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About David Jones Marketing. Welcome.

Hi, my name is David Jones. No, not that David Jones of the 60’s band The Monkees (smile). Neither do I refer to the one responsible for that big retail conglomerate that retails lady’s bags etc.

This is my about page and you get front row seats to my main event. My story. Are you ready?

I am David Jones, a simple down-to-earth family guy with a passion for helping people succeed online.

I came into the online marketing world about seven (7) years ago, not really fully clear on what I might have been sent here to do.

I say this because over the years my desires and mission have changed slightly from what I initially set out to do.

However, in the process of time, I have gained incredible knowledge which I have decided is too valuable not to share.

My goal is to infuse individuals with the knowledge they need to build their online business empires thus becoming successful online marketers.

The Beginning

Let me start at the beginning as most origin stories do. I’m not a superhero although I like to think I have come to the rescue of many a person struggling to establish themselves online.


I am from a small island in the Caribbean named Barbados. The name you may have heard about before as it is often mentioned in movies with some reference to an island getaway.

I did not initially start out with wanting to become an entrepreneur. I would say I grew into it. What I wanted was to create and build a mega empire and have a wide audience of customers worldwide.

But I didn’t have any idea of what my product would be. I did know however that the Internet was the place to get started.

I knew it would be a challenge. What new venture isn’t? I did want to prove my dad wrong who had said I would never amount to anything. While that might not be a good reason to get into any business, it does motivate some to try to do something outside of themselves.

The Motivation

So, the motivation was definitely there. But it takes more than motivation to start and maintain a business. My mother was my hero. She believed in me and that was all I needed.

Unknown to her, she gave me the strength to believe in myself, and not be content to remain defeated before I even got into the ring.

She always had my back. My mother was a kind soul. I have found that I am kind of the same way too. I decided to step out in faith. I will admit that my becoming what I am today was not precipitated solely by the need to be somebody or to be a successful businessman.

I, like everyone else at some point in life, found myself swirling in debt, brought on by bad choices and decisions in life. I had to escape and in looking to do so, I hatched an idea.

The Plan

By nature, I am what you would call a thinker. I like to reason a lot and ask a bunch of questions. I like to know the reasons behind why things are done, how they are done and how are they of benefit.

My plan originally was to simply find a way to have something to sell online even if only for one dollar. I would find a few hundred thousand people wanting what I had to sell and presto. I would be rich.

What a plan. As it turns out when I got started in January of 2014, I never thought that this is where I would end up much less developing the skills, I possess today for the business I am involved in.

Over the years of educating myself in the online marketing arena and actually making money online, I wanted to help people overcome the many obstacles I did, though for them it would be easier as they have me to guide them through it.

David Jones Marketing is about sharing what I have learned in the exciting, sometimes often frustrating world of Internet Marketing, and how a person can actually have success when one knows just what to do and how to perform it.

Who Am I?

I’m a simple down to earth guy born and bred in a small island paradise known as Barbados. Professionally, I am a government civil servant. I work in the judiciary. I am a Court Marshal.

Despite my choice of career path, I developed a love for entrepreneurship early on and have always leaned in that direction.

I am married and while it’s just me and Julie (my wife), she has been a tower of strength in my life and pushes me to excel. She would always say, “Hon, it’s you and me against the world.”

We are a team. She believes in what I do, what I can accomplish and spurs me on when I’m down and tempted to just give up. We all have those moments at times.

My mission here is to share what it takes to become successful online by passing on the knowledge I have acquired over the years.

Welcome to David Jones Marketing.


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I am Destined For          Success

With the sudden change of events in the world surrounding the ongoing pandemic and more recently the protocols in place, I am certain that many were not prepared to face the challenges now taking place.

However, it is in times like these that we can see what we are actually made of.

Are you born to win? Are you driven to succeed? Destined for success? 

I have always been a fighter. No matter the odds stacked against me, I’ll keep on swinging until I have no energy left. I am driven to succeed.

When you really think about it, there is nothing we cannot achieve when we put our minds to it. Think about that for a moment. Need proof?

In the Bible, look at what happened when the people all got together and determined that they would build a tower to reach the heavens. What did God then say He would have to do?

Confound their language so they couldn’t understand each other less they accomplish the task they determined to do.

Anyone can succeed when they put their mind to it and apply themselves.

Posing Down By The Pebbles Beach

When I am on vacation, I sometimes amuse myself by playing Tourist in my own country. In the photo over to the right I took a trip to one of our many local beaches, this one The Pebbles and really enjoyed the sun, sand and sea.

On other occasions I might take to the skies and go abroad for the chance to get away from it all. And while I won’t admit this openly, I love traveling and shopping.

Other hobbies of mine include collecting various currencies from around the world, and this followed on from collecting stamps.

I live on an island and so it would be remiss of me not to visit the local beaches for a sea bath or just to drive around the island on a scenic tour. So while I love to work, I do know how to relax and have a good time.

David enjoying a morning at the beach

What Our Fans Are Saying

From Azjunique in the USA all the way to Sumit in India, or Emeka from Nigeria over to Piere in the USA, our clients who are our biggest fans all agree that with David Jones Marketing, you can’t go wrong. Customer satisfaction comes first.  See testimonials on the home page.

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