many opt-in pages to choose from and training to direct you in your member’s area.

2. You learn how to build an email list using this proprietary viral list building system.


Step #3:  Promote Your Link!


Follow the step-by-step training to get 100% FREE traffic and leads from Facebook or fast-track your success by purchasing traffic from our top-rated solo ad sellers. It is important to note that at this stage a Pro account is the more viable option to own.


FREE Option VS PAID Option: Benefits & Disadvantages


While the FREE version of list infinity is great by itself, it does not offer you the opportunity to make recurring sales with the platform. To do just that, you would need to upgrade to Pro.

What I will list here for you are the features of both the FREE and the PRO versions so you get to make an informed decision.


The Free Version


list infinity


The Pro Version


When I begin to list for you what the Pro version has to offer you will immediately be blown away. In fact, I don’t want to spoil it for you as I want you to be blown away.

So let me begin by saying this. With the Pro version, You get everything you see in the FREE version plus the following goodies.

3. You’ll have multiple income streams (by the time you upgrade to PRO).

As if that’s not a pleasant surprise, let me fill you in on the seven important things you ought to know that will see you upgrading to Pro in no time.


7 Important Things You Ought To Know With List Infinity Pro


  • Facebook Traffic Strategies ( includes 12 Video Modules, Ebook & Cheatsheet).
  • $10K Blueprint ( includes 12 Video Modules, Ebook & Cheatsheet).
  • Tik Tok Marketing ( 11 Video Modules & more).
  • YouTube Authority ( 10 Video Modules & Ebook, with Cheatsheet).
  • Instagram Marketing Secrets ( 10 Video Modules & Checklist).
  • Reprogram Your Mind for Success ( 12 Video Modules, Ebook & Cheatsheet).
  • Bonus gift for going Pro. ( Deets below)


list infinity

List Infinity is one of the better programs that has come along and with so much value being offered you cannot go wrong. What I most like about it is the training provided to ensure you get website traffic


You would have seen the advantages that list infinity presents for both newbies and experienced marketers in the 7 important things I listed.

The only disadvantage I can see would be that a person seeing this incredible offer does not take advantage of the Pro membership. In my humble opinion, it’s a no-brainer.


The Pros & Cons Of List Infinity


The Pros


List Infinity provides the following features and I am describing here from the perspective of being a full or upgraded member of the program.

These features I shall refer to as pros because they do give you essentially what you’ll need to succeed however let me cover the downside in the cons.


  • The System Setup – Here you are directed and shown in detail how to set up your List Infinity system. The first step is to connect your autoresponder, and subsequently, import the email sequence prepared for upgraded members to use in their email sales campaign.
  • You next will set up your payment processor which is either Stripe or Paypal and tutorials are present to again guide you through the process.
  • List Infinity provides 4 additional income streams for which in the next step you will either post your affiliate links for the various income streams if you are already members and if not then you will have the option to sign up. And this makes sense as every person joining you thereafter can potentially be sold on any of these income streams if not yet a member.
  • There is also an option to add your tracking pixels but if you don’t have any, you could still sign up for such through a program which also is one of the mentioned income streams that being involved with List Infinity provides.
  • Everything that you will be exposed to whether a tool or way of doing things that is designed to bring you results will feature a number of tutorial videos to keep you up to speed on what is expected of you and what you need to learn.


The training is very thorough I must say even down to the email series being all written out for you for the full 30 day period you will market the program to your budding email list.

And the pros far outweigh the cons. So let me now focus on what I see as the cons of the program. But I will be quick to say that what I may identify as a con for me should not be taken as a deficiency of the program.


The Cons


  • If you do not have an Aweber account, then you are faced with either signing up for one, and that option is given should you need to use it. But if you already own an autoresponder as in GetResponse, then you can use it, but you will have to manually create your own email campaign and upload via copy and paste the already DFY (done for you) emails to it. No one-click import like for Aweber is possible.
  • I don’t like that there’s only one option for paid ads as in Udimi. While I understand the argument for using Udimi listed with the system, there are two other credible solo ads providers which I would recommend that are just as good as Udimi. Option #1 and Option # 2.
  • The third and final mention I will make with reference to a con would be given the fact that despite the generous one-time upgrade fee of US$100.00, the potential wins or losses are left to the solo ads campaigns. This means that while the potential is there to build your list, it doesn’t mean that you will in fact actually see your profits surpassing your expenditure when you understand how solo ads really work. It’s a hit or miss.


Overall I would say that for the training you receive, coupled with the bonuses, and the other necessary tools from which an income stream can be derived, that the program does have merit.

Like any other business opportunity online, once you are committed and laser-focused on what you are doing, then in time you will see the results you seek.

This is my take on the List Infinity program. It’s actually a great place for newbies to start with their list building and the pass-up system employed where your referrals also will pass up every 5th person to you only helps your own list grow faster.


Time To Wrap Up


list infinity

From what I can see this is a very solid program and I love that it offers not only a relatively, full-fledged DFY (Done For You) system but also takes care to train users in a lot of areas related to internet marketing.

Marketers will need to have some knowledge especially if new if they will go on to be well-rounded and successful online business owners.

When this program was first introduced to me, I immediately registered my account as I have never been exposed to any program that covers the basics by helping you build your most important asset in online marketing. Your email list.

Then to consider the many bonuses and the fact that you could potentially create additional income streams as you secure and begin using the tools recommended by Derrick.



DISCLAIMER: One or more of the links included in this article do lead to affiliate offers. These do not cost any more to you should you purchase through my link, but I will receive a small commission. Thanks in advance for your support.


list infinity


One last item I will mention is the section where Van Dyke takes you by the hand and reveals the process of securing solo ads from start to finish in full detail.

He even supplies what he calls his Solo Ads Rolodex which features what he considers to be some of the best solo ads providers to be found right here on this platform.

Yes, you can build this business organically or you can use paid ads. You are given tutorials on how to effectively do both within this system.

The recommended solo ads provider as mentioned before is Udimi. They are quite good and I have used them before, but I also listed two other great options earlier in this article.

Or just check them here below to see what they offer.

Traffic For Me  /  Real Solo Ads Traffic

I could go on and on but I’ll close here. Give List Infinity a try. You have nothing to lose as you can sign up for the FREE version and check it out before you commit to actually upgrading to purchase.




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