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Are you building an email list? I know that question of itself sounds crazy but to be brutally honest, quite a few marketers today are just happy to get on with the program of making money online.

What they most often fail to realize is that an email list is like a fine wine maturing over a long time. With each passing year, its value just grows and grows to make its owner very wealthy in the process.

Have you never wondered how it is that certain marketers would invest in a new opportunity that you have also and you hear that the opportunity works even if you have no list?

Yet a few days later the results are in and you have not made a sale even though the conditions were supposedly the same for both groups. How is that so?

What has happened is that the sleazy marketers will tell you that you don’t need a list because they know that it takes your focus off buying the product they want to sell you.

While they on the other hand will immediately send out a blast to their email list. How else do you think they get sales so quickly? Well, they could just run a solo ad to the offer too.

However, you look at it they would still be engaging in list building while you sadly are not.

In this post, we are going to examine 5 crazy reasons you would want to build an email list and fast. I also came across this article which offers some useful intel as well.

As you read on, you’ll soon begin to realize that maybe the reasoning isn’t so crazy after all.



The Reasoning Behind Building An Email List


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It has been said that the money is in the list.

With that being said and we are all online looking to make money, wouldn’t it make sense that we seek to build an email list that can bring us money on demand.

Of course, it would. So we must learn to build email lists so that when we market, we already have a ready-made list of subscribers that we can market to.

So the first crazy or not so crazy reason that you’d want to start building an email list is simply so when you are promoting your offers, you actually have designated persons to promote to. Makes sense?

Have you ever or never wondered why it is that some affiliate marketers are so insanely successful in generating multiple sales while others are struggling?

The difference is that the smart marketers already have in place an email list that they have built and have been nurturing.

Having an email list is the easiest portal or platform you can ever own to use to make contact with or to market your offers to your customers. That’s reason #1.


So Is Building An Email List Really Easy or Is It That Hard?


Building an email list is not hard but at the same time, it is not a walk in the park either as there are many variables to getting it done and done correctly.

You will require some tools to help you as you build your email list and I will name some of those I am currently using in my business. Feel free to add them to your arsenal of tools if you will.

So the first tool you’ll need to have is your opt-in form. I called it a tool, but in actuality, it’s one of the many pieces of the puzzle and for the most part, many of the pieces can be found in one location.

I recently wrote a feature on email list building service providers and there I featured this platform which I’ll share again now as I love it so much.

In addition to that article also read why list building is so important over at

Believe it or not, email is the selected choice of many when it comes to communication and exchange of services whether it be selling or otherwise.

According to the site OptinMonster, over 3.8 billion people use email and it converts at 6.05%. These are far better stats than those of social media.

So email list building is the way to go. More people prefer it and it converts way better. Reason #2. Preferred method of doing business over the internet.


What’s The Best Email List Building Tool To Own? 


woman typing on a laptop


I won’t stick my neck out on a limb here to even consider the best email list building tool as in my opinion it is all about user experience.

There are several tools and each will have its unique characteristics about it. What is important as I consider another crazy or not-so-crazy reason for having an email list is that of communication.

Your tribe. When you think of it and I hope you do take the time to seriously think about it, your email list is your authentic, unique gold mine.

It is a collection of persons who have said yes to what you are peddling although since it is still in the fledgling stages they would want to learn more.

That they can only do by remaining in some way of contact with you the marketer and that is by being on your email list.

So your email list is like a type of communication portal between you and your happy band of subscribers. Your email list is where your subscribers are fed your ideas and strategies for them to succeed.

It’s where you assist them in being the best that they can hope to be through your guidance and mentoring.

This is yet a third reason you would want to consider building or having an email list. Reason #3. Communication.

But in the event that you were hoping I would give you some direction as to the best email list-building tools and not seem altogether biased, here are a few.

That article will give you more than enough food for thought. So let’s get back to why you’d want to build an email list and fast.


Is Your Social Following Actually Your Own?


This may not seem like a big deal right now, but allow me to stoke your thought process by creating a number of possible scenarios.

There are scores of social media platforms all clamoring for our attention daily. When we create accounts at these entities, we then through our unique presence and personality will attract others.

As we grow and though our content causes our following to grow, let me ask a question. Whose followers are they? Are the persons following you on Twitter yours, or Facebook even?

What about Instagram or Pinterest? Are the people following you on these social media platforms your own? The answer is NO.

They belong to the network to which they have signed up and created an account.

If all the social media accounts were to disappear tomorrow, where would your followers be? Would you still have followers?

So that’s another reason why you would want to build an email list. 

Reason#4. Your email list is yours and yours alone.

Some have even created membership sites as a means of keeping all their followers together in one general location. And that’s a good thing too.

But the value of the email list is that it forms a means of communication between you and your tribe as well as provides a way of continually updating them and marketing to them.

This is why even though you have an email list housed with some of the most popular platforms around like GetResponse or Constant Contact, you’d want to preserve that list off-site in a safe place.


Let’s See What We Have Come Up With So Far


As we make progress, let me do a quick recap to see where we are as far as the reasons we have established as being vital for the acquisition of an email list.

The following reasons are:-


  • An email list is a ready-made platform made up of buyers for you to market your products and services.
  • Email marketing is the preferred way of conducting business over the Internet.
  • Your email list provides the most reliable form of communication between you and your subscribers.
  • Your email list is your own and yours to do as you please.
  • Your email list provides a sure channel to get your information out as they have willingly opted in to be recipients of your content and act as a conduit to drawing more eyes to your website.


So we actually do have 5 reasons and I am sure that if I put my head to it, I can probably come up with a good deal more.

I had previously mentioned that I would share a new email list-building tool that was shared with me by a 6 figure marketer and one that is making waves across the internet.

This new tool is actually a couple of years old but has only recently been taken notice of I believe because it is now being seen as the answer or replacement to ClickFunnels.

The tool I make reference to is that of is a fully functional all-in-one platform designed to help marketers build their email list, their sales funnels, sell their products and so much more.

To learn more about this amazing platform, just take a quick read of my Systeme review of the software and share your thoughts.




I also wanted to share with you an article I came across that further highlights why it is of so much importance that we build and maintain an email list today. You can read that article here.

Nothing will ever come close to being as important as what you have on your email list. I hope I have been able to convey that to you here in this post.

I’ll leave you with a bonus video that is of further value and I do encourage you to begin building your email list right away if you have not yet started to do so.



Thanks for reading. Do drop your comments below and ask any questions you might have. And do subscribe to my blog and I’ll be here to further assist you in any way that I can.

Stay safe.

ps. If you’re really serious about your email list building, then this tool is one of the best as it has been around for some time and is used by some of the top marketers in the industry. Check it out by Clicking The banner just below!

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