Fake Facebook users are really a growing pain these days as they have for some time. I do hope as you use Facebook these tips I share will help you spot them. 

As an online entrepreneur, network, or affiliate marketer it is necessary to know just who you might be inviting to sit at your table.

It is important to note that there are so many people on Facebook these days and the scammers are becoming more and more clever.

Sometimes you can’t always pinpoint them but rest assured there do show their true colors soon enough. Just try to bait them at their own game if you suspect you are dealing with one.

Let’s take a closer look then at how we can reveal or expose these fake Facebook users.

5 Simple Ways To Spot Fake Facebook Users 

The online marketing world is a big place and platforms like Facebook show us how truly vast an untapped space it can be.

Because of this largely uncharted space, it is not uncommon to find unscrupulous people engaging in fraudulent activity there.

Because of the many problems created by these scammers as they prey upon innocent and often unthinking people using the platform, it is best to know what Facebook actually represents and thus know how to properly navigate it.

In this way, you can easily spot fake Facebook users. 5 simple ways to spot fake Facebook users seek to help you the reader of this post to be more confident when confronted with a fake user and your next course of action.

Knowing What Facebook Represents Is A Good Place To Begin

I think that knowing what Facebook represents is a good enough place to begin. Facebook is a social platform. It has been designed with social behavior in mind. A place where people can connect and share ideas.

 fake facebook users
Old Facebook pc

At one time, you had to prove that you really did know the people that you wanted to connect with.

Facebook would take you through certain exercises, showing you photographs from the profiles of your supposed friends to test how really well you knew or didn’t know them. 

This proved to be rather frustrating, but it was a great way to pick out the ones seeking to infiltrate and subsequently seek to fool or defraud others within the platform.

Let’s face it, Facebook has a lot of users and so has to make it safe for everyone to use. They don’t always get it right but most of the time they succeed.

Facebook As An Advertising Platform

Facebook has over 2 billion users today. While for the most part, many people have active social profiles, there are even more who use Facebook for advertising purposes.

Because of its reach and geographical targeting features, many marketers have also emerged on Facebook to utilize these advertising features to grow their businesses.

It is for this reason that Facebook now had to protect its initial userbase of socially-minded users against those who are just looking to possibly exploit innocent unsuspecting users.

So it behooves a user or anyone on the platform whether their purpose on Facebook is one of social or entrepreneurial gain to know the system and protect themselves as far as possible.

This is why Facebook has such stringent guidelines for all parties using the platform and the rule of thumb is to know who makes up your social circle as far as is humanly possible.

Let’s identify now some of these fake Facebook users.

Here Are My 5 Simple Ways To Spot Fake Facebook Users Checklist

The world these days is easily made up of two classes of people. Those who want instant gratification and as such will take obvious shortcuts in everything they do much to their own detriment.

I call them the Microwave bunch. They put the stuff in and expects it to pop out in just a couple minutes later.

Then there are those who will put in the desired homework to ensure their end result is a pleasant and rewarding one. I have listed here a short checklist to easily help you identify the fake among you.

I will, however, for those more meticulous and thorough, give you visual examples of some of the areas highlighted in the checklist.

  1. Check the Profile picture.
  2. Check the “About” section.
  3. Check their Friends section.
  4. Check for the difference in the Name on the Profile and in the URL.
  5. Check Timestamp on Posts seen on Timeline.
  6. Bonus – Consider the lack of interaction by Account Users on posts.    

Fake Facebook Users Use Fake Profiles

So how do we know who is on the other end of that friend request we receive?  The truth is we don’t, but we can easily draw conclusions if we know what to look for.

Think carefully as to what you as an individual would want for yourself before accepting what is being handed to you as the norm.

Here featured is a Facebook friend request I received from a William Debbie. Can you spot any possible red flags right at the beginning here? I’ll give you a minute to see if you can spot any red flags. Let’s take another look.

fake facebook users

Before I continue here is a Valuable Resource I came across while researching for this topic.

This resource is loaded with really valuable and helpful information and could potentially save you not only from being duped by a scammer but also hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Now back to those red flags. I know that with some users out of India, and Africa one has to be careful because they ofttimes would have their family name appear first in their title.

In my example here though your guess is as good as mine whether William Debbie or even Debbie William is this user’s real name.

If you look at the profile picture we could easily assume that this profile is set to attract men who may want to interact with this person. I say person as we don’t know for sure that it’s a female.

There were no recent posts on this profile and the about me section was blank. Facebook is actively trying to rid the platform of these types of accounts, but it will take time.

Needless to say, when I returned to this profile an hour later to take some more definitive screenshots it had been removed. Go figure.

Fake Facebook Users Often Steal Other People’s Identities

fake facebook users

Identity theft is a big problem not only on Facebook but basically on any platform there is a social media presence.

There are some exercises one could perform to learn whether photos used for profile pictures are actually those of the user matching the name identified.

The profile seen above is not real. The photos are of an Instagram influencer and whose name is not what we see here, neither is she single nor lives at the mentioned address.

fake facebook users
fake facebook users

Fake Facebook users will not want to share too much information about themselves as the intention is really to con the unsuspecting friend or connection they make and move on to their next victim as fast as possible.

Sometimes a fake user will give himself away by posing as someone else.

When you look at the timeline it is not clear who the account really belongs to as there aren’t any posts present by the name applying to the actual account user, and the about section is blank.

So what do you do? Block them, report them? If you are unsure about their intention, just ignore the friend request or simply delete it and move on. But if it is a real threat. report it to Facebook.

The Language Used Often Does Not Match Location Specified 

These tips I am sharing with you will help as you hone your craft.

Whatever niche you are in especially if you are using Facebook to target your ideal marketable audience, then this post linked here teaches you how you can become the best in your field of marketing.

As it relates to the language used on fake profiles, let me explain what I mean.

There are certain terms used by people from other countries that help you pick up where they may originate from, contrary to what their profiles will say.

Persons from some African countries will refer to you as ”dear”. This term is actually a term of endearment used by a man to a woman or sometimes a woman to a man in some western cultures.

The thing is that when you state in your profile that you are from the USA and that you live in New York, New York, then using this term of endearment ( dear) will give you away.

I had an experience recently where I had a friend request from a guy listed as a contractor and living in Las Vegas.

He kept referring to me as “dear” while I am addressing him by the name he is listed as on the profile.

I asked him outrightly why was he calling me dear and if he didn’t realize by now that I’m a man as he is. He did not respond for several minutes and when he did, all he could utter was the word, ”Dude.”

I blocked him in a heartbeat. You can’t be hailing from the more popular American cities, go to the more prestigious American colleges, and yet speaking as you have never set foot on American soil.

How can you claim to be American yet everything you do or say reveals you know nothing about the culture.

See Who Your Facebook User Friend Has Connections With Or Is Following

fake facebook users and 5 clever ways to spot them
Facebook is a goldmine

If you take the time in your research of persons and their profiles before just adding them as your connections on Facebook, you will begin to notice that many do not fit the bill for the niche or reason of your presence on Facebook based on what your profile details say about yourself.

You can check to see who your Facebook user friends are following to get an idea as to how they came to seek you and want to have a connection with you. You should see some patterns emerging.

If you are into real estate, health & wellness, sports whatever your niche, it is likely you will attract persons who have interests in the same relevant fields.

In this regard, when persons seek to connect with you and you can immediately recognize that you have nothing in common with the one requesting the friendship, then you ought to start asking yourself questions as to whether you ought to accept or deny the friend request.

When you see so many foreign friends, and no or less local friends, then it could be a fake profile. If a person is from New York then why would he connect with so many Saudi Arab Emirates persons? Why would his or her liked pages have so many African artists or memorabilia?

David Jones

This is certainly a most dead giveaway. When it comes to being a Facebook user, go for quality of friend connection rather than quantity. Most of the time, the friends you have on your friend list are a dud.

There is no connectivity, no liking, or commenting on your posts.

Some will even request a connection as has happened to me and I would usually send a message of welcome to which there is no response far less any response ever.

What does this say? Even if that person does turn out to be real, how can you be active on Facebook yet not checking your messenger for possible messages?

Conclusion – Time To Take Action On Those Fake Users

Fake Facebook Users
Sometimes you don’t have to look too hard to spot the phony

Now I have given you detail on 4 of the ways you can spot the fake Facebook users, but there are so many more.

In the checklist I have given you a couple more, however, I do link to other very detailed sources which I am sure you will find very rewarding.

This source gives you more visuals. Click Here to learn more.

Thanks for reading and I’ll be back really soon with more helpful tips you must know as you progress in your online marketing journey.

David S Jones

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