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Internet marketing while it is not the easy road to riches as many would think it is, still with the right information, one can make massive profits.

In this post, I hope to pull back the layers of fluff that have been spread over time as to what gurus would have you believe internet marketing is really about but is not.

Yes, you can make great money marketing online and using really creative internet marketing strategies, but unless you can also have a proven system to follow, you could fizzle really quickly.

If in this article you notice references to online marketing, digital marketing, social media, or even e-mail marketing, please note that these are all elements of internet marketing.

So buckle up as we get down to business. What is Internet Marketing?



Why Internet Marketing? Step.1 To Massive Profits.


internet marketing

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In the preliminary section of this post coming on to the last line, I posed a question. To consider why internet marketing we must first look at what marketing on the internet involves.

So the first step would be to have a basic yet thorough enough understanding of what you can actually achieve using an internet marketing strategy.

It would also make complete sense to understand what marketing is really all about. After all internet marketing comes down to is to one establishing a marketing presence on a digital platform, hence the internet.

There are several types of marketing practices but the 4 elements that usually make for good marketing are as follows:


  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion


The question can be asked, “what exactly are we seeking to do when we market to others?”

Well, I would want to propose that we are seeking to solve a problem or problems being experienced in the marketplace on a global scale.

The world is our giant marketplace with billions of people having various issues or problems they want to be solved and they want them solved as soon as is humanly possible.

When we think of the problems to be solved we can break them down into areas like those four I mention just above. These four areas are known as the 4 Ps of Marketing.

You can learn all about the 4 Ps here but I am just doing a quick summarization.

The Product 

When it comes to solving problems, we are seen as internet marketing consultants. As consultants, it is up to us to provide and or promote the product we best believe can solve the problems our clients face.

The Price

Pricing is important in two areas mainly. Those two areas speak to firstly how economical we can make our solutions available to the consumer in the price while still ensuring we maximize our profit margin.

It is often overlooked that while we are here to solve problems for the masses we are also here to make money and lots of it. I’m just being practical here and hope I don’t come over as too greedy.

Just being real.

The Place

I think this is obvious but in the event that I am already boring you and you missed it, our place of action, and interconnectivity is none other than the internet.

Because of the internet, there is no place on the planet where we cannot do business as long as an internet connection can be established. It’s as simple as that.

The Promotion

This is the icing on the cake. This is where the stuff gets real. Your promotion will either make you or break you. It is here that your worth as a marketer of any substance comes to light.

You either have it or you don’t. But don’t be too quick to throw in the towel as there are ways that you can learn, then you go on to earn as they say.

Now I have taken the time to take you through these four elements as you will soon begin to understand that in marketing there are many types of marketing to accomplish one’s goals.

So to wrap up step one, we can see that we use internet marketing because of the reach it gives us as it relates to the size of our marketplace. The entire globe is at your fingertips.

As I once envisioned if I only got a few thousand to buy from me and to do so consistently I could easily become a millionaire. You can as well.


Step.2 Types Of Internet Marketing & Knowledge Of Their Use.


internet marketing

According to Webopedia: “Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce, in addition to sales leads from websites or emails.”


Okay I am going to keep this section short by first outlining some of the types of marketing we are looking at here and then I’ll direct you to the post where you can get more detailed information. Sounds good?


Here are 9 types of marketing strategies you can use to help you generate massive profits online:


  • SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )
  • SEM ( Search Engine Marketing )
  • PPC ( Pay Per Click )


For a more detailed breakdown of these 9 marketing strategies let’s see what Blue Interactive Agency has to say on the topic.

Now that we have covered why we would want to use the internet and then the marketing strategies to be used in creating your profits, we turn our attention to the system.


Step.3 The Why, The What & Now Comes “The How” To Massive Profits


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When it comes to the how of creating your massive profits there are quite a number of variables that must be employed if you will experience true success.

Now I alluded very early at the onset of this article that the gurus would have you believe that is it so easy to make money online.

That has been their sole objective because if they can get you to buy into that baloney, then they can get you to buy anything but most times you soon realize that it’s just been smoke and whistles.

So I must reiterate here that one of the platforms that one can use within the whole spectrum of online marketing is to use the affiliate marketing business model.

The affiliate marketing business model is the easiest to use and get results from, when doing internet marketing, hands down.

Most people who have decided to make their fortune on the internet have started out using the affiliate marketing business model with more and more coming on board every day.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?



Affiliate marketing is the process of actively promoting and selling the products of a company or vendor in exchange for a percentage of the sale commonly called a commission.

Just as products vary, so do the commissions as well. This style of marketing has become the most popular for making online income and I dare say maybe around for some time.


Affiliate Marketing Platforms 


Of the many affiliate platforms on the market, JVZoo, Warrior Plus, ClickBank, and Skillshare to name a few are among the most popular. Most companies today also have an affiliate program in place as well.

To get started however in any online business, there must be some preparation beforehand and one must be prepared to invest in one’s own development.

In addition to the tools that will be required to ensure your business’ smooth running, having a mentor is seen as the way to go as it provides you with proven tips and strategies to implement.

The mentor having traveled the road or path on which you now seek direction can save you much time and headaches and fast track your way to success.

But this is not in all cases a consideration when starting out as paying a mentor or coach as sometimes referred to can be somewhat expensive, to say the least.

So what I am saying here is that If you can afford it, then it can be a wise investment in both yourself and your business.


Mindset, Your Why & Consistency


In order to stand out from the crowd and not be swept away by the many different opportunities rising up daily, one must possess a sharp and determined mindset not easily moved.

This kind of strong mindset coupled with the reason for that which you are doing in pursuing the laptop lifestyle, hence your why can only be successfully brought to life through consistency of efforts.



Many quit because they don’t have a strong enough why or they are weak in mind and sometimes it is just that they have not always been consistent in their marketing efforts.

This concludes step.3 which focuses on affiliate marketing as the choice of the business model used to reach the goal of massive profits online. But there’s more.

Just two more steps to go before we conclude.


Step.4  With Traditional Affiliate Marketing Considered Dead, You’ll Need This


internet marketing


Did he just put it out there that traditional affiliate marketing is dead? Is he crazy? Well, isn’t it true? Most would have you believe that they are making a ton of money when they are not.

I mentioned at the beginning that I would be peeling back the layers or lifting the scales off your eyes so you can see clearly what the gurus are keeping hidden.

I’m not saying that you can’t make money using the internet. What I am saying however is that you will need some leverage on your side if you are to make a success of it.

You’ll need a system that will enable you to do the following things to a great degree on autopilot. Your system is one that will cover these 4 main areas to ensure you succeed.


  • Targeted Traffic
  • Email List Building
  • Follow Up
  • Sales System


I have linked an article that goes into far greater detail that you can read here to gain more clarity. This is what is needed in order for one to have a true chance of success in affiliate marketing.

In fact, I would strongly suggest that you take a look at such a system right here that will get you off the ground up and running to enjoy your new online business and make massive profits.

With the system, you will also need to realize that you are actually about to take a deep dive as it were into making a living through digital marketing.

With that in mind, you’ll need to get your hands on some tools so the whole exercise becomes worthy of your time and effort and the system that I just referred you to, explains in fine detail every step that you will take.

This brings me to the last step to be considered and taken if you are indeed serious about making money online. That step is the one where we go over the tools you’ll need to launch your internet business.


Step.5 – The Tools Of The Trade


internet marketing tools


I shall try to make this step as easy and practical as possible to swallow as I am sure you may be wondering if you will have to pay for these tools that I will be recommending.

But let’s get a bit real here. This is your show. This is you investing in yourself so whether you invest time or money, you are starting a business.

Starting a business will require capital, and also remember that nothing in life is ever truly free.

There is a cost attached even if it isn’t passed on to you directly, and you’ll never find the word free in the definition of internet marketing.

When the word FREE is used in online marketing, it is mainly a way to attract the visitor’s participation whereas under normal circumstances people may just scroll by.

A company may advertise something as free to get in exchange for your contact information, or the ability to send you future offers.

But the cost of acquisition for your name and email address with a free gift is smaller than the expected gains to be made on the back-end offers coming later in the sales process.

The tools of the trade that every person will need starting out in the world of internet marketing but not in any specific order are as follows:-


  • The domain name (Brand)
  • Hosting
  • Theme
  • Email Service Provider (List Building)
  • Landing page builder ( Funnel )
  • Traffic Generation (Lead Magnet)


I’ll go through each of these components and the vital role they each play in your future internet or digital marketing success beginning with the Domain name.

There will be links interspersed throughout this section which are affiliate links. Let me be very transparent with you.


DISCLAIMER: The affiliate links you will come across in this article and particularly in this section, each represent a recommendation of mine for a product that you will need in your business. Should you make purchases through my links I will make a small commission. This will not in any way suggest or require that you will have to pay more for the item selected, but your kind gesture in buying through my link supports me and enables me to provide more content like this article you’re reading and future articles.   


The Domain Name & Its Importance


Your name and future brand are important so take some time to choose a name that best fits the purpose for you and your business online.

Choose something that will notably stand out and when given thought will impress upon the prospect why they should give you their consideration and trust.

I elected to share a video that I think gives you practical advice and direction in this step of choosing a domain name.



I must also mention that most domain name providers will also assist their customers in that they also provide you with hosting services as well.

Another idea that one can consider is that when choosing your domain name also think of the username you would want to be using so that among the social media platforms you have a consistent username right through.

You can use this tool to help in that regard and it’s Free. Go here to browse NameCheckr.

For my domain names, I use and highly recommend these guys

They also cover hosting and they are incredibly great at that as well. In fact, you can see what they offer here. You can get up to 40% off for your first year with them.




So your domain is like your street address on the web. But hosting would then be like your house. This is where you live on the web.

A really great and inexpensive hosting plan can be found right here with a company called BlueHost. Here you can get a really nice hosting plan and the price is good for beginners.

As your visitors increase and you then need more powerful hosting then you could upgrade to these bad boys over at D9 Solutions

One last hosting and domain name provider you must consider and whose starting costs are really appealing is none other than InterServer

I don’t recommend anything that I have not personally used and these are among the best that I have shared with you here as far as your hosting providers go.


Your Theme


So just as when you move into your new home, you want to get to decorating the place to suit your specific style and taste. This is where a theme comes in.

Thankfully WordPress which is the next tool we shall look at comes with some really nice themes and they are free as is the WordPress platform.

But if you really want to stand out, then you’ll need to consider a premium theme and no one does it better than Divi. This site you are one as you read this is on the Divi Theme.

Get your Divi theme here.


The Platform


Our final mention is the platform that takes all these tools I have mentioned into consideration to help you get set up and running. WordPress.

WordPress is like the engine of your entire setup bringing your website to life and unleashing to you so many possibilities to bring your business to levels you never thought of.

All hosting companies will furnish you with a WordPress platform absolutely free.

As you gain insights into the platform and discover the use of plugins, that may become your only expense here as you might want to get the premium versions of the plugins.

Plugins help with the functionality of your website, often grouping several tasks under one component.

With this final piece being mentioned you are now set to explore and experience online marketing and become the next success story on the world wide web.


E-mail Service Provider


The email service provider is an absolute necessity as one of the most powerful assets in any internet marketing business or even offline business will be that of your e-mail list.

Many business owners however do not know the first thing about building an e-mail list while others just decide that it’s not really that important.

But let me ask you this. Besides your occasional ads flashing by on your website or anywhere online for that matter, how do you communicate with your customers or even make them new offers?

That’s why you need an email list.

Some e-mail list providers besides just being a place to house subscribers will also factor into their arsenal of tools things like a lead magnet tool, squeeze page builder,  scheduled newsletters, and so on.

One of the best and most widely used that I also use and recommend and it comes with a free version as well as the upgraded version for when your list takes off in size is Aweber.

GetResponse is also another great one that I also recommend. GetResponse runs a trial version and is not really that expensive for what they offer.

If you are considering a one-stop location for everything you could possibly need including a funnel builder that gives legendary ClickFunnels a run for their money and starts you off with a free plan, CLICK HERE.


Conclusion & Your Next Steps 


internet marketing


I have sought to share with you as much as I can on the topic of internet or online marketing and all that it entails for the purpose of you having the best possible chance of success.

Knowledge is power and with that being said, you now have the power to step out and go change the world through the power of online marketing.

Online marketing may be a lot of different things to many people, but it always only comes down to one salient factor. What are you now going to do with the knowledge and information you received?

You are not going to know everything right out the gate and you’ll more than likely make some mistakes. But every great journey begins with the first step imperfect though it may be.

Get a copy of this FREE book The Iceberg Effect and learn a bit more about what it takes to be a success in online marketing. I won’t guide you wrong.

You will then have all you’ll need to not only have started in your journey but the right program designed to see you succeed.

To your success.



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