Be The BEST is the brainchild of founder Sumit Chaudhary, who happens to be an online mentor and coach.

His course “Be The Best” gives users a foundation in the basics of online marketing, while at the same time offers them a way to make an income by promoting the program to others.

This is going to be my review of the program known as Be The Best.

You as the reader of this post will get to know the man behind this newly started movement, why it’s the best digital information course out there in cyberspace right now and, how you can get your hands on it.



What Exactly Is Be The Best & Who Is It For?


The letters B.E.S.T stand for Business Execution & Sales Training.

This is exactly what Sumit offers as he speaks to multiple audiences at various training locations around the area he calls home in Udaipur, (Also known as the City of Lakes) a city in the state of Rajasthan, India.

So to better understand the program, the basis for it and how it can help the average struggling marketer, you’ll need to have a better insight into the program’s creator Sumit Chaudhary.

Of course, you’ll also need to have a complete breakdown of the course itself as well.


Sumit Chaudhary
Be the Best Founder – Sumit Choudhary


The program is designed to teach people how to understand business, the process of sales and the training surrounding business execution and being able to learn and then share the same information with others to one’s benefit.

Anyone who wants to have their own freelance digital business and score win after win is who this course is for.

More and more people are finding themselves in a position of instability from the fallout of jobs lost, due to the pandemic and they are coming online in droves, looking for business opportunities.

Not knowing the basic fundamentals of business and how to conduct themselves in business, these newbies to the online business world are finding themselves falling short.

Be the best was designed to lift these people up and give them what they need for success.


What “Be The Best” Teaches & The Course Layout


So let me take you through the program’s layout and why I think this program offers great value for the cost you are required to pay.

The program is laid out in three modules. This is what I am referring to when I say you can be the best in 3 easy steps. There are three (3) program modules.

Basic, Intermediate & Advanced are the (3) course modules being offered and the courses are taught using Facebook Lives.

This is conducted in a private Facebook group open to paying members only and members are then exposed to the live training their course module provides.

Members are advised in advance, of the time of their specific training to be conducted in their respective training group.

The training is conducted by Sumit himself, and members then have an interactive training session asking questions so that they have a clear knowledge of the topic being taught.


be the best program
Be The Best Course Learning Objectives


The only con here is that should Facebook ever decide to close its doors, your content is lost.

I do know though, that while Sumit loves the interaction and doing the Facebook Lives for his clients, that he recognizes that he will have to make some adjustments down the road.

Students to the program are taught the fundamentals of Internet marketing, the various skill sets required to build your brand and make your business a success as well as how to actually close sales when engaging your prospects on Messenger.

It is a very well-rounded program. Let’s look at the curriculum.


The Curriculum For Be The Best


As mentioned before there are three (3) course modules that the course is broken down into with each successive module covering a bit of its predecessor and adding to the skills being taught.

So with basic as the beginner’s level, followed by Intermediate which has all of Basic and a bit more and then Advanced which cover all of the first two (2) modules and covers the more advanced level and also features a mentorship aspect to the course.


Sumit addressing a workshop
Sumit addressing a Be The Best Workshop


The Course Layout & Description Details


BASIC LEVEL includes the following training:

Step-by-step training about how to use social media for Affiliate Marketing and basics of Business execution.

Facebook optimization

Basics of sales

Client relationships

Call prospecting

Designing (basic)

Sales closing

Goal setting

Follow up strategies. Next we shall look at what the Intermediate level covers.

Intermediate Level includes the following training:

Everything which included in basics module plus the following

Lead generation

Landing page creation

Use of marketing tools

Facebook strategies

LinkedIn overview

Designing tutorial 

List Building

Engagement Strategies

Mindset Training

Facebook pro group access

Pro chat group access

Team meeting access

Time management. And now we move on to the last training module, the Advanced.

Advanced Level includes the following training:

Everything included in intermediate module plus

  • Personal mentorship
  • Personal branding
  • Facebook Marketing Post
  • Instagram overview
  • Prospecting strategies
  • A complete blueprint of business execution
  • Advanced social media learning
  • Free website designing tutorial.

This concludes what you receive in the course modules.


Earning While Learning & Promoting To Others


In having such an extensive course layout, it should come as no surprise that not only is this course insanely and attractively priced for the value it contains, but students can also earn lucratively as they promote the opportunity to others.

In the image below you will see the pricing structure and it should be noted that these price points are not recurring. Each module carries a one-time investment on the user’s part.


be the best course modules
Be The Best Pricing Structure





The Commission Structure Is Awesome


With Be The Best, your commission earnings are 50% across the 3-course modules. So using the above image as a guide here goes:-

Basic Level $99.99 >> Commission = $50. | Intermediate Level $199.99 >> Commission = $100. | Advanced Level $499.99 >> Commission = $250.

It should also be noted that the advanced level carries an added bonus which offers an even greater income incentive to affiliates.

For every 5th sale an affiliate brings in on the Advanced level module of the course, he or she earns a full 100% commission.

Yes, you heard that right. And this continues for every future 5th sale achieved. The commission on every 5th sale is 100%. But this applies only to the Advanced Level of the course.

This incentive is known as the 5 O’Clock bonus simply because it comes into effect with every 5th sale achieved on the advanced level course module sale.


earn like a pro
Be The Best Advanced Level Incentive


As if the commission structure was not exciting enough along with the perks on the advanced level earning possibilities, there are also two (2) other bonuses that are available across the platform regardless of the level you occupy.

These are the weekly 10% bonus and a monthly 10% bonus. Read on.


Too Many Bonuses? Heck No!

Weekly Bonus


When a member or affiliate who is actively promoting Be The Best achieves sales of ten (10) or more in one week, that affiliate becomes entitled to the 10% weekly bonus.

It does not matter what level the sales came.

Let us for this example assume that you brought in 2 sales at the Advanced level which gave you 2 @ $250 = $500 as your commission.

And let’s also say you got 8 sales at say the Intermediate level. Let’s see how the figures look and with the weekly bonus applied.

So 2 sales of Advanced @ $250 = $500 commissions.

8 sales of Intermediate level each @ $100. commissions earned = $800. So your total together for those ten(10) sales is $500 + $800 = $1300.

On your tally of $1300, you make the bonus of additional 10% = $130. So your full tally is $1300 plus your Bonus of $130. = $1430.

Monthly Bonus

When a member or affiliate who is actively promoting Be The Best achieves sales of thirty (30) or more in one month, that affiliate becomes entitled to the 10% monthly bonus.

It does not matter what level the sales came. All you do is calculate the commissions you made for the month and then further calculate the 10% on that figure..

So if during a month you got (30) thirty sales totaling say three thousand ($3000) in commissions, you, my friend are entitled to another 10% on top of that figure as your bonus for that achievement.

10% of $3000 (commissions earned on 30 sales within the program) = $300. So your take-home pay climbs to $3300. Not bad, huh? This is what is possible here at Be The Best.


About Sumit Chaudhary


Sumit Chaudhary is the founder of the Business Execution Sales Training program or Be The Best as it is called. He graduated in Electronics & Communication Engineering (with an honors degree).

After graduating in April 2012, Chaudhary started his career as a sales associate for a telecommunication company and it was at this time that he began to learn more about interacting with clients and customers.

Sumit Singh
Sumit Chaudhary – Be The Best Founder

He soon learned how to purposefully listen to the concerns and issues his clients were having and to discover how he could even help them.

My biggest satisfaction and sometimes a challenge, says Sumit, was to make sure that at the end of that call, they (his customers) walked away with the answers and support they needed. 

It taught me to listen to their needs and my biggest satisfaction and sometimes challenge, was to make sure that at the end of that call, they walked away with the answers and support they needed. “



Sumit later joined a company in 2013 called Phoenix Web Solution as a technical support associate and it was here that his knowledge of technology expanded.

He was promoted as a Team Leader for sales and Tech Expert at that same company after two years.

Fast forward now to just after 2017 when he met his mentor LaurieAnn Campbell, founder of I am That Gal and he soon became the creative & sales director for the I Am That Gal brand.

I was really pleased to be asked by LaurieAnn to join her team as Creative and Sales Director of The I Am That GAL Team, a company that not only shares expertise in Handwriting Analysis and Grapho Therapy, personal and business coaching, and Book Publishing, as well as ways to excel in Branding, it is also a progressive company that is creating a very special program soon to be released called the G.A.L. Plan © “Get A Life (GAL) You Deserve.

Sumit Chaudhary

It is from these beginnings that Sumit soon found his calling and having established his brand “Branding By Sumit”, he soon decided to get into business coaching and mentoring as it was an area he realized was not being properly serviced in the online marketing industry.


Online Sales & Business Coach

I am so much proud of being a sales and business coach where I help people who have started an online business and need help in the execution process. I provide online training for that and also for the sales process as sales is an important part of the business.

Sumit Chaudhary


Be The Best


It is against this backdrop that the Be The Best idea was conceived and the course developed and is now set to launch on February 14th, 2021.

I have had the privilege of attending some of the training sessions so far and I must say that it is an excellent program, both in its learning capacity and as a business opportunity.


Is The “Be The Best” Program For You?


If you are new to the whole concept that is online marketing, or maybe you have a small business and have decided it’s time to take it online, then this program is for you.

If you need to learn how to properly brand yourself to stand out in the marketplace, the skills you learn in this course will set you apart.

Apart from the training you receive in this value-packed and detailed course, you also have the opportunity to put your newly learned skills into action and earn life-changing income as an affiliate with the Be The Best program.

Here’s how to get started with Be The Best.

Step 1. Go Here To Enroll & Select your Course

Step2. Make your corresponding payment based on Course selection

Step.3 Connect With Sumit Chaudhary Here.

That’s all there is. Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.


Be The Best – Conclusion


I hope you enjoyed this review as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you.

I don’t see anyone losing when it comes to this course and in fact, if you are already a business owner but were feeling a little stuck, Be The Best will help you get unstuck and fast. Great value, great training, great commissions.

Wait a minute !! Are you still here?! Go sign up now!!

Be The Best.


David S Jones


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97 / 100

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