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8 exciting practical reasons why you should start affiliate marketing are going to make you wonder why you have not considered using this model to make an income before.

It is often looked at as being so hard and fraught with many problem areas. But it isn’t when you have a clear idea of what you need to do and how to start.

That is what I am going to provide for you in this post today.


The 8 Exciting Practical Reasons


I will share upfront those 8 exciting practical reasons, but then I shall go into each one in detail to show you why I think it is indeed affiliate marketing is the best model to follow.

In no special order, here are the 8 exciting practical reasons.

  1. You don’t need to sell to anyone. (strange I know)
  2. You don’t need to have your own product.
  3. You can start for free.
  4. You don’t need to keep stock or inventory.
  5. You can start anytime.
  6. Your ability to earn is limitless.
  7. You don’t need a support desk.
  8. You can make money even while you sleep or are on vacation.


Now that I have shared these reasons and I am sure there are several more I could have mentioned, let’s dig down to see how easy the process of affiliate marketing can be.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?


I think first considering what affiliate marketing actually is can be the best place to start, so let me give you a definition of what it is and this can be your compass as you navigate further into the subject.

In simple terms, affiliate marketing is the process by which a person promotes another’s product or service in exchange for a commission. That’s it.

It couldn’t be more simple and yet so many people overlook this easy business model. But is it really that simple? Well, it can be if you are prepared to follow the already proven steps.

In other words, don’t over-complicate the process. It’s a skill, but one that is easily picked up.

Let me go even further into detail.


1. No Need To Sell In Affiliate Marketing


In affiliate marketing, when you understand the basics of it, while you may see yourself as selling, you actually aren’t. In fact to be successful at affiliate marketing, leave selling out of the equation.


8 exciting practical reasons

You are not selling. Think of yourself as a solution provider or even a problem solver. Here are some examples.

So let’s say your friend Mary has had a serious weight problem over the years. She needs to lose weight and fast.

You on the other hand have recently had the distinct fortune of using a product that not only helps you lose weight but tastes fantastic as well.

Could Mary benefit from this product? Let’s look at what the product has done for you.

You have lost weight with it, you have gained energy & you look and feel times better.

Your overall mood has changed and you are more cheerful.

You actually get more accomplished in your day-to-day activities.

Who would want this product?



In the example so far let’s take note of two very important components of this example. One is that you yourself have tried the product and have proven it.

Secondly, the product addresses the same issues your friend Mary is having trouble with. Could this product be the solution Mary needs?

I’d like to think so.

So what do you do? You call Mary up and you first find out how she has been and so on.

Next you ask if she has gotten any further to determine an answer to the problem she is having.

If she hasn’t, then you share your experience with what you are doing and the great results you have gotten.

You can further go on to share with Mary why you believe it will work for her as well.

Now, what do you think Mary’s response will be?

So you were able to help solve your friend’s problem by referring her to a product that you yourself have also used and known to be working.

You just not only solved Mary’s problem, but you also made a sale for yourself if you happened to be an affiliate for that product.

Not every example will be this straightforward, nor will you know everyone you seek to promote products to.

Yet, as you have just seen for yourself that affiliate marketing is primarily promoting an offer ( which solves a problem ) to the person in need.

If you are approaching your affiliate marketing in this way by seeking to promote and align people with products that solve the problems they are experiencing, then you will become a successful marketer.

So I hope you can see that selling is not what you are doing here even though the bottom line or end result is that of a sale or many sales.


2. No Need To Have Your Own Product


As you would have noticed from my first example, the person who introduced her friend Mary to the weight loss product had no product of her own. She was promoting someone else’s product.

This is essentially why it is so practical to start an affiliate marketing business. You have dozens of awesome products you can promote and none are your own to start with.


8 exciting practical reasons - #2 no inventory

Since you do not need to have your own products, then you have no need for inventory. No headaches looking for space or warehouses to store your merchandise.

What you will need to do however is to conduct reasonable research into the more popular niches with products that people actually want and or need before you begin.

You will also want to consider products in a specific value range that will give you a noteworthy commission.


3. You Can Start For FREE


8 exciting practical reasons


With so many companies all wanting a slice of the market pie, affiliate programs have become much more popular and it is so much easier to get started without cost to yourself.

Yes. You can start for free.

There are some companies however that will still want you to have some skin in the game and so you may have to buy in first before you get to promoting.

It is reasonable to assume then that once there is a product out there commanding attention, there is likely to be an affiliate program associated.

So based on your personal preferences of the types of products you are likely to want to promote, just check out the company websites, and usually, in the footer area you’ll see in the menu “affiliate program.”

Once you see that tab, you are on your way.


4. You Don’t Need To Keep Stock Or Inventory


I had alluded to this idea earlier under the section “no need to have your own product” in that when it comes to affiliate marketing you are promoting someone else’s product.

In doing promotions for other vendors, the inventory and any customer-related issues are theirs (the vendors) to contend with.

All you as the affiliate are required to do is to promote and be good at it.


5. You Can Start Anytime


Can you recall the last time you went looking for a job or was even at a job interview and the person conducting the interview said to you, ” So, when can you start? “

I think of all 8 exciting practical reasons to start affiliate marketing would be the fact that you can start anytime. There is no right or wrong time.

Just start. Learn how to start an affiliate business from scratch.


8 exciting practical reasons


6. Your Ability To Earn Is Limitless


Can you imagine earning money 24/7? It can be pretty exciting and yet nerve-wracking at other times as the correct measures are often not put in place when one starts out doing affiliate marketing.

You may be surprised to know that despite being a very popular and lucrative business model, most people fail before even getting off the ground. I kid you not. Read here.


8 exciting practical reasons

Of all the 8 easy practical reasons to do affiliate marketing, I think the limitless earning potential afforded affiliate marketers is profound. Nothing else comes close.


This is one of the main reasons that despite the loss of jobs worldwide due to the pandemic, by extension, so many more people have discovered all is not lost.

Rather, there is opportunity. It’s a matter of perspective.


7. You Don’t Need A Support Desk


While there are much, much, more than just 8 easy practical reasons you should be doing affiliate marketing, we are coming down to the last two of the 8 reasons that I will share.

As with every business, support plays a vital role in the success and longevity of that business.

Sometimes, for no other reason than just answering consumer queries about how a product is supposed to work or perform, a support desk is a necessary option.

Thankfully as affiliates, our role in the equation is just to share a product and list its benefits to our potential clients without having to worry about if the product is defective or some other issue.

We don’t have to worry about supplying support as that falls to the vendor or company to provide. All we are would be the sales arm of the operation.


8. You Can Make Money In Your Sleep Or While On Vacation


The thought of making money while on vacation or even asleep seems almost too good to be true, but this is in fact a reality when it comes to affiliate marketing.

To be able to achieve this feat calls for a strategy that many marketers especially new ones sometimes overlook and then they wonder why they are not achieving success like their peers.

If you would want to make money on demand even recurring on clockwork day after day, you will need to also build and nurture a responsive e-mail subscriber list.


8 exciting practical reasons

The reason for this is that as you come into more products each day and often new ones as well, you can share these commodities with your earlier customers by having them subscribed to your email list.

When new products come on the market then those older customers can be informed by something as simple as an email blast, so if needed they can purchase items as well.


And your business can be conducted all over the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month all on autopilot.

It really is exciting and so practical to have such a business model working for you.


Conclusion – 8 Exciting Practical Reasons To Start Affiliate Marketing


If you don’t see this as perhaps the best, most profitable way to start an online business, then I don’t know what else I can write to encourage you.

What I can say is that if you want to get started in affiliate marketing today, then you are in the right place at the right time.

All you need to do is to schedule a call with me so I can discuss with you your goals and come up with a plan of action that is specifically tailored to your needs.

Alternatively, you could read my other post here on how to start an affiliate business with the focus being on the tools you will need to have along with free options.


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Thanks for reading my post and I hope you liked the bonus video. See you again very soon.



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