Affiliate marketing is one of the many buzzwords on people’s lips and minds these days as it has been regarded as the preferred way of creating income among the masses now working from home.

Affiliate marketing has become one of the most popular ways of creating an income from home but one must learn to master it by following a carefully laid out plan of action.

To master affiliate marketing though is not always as simple as it may sound. In this post, I will share the 5 important steps required to master affiliate marketing and this will give a much clearer insight as to all that is required within the platform.



The First Step To Mastering Affiliate Marketing


affiliate marketingThere are many reasons why persons want to earn extra income and so would be inclined to try doing affiliate marketing from the comfort of their homes.

For some, it may be just about clearing off some debt, still, for others, it may be about taking that special vacation getaway or putting down a deposit on that home you were thinking of purchasing.

Whatever your reason and I am sure there are many, you’ll first need to create a plan of action.

Carefully outlining the steps one must take towards a goal of this kind is a necessity, as it will be worth it to your overall success.

The first thing you must take note of is that affiliate marketing is a business.

Don’t treat it as you would a hobby. So as with any business venture one would step into, knowing the niche you plan to operate in is vital.


So step no.1 is to carefully and thoughtfully identify the niche you want to be peddling your products to.

It is not enough to just say you will sell this or that and then go dropping your links all over the internet spamming at every turn.

This is the reason why so many new marketers often get frustrated and quit so early into the game. They do not take the time to properly research the niche they are getting into and then can’t sell products that are actually in demand.

Here are some examples of exactly what I mean when I use the word niche.


Most Popular Niches For Affiliate Marketers


  • Health & Wellness
  • Dog Training
  • Dog Grooming
  • Weight Loss
  • Information Products
  • Digital Marketing
  • Dating


So you must first choose a niche that you are comfortable with and one that is fairly active or popular. One of the most highly profitable niches today surrounds digital marketing / informational products.

People are always hunting for information and would pay a pretty penny once you have exactly what they are searching for. MMO or Making money online is also very popular and even more so after the global pandemic.

One of the secrets I will share with you when it comes to selecting a niche is that you should try to choose a niche that is evergreen. This is a term that relates to something being around for a lengthy period of time.

So as you look for niches to be a part of, think of the long term when making your choices as these are the niches that will pay you and keep you going for a long time.

This is why I love digital marketing and promoting tools that one can use and will use for a long time in one’s business. In promoting digital products, there is so much more scope for growth and creating high income.

In the digital arena, there is high demand as everyone needs the products and with so many people coming into the niche daily, there is so much potential.

One of the digital products I recently started promoting is a platform that offers a suite of digital products to its users which are all required when building an online digital business.

You may be wondering what is so special about that? But with the demand for digital software as so many businesses are now online due to the pandemic, there is a need to be involved in promoting something that will be around for some time.

And when you consider the value associated with this digital software platform, you can’t help but want to be a part of this community. Take a look for yourself. The platform is called Builderall.

Once you have identified your niche, then it is time to move on to step no.2 of your affiliate marketing journey.


Step.2 Laying The Proper Foundation For Your Affiliate Marketing Business


One of the biggest reasons that affiliate marketers don’t find success is that they have the right products to promote but their strategy is all wrong. They do not strategize properly when it comes to promoting and selling their products.

How can you be successful if you are not making sales? After all, that’s how you get paid.  So in your laying out a strategy, you must not only look for a product that is in high demand but also one that you can pour your full attention to.

This is the secret to success right here as an affiliate marketer. Focus on one specific area or core product and then have all your efforts revolve around that entity.

Do also remember that in being an affiliate marketer your job is to solve the problems of your audience by putting the solutions be they in the way of the products you promote right within view of your potential customers.

So If I have an evergreen product like Builderall which is growing daily and can do so much in solving the problems felt by my customer base, then that is where my greatest strength lies and where my greatest focus should be.

So you must plan. If you fail to plan, then it is said that you plan to fail. Step.3 Collecting leads for your product.


Step.3 Whose Problems Am I Solving? Let’s Get Some Leads 


So far we have determined our perfect niche and have looked at the evergreen high-demand product that we ourselves would use and want to promote. It usually helps when as an affiliate you have a vested interest in the product you promote.

It lends to the credibility and trust of your leads.

So in doing affiliate marketing, you aren’t going to just go out and start making sales right off the bench. You must have people to sell to and so you need to start collecting leads.

How and where you collect those leads is what we will be looking at in this step.3



Most people think that collecting leads is a hard task. It can be daunting if not approached correctly.

All a person really needs to collect leads is a one-page website commonly called a capture page on which the potential leads give their name and email address in exchange for a random free gift.

The free gift is usually something that revolves around the particular product the affiliate is promoting. So the lead magnet (that freebie that attracts the lead to you) will start to address the perceived problem to be solved.


affiliate marketing


Here is an example of a Lead Magnet. In collecting leads you are building your largest and best asset as an affiliate marketer. Your email list. I know you have heard the saying “The Money Is In The List” and that is so very true with an active email list.

This is how you are able to make sales over and over again. So every day, you ought to be adding leads to your funnel.

Your Lead Magnet should also relate to your main offer and not be too far off as in pertaining to a different subject matter.

The funnel is a bit more advanced type of one-page website in that it has more than one page but is still relatively easy to understand. In fact, with that digital platform, I mentioned before you can access all types of funnels for your business.

So as you gain leads and you start building a relationship with those leads and by extension an email list that you can refer other offers to again and again you also build credibility and trust. You actually can enhance the lives of your leads.

This is what you commence doing when you send them the lead magnet and in the process begin solving their problems or providing the solution or answer to the questions they wanted to be answered.

As you scale up this endeavor and start sourcing leads on a much larger scale then you are looking at securing Traffic and lots of it.


How Does TRAFFIC Fit Into All This & How Do We Come By It?


So here we are at step.4 and we get to understand the role that traffic plays in the grand scheme of things. The lead magnet is like the bait which brings your leads right to the door or funnel.

Once your prospect opens the door and steps into the funnel, then the funnel does its work. The funnel does a number of things the main one being the journey it takes the prospect on while engaging the potential buyer on the products he or she needs based on the offer, or even the perceived solution they opted into the funnel for.

Traffic will fall into two (2) categories which are as follows. There is Organic (Free) traffic and there is Paid traffic. Let me use Facebook as an example.


Organic Traffic vs Paid Traffic


Organic traffic takes quite a lengthy period of time to build but it can be done. This free version of traffic is that type that originates as a result of the following you create on your social media platforms or anywhere on the web, you frequent.

On Facebook, for example, I have set my profile page as a type of lead magnet which when persons come to my page might become attracted by what they see and then follow me. Then in time they friend request me.

Affiliate marketing

This is where the organic process has started. If your FB profile is set up anything like mine then it is a free way to get persons into your pipeline and onto your list.

FaceBook ads on the other hand are targeted in that they specifically target a carefully handpicked audience which is determined by such demographics as country, likes, hobbies, interests, and so on until you have the ideal audience you seek.

This paid traffic cuts to the chase and delivers just what you ask for in relation to people seeing your offer and once your ad copy rocks, then sales are a byproduct of the process.


Both types of traffic work and have their place, but paid traffic helps you to scale faster and with quicker results.


Other Acquired Skills You Develop As An Affiliate Marketer


When doing affiliate marketing it comes as no surprise that you often get to wear other hats in the exciting world of marketing. None is more exciting than Copywriting as having or not having this skill can either make or break you.

Copywriting largely plays on the emotional mood of your audience as it takes into consideration certain triggers that will lead a person to take action on what you want them to, based on how your copy is crafted to evoke that specific emotion targeted.


affiliate marketing


Thankfully if you suck at writing copy, it is possible to learn the skillset and you could always outsource writing copy to a professional depending on your budget.

Fiverr is a community where you can acquire whatever services your business requires at some really affordable pricing often not more than $5 as a startup costing.


Now Let’s Consider The Last Of The 5 Steps: SCALING 

When it comes to making money online, especially if you are doing so as an affiliate marketer, then know that it is not an overnight get-rich-quick scheme as suggested by the fake gurus just looking to drain you of your hard-earned money.

In fact if treated responsibly and knowledgeably as a secure and sound business operation, then you will discover what is needed to ensure you can become wealthy over time and with repeated effort.

This is where scaling comes into effect. Now having successfully navigated steps 1-4, scaling can otherwise be termed, “Rinse and Repeat.”

By this I mean that once you have started to see results in the way of sales from your marketing efforts, then you reinvest your profits to create an even larger outcome than the previous one. You up the ante so to speak.

This results in more growth and you repeat the process each time growing larger and larger in your results and profit gains.

Don’t ever be tempted to start spending profits too soon after creating them. Instead pour them back into the business and climb the ladder of success.


The End?


Hardly. This is just the beginning of what it takes for one to master affiliate marketing and there is so much more that I could have shared but what you have been exposed to here is enough to get you up and running gainfully so.

I should have also added that with scaling in step.5 also comes testing as it is important to know what works and what doesn’t. As a consequence, it becomes necessary to run tests so you are always on top of your affiliate marketing game.

And in conclusion, again I must direct you to the best digital platform there is that supplies all that any marketer or business owner will ever need to build a successful online business.

As an added bonus, partner with me and you will be awarded the opportunity to receive all the training and support needed to succeed. Take the FREE TRIAL being offered now for a limited time. See you on the inside.

David S Jones


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