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A side hustle is a term that has been gaining popularity steadily in this world with the evolution of the pandemic and many being displaced out of jobs.


Simply put, people are looking for jobs and those being hard to find in this covid environment, many are turning to the internet and are doing what is commonly known as a side hustle.


A side hustle is just that. It is a quick way to make some extra money on the side in addition to your main job and there are many easy ways to accomplish this especially online.


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being thinking about what would make for a good side hustle


More and more Millenials have been pursuing side hustles even more since the pandemic started two years ago. Let’s be real.


Times are getting increasingly difficult and the wages today of just one income stream are just not cutting it. The answer for most people is a side gig.




Starting A Side Hustle In 2022 – Reason #1


Creating multiple streams of income has always been a good enough reason to start a side hustle, but even more so now in 2022.


With multiple income streams, the sky is the limit with no boundaries as to what you can achieve in your life as you put your mind to it and apply yourself.


Some income streams are the result of things you might have been doing as a hobby and then discovered it was an asset or skill that people would pay for.


Having multiple sources of income also means that you are never caught off-guard should you suddenly lose your job and don’t know when money will pass your way again.


You’ll have extra money coming in to satisfy financial goals as well as in some cases, the side hustle actually overtakes your main job both in income potential and job satisfaction.


Side Hustle Ideas


Let’s consider some side hustle ideas and there are so many to choose from. The key is doing what you love and loving what you do. A proofreading side hustle could be a good place to start.


So even in determining what your hustle will be, go for something that you love doing and always remember that in business the more problems you can solve for your clients, the more money you’ll make.


Side hustle money can also become easily 5 to 6 figures a month and can also be a fun side hustle or evolve to a top side hustle. It’s all up to you.


These three (3) things that you will need to or should consider when it comes to earning that little extra on the side is:-


  1. Growth potential.
  2. Earnings potential.
  3. Scheduling potential.


Here’s what Andy Hill of The College Investor has to say when it comes to the Best side hustle ideas.  I’ll even throw in the video in case you prefer to just view the content.


I do recommend you read the article though as it is chocked full of great ideas and information, and Andy also factors in those 3 areas I mentioned about Growth, Earning & Scheduling. See it here.





I also recently dropped a post that spoke to starting a business from scratch in 2022 with no money and you may find that interesting as well.


Reason #2 For Starting That Side Hustle


I’m especially excited over reason #2 as this comes straight from my own personal experience.  You get to discover talents and even passions you never knew you had.


When I first came online back in January of 2014, all I knew back then was that I wanted to make some side income and quickly got into some side hustles.


Would you believe that as I got more and more into my side hustles, I started to develop a passion for them? Not only a passion but also talents I never knew I had.


I started blogging and where I could barely even squeeze out 600 words, now I can easily churn out a couple of thousand words with ease.


I also mastered graphic design using Canva and incidentally, this also became a side hustle for me as well. There are other gifts/talents I discovered I had too.  Read my Canva review here.



side hustles


There is another tool that I also came across in my discovery of side hustles and that tool is none other than Fotor. In case you are not familiar, I’ll leave you the directions to see it.

One of its most recognized highlights is its background remover tool which is just one of the many sought-after features within the platform’s arsenal of tools.

But don’t take y word for it, check out Fotor here for yourself and see.


#3 – Learn Valuable Skills


The third reason for starting a side hustle and this is kind of a spinoff from reason #2 is that you learn valuable skills. It’s one thing to have a talent, but learning a new skill is bliss.


Before I came online I did not even know how to record a YouTube video far less edit one. As for leadership skills and other things I picked up, if I had to do this all over again I would in a heartbeat.


Some skills you learn may even make you become more valuable to the company you already work for.


I not only learned how to write lengthy meaningful blog articles, I learned how to write copy for my sales funnels among other things.


The average side hustle income according to the site Bankrate, is about $500 dollars a month and while that may not pay off a huge loan it does count for something.


You can also have more money to do the things you’ve always wanted to, travel to some far-off exotic island getaway or perhaps save some money to invest in your future goals.


#4 – Having A Sense Of Purpose & Accomplishment 


Personally, I love helping people and have had the pleasure of doing so for many folks I have met online. In fact, it not only gives me a sense of purpose but accomplishment.


And I say this because it does feel great when you know that you can and have made an impact in someone’s life.


man looking at phone while contemplating a side hustle


Creating a side hustle can also be a lot of work, but in the end, it can be so worth it as it has the potential to make you far better a person than you ever thought imaginable.


You’ll face challenges, you’ll build character and you’ll meet new people. You may have to hone your people skills a bit but the fact is that it will enhance your life.


Making money is good, but there’s so much more to gain when you undertake a new side hustle.


When you can help a person say excel in the field of affiliate marketing and go on to make an incredible income from your mentorship or tutilage, you feel a sense of purpose.



5 – Side Hustles Have The Potential To Lead To Life-Changing Opportunities



side hustles can lead to potential life changing opportunities


Side hustles have created millionaires I have no doubt and continue to lead those involved to some really great opportunities which they might not have encountered had it not for the side hustle.


Does this mean that side hustles are good and should be encouraged? Of course. If you are able to get onto a side hustle of some sort then I strongly suggest you do so and fast.


You’ll not regret it.



I became involved in a high ticket program that started as a side gig. Some side hustles you can easily get into with minimum to no out-of-pocket expense.


But some require an investment on your end but still turn out highly profitable.


The choice is really up to you.


The side hustle industry is here to stay. Here’s one more article and a bonus video. Thanks for reading & watching.


ps. Here’s a nice side hustle but I’ll admit it’s not for everyone, but can make you insane income. What have you got to lose?


Get the deets here.


Now watch the bonus video here with Monica Bassi and be inspired.




See you soon





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