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The topic of my article today is centered on blogging, but in particular, I will be examining 3 simple strategies bloggers can use to make money on the internet.

Many are coming online and are positioning themselves as the leading authority when it comes to offering solutions to the growing number of problems being experienced by people today.

They create or build authority on the internet through their brand and also in the content they post on their blogs.

I shall look at what blogging is, how to make money blogging, and everything else that goes along with it.



What Is Blogging? 




Blogging can be described as the action of writing either short or long-form content for the purposes of education or sometimes entertainment.

The content can serve to address queries or concerns being asked by the general public in an article form or that of a diary entry and then published on the web.

A blog, the shortened term of the word weblog was used by early internet users to document many aspects of what they were doing or had been involved in as a way of sharing with the world.

Blogging today however involves so much more and has been incorporated into many businesses.

It is how many online make a living just from using their blogs to answer questions surrounding problems that society may be experiencing.


Leads, Leads, Leads!


These blog articles can be used to share content that often answers a question or questions posed by persons seeking knowledge or presents a solution to a problem currently being experienced by those asking.

So blogging at best is information-based and bloggers provide service in guiding persons to information that can help them through the articles they write and share.

One of the best free blogging platforms is WordPress. I think that’s because it’s free.

Either way, WordPress is the chief platform used by entrepreneurs to make-money-blogging.

Although WordPress is considered one of the best blogging platforms out there in the market, some people actually prefer Wix.


What Benefit Does Blogging Provide?


Blogging also serves as a platform to help interested parties who are desirable of making money online to do so in a number of ways but we shall hone in on 3 areas specifically.

They are:-

  • Affiliate Offers
  • Information Publishing
  • Freelancer Services   


I shall go through each one carefully showing the correlation between the act of blogging in the ways mentioned and how you position yourself to make an income from these practices.


Affiliate Offers


There are many newcomers to the world of online business and for most, blogging provides beginners, a place at which they are likely to begin their online journey.

Why? Because they have been told, “try blogging, it’s easy.” But in reality, it is not as easy as it would at first appear.

Like everything else in life, it follows a process and a learning curve.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but if you are as consistent as you are eager to learn then you can be great at it.

Most beginners learn how to start blogging after realizing that it is not simply a hobby but should be regarded as an actual business and treated as such.


adam enfroy bloggingBlogging for beginners courses are popping up all over the internet so it’s not hard to find a good one.

Find one that suits your budget so you can get to learning & perfecting your craft.

When I got started, it was more like a hobby than actually something I could use to generate income.


But I must admit that view has since changed.

I owe a lot of what I now know about blogging to this one guy here who currently generates over US$300K a month from his blog.

He is phenomenal when it comes to blogging.

That’s him in the photo above. Adam Enfroy.

You can read his interview as he is one of the best if not the best on the subject having started his blog in 2019 and is already a millionaire from it.

Check out Adam’s blog.

One of the main sources of revenue with blogging comes from advertising.

This occurs when you use links in your blog articles to product offers or from the banner ads that you place on your website.

As you read this article I am sure that you can see such banner ads on the right side of this page. These ads are mainly offers coming through affiliate marketing.

Let me now deep dive into that term for clarity.

You can use your blog to educate and advertise solutions that persons seek, whether those solutions exist in the way of products, goods, or services, and provide a way that the solutions can be accessed.

This is done through the platform of affiliate marketing. Learn about affiliate marketing in my article here.

So as an affiliate, you would use your blog to first create an article that the customer can read to learn about the solution to their problem, and having been sold on the offer can proceed to buy by clicking your link.


How Are Affiliate Offers Selected?


Most affiliate offers are navigated through links strewn throughout the blog articles or can be accessed through banner ads located in the widget area to the left or right side of the blog page.

It is also a best practice when placing links within your blog article to mention a disclaimer so your readers are dutifully informed.

This type of marketing where purchases are made through affiliate links also occurs in the area of email marketing which by the way is one of the most lucrative ways of selling there is.

So as you can now see and hopefully appreciate, bloggers can make good money when they utilize the power of affiliate marketing in their articles and on their blog sites.

There are other steps I could have alluded to within the threshold of linking out to other sites in the case of blogging as this practice does produce great monetizing results.

But the most important I have given you here.

But let’s move now to the area of information publishing. Some may call it content marketing.


Information Publishing On Your Blog




According to The-Definition’s website, information publishing is the marketing communication with the goal of disseminating persuasive information to create awareness, knowledge, and positive attitudes.


Since content refers to any text, graphics, audio, or video online that informs or persuades and also exists on every website, it would be reasonable to say that content marketing falls in the same space as information publishing.

So from here on, I will use the term content marketing but you will understand the interchangeability between the two terms as defined and described.

It may be of interest to you the reader that blogging is a form of information publishing and content marketing because simply put, it facilitates information being shared that is often acted upon.

When acted upon either in the way of clicking links to discover more information on the subject of interest or even making a purchase, you can appreciate the ability to monetize and thus make an income.


Is Information Publishing A Profitable Niche To Consider For A Blogger?


People all over the world are searching for information and they want recommendations which is what you provide based on the articles you post on your blog.

Search engines like Google, Bing, YouTube, and even Social Media platforms are all engaged in publicizing content to help people get the answers they seek to solve the problems they experience.

This is why blogging can be and is such a viable enterprise for creating online income as it does.

It’s the most widely used platform to share and disseminate relevant practical information on a wide and varied number of topics.

For this reason alone, you can appreciate that information publishing has its place and is a very viable option for a person wanting to do blogging full time as everyone is searching for information.

What the blogger has to determine is what information should they be focused on covering in their article based upon the niche they are in and from their research.


How Can Information Or Content Posted As Blog Articles Be Found?




This is where the term SEO comes into the mix. Search engine optimization (SEO) uses keywords to identify what published content is about.

When those keywords are used in related searches, the properly optimized article often shows up in the results of the search that has been carried out.

This is why when it comes to blogging, your articles must be centered around certain keywords for which you expect to be discovered when related information is being sought on the web.

That is how your content is discovered. Learn other ways of content discovery.

When people search for various topics or solutions, post their questions or sentences into the search engines containing your keywords, then those searching will be directed to your content.

Also, remember that as you post content whether it is to your social media platforms or any search engine for that matter as you utilize the right keywords, your content will be picked up.

You can read a post here that I created about how SEO works and it will further enlighten you.

Now we look at the last of the strategies mentioned which speak to offering freelancer services.

It is also important to note that with your content, it is worthwhile to also target the right audience and through your blog and blogging, this result can be realized.


Freelance Services You Can Offer On Your Blog





Freelance services are those offers that you can make available through interaction with your blog visitors by way of email marketing or by way of banner ads on your blog site.

Examples of such services could include skills that are pertinent to the people visiting your blog who depending on your blog’s niche would align them with your perfect offer.

Freelance services could include:-

  • Freelance Writing 
  • Copywriting
  • Web Development
  • Creating E-books
  • Web Design
  • Freelance Coaching
  • Blog Posting
  • Graphic Designing


The top freelance services I have listed above are considered so by waqaskhantech.com.

With your freelance services, you might be surprised that with your high-income skills you could actually create a viable 6-figure business just by providing services through your blog.

So once again blogging has saved the day. You could write reviews about the said services you are providing and when picked up by the search engines you will attract curious customers.offering freelance services on your blog

You can consider offering your freelance services on websites like Fiverr or even Upwork and from these portals, drive traffic to your blog.

Use the leverage of Fiverr and Upwork to your advantage.

This could be a very tactful and useful strategy once done right.

More important however to the entire process of blogging is the fact that the more content you create and the more problems you are able to solve for readers through your content, the more success you’ll enjoy.

The idea here is of course consistency. You can’t begin today, go for a week, and then quit for the next 2 weeks. It doesn’t work like that.

And just as important is the niche that your blog covers as some niches just don’t cut it if you are looking to create a 6-7-figure income from blogging.

I have posted a video here from master blogger Adam Enfroy where he shares how he is able to make money on his blog through banner ads. Let’s view it now.



So I hope you have begun to get the picture where blogging is concerned and like everything else takes time to get to that sweet spot where you are seeing the dollars roll in.

I will leave you with one final video for this post where Adam explains how he goes about developing a blog in its first 90 days and it may surprise you that in that time he is not even thinking about monetization yet.

This is a super bonus video and a really great conclusion to this post. I will cover in a future post the startup steps of your blog with regards to actual costs and tasks to be performed.

Subscribe to my blog and never miss when new articles are published. There will be an opt-in form at the bottom of this post. Thanks for reading.


Bonus Video & Closing Remarks


If you’re serious about making money online, start a blog. Blogging is one of the easiest and most sustainable income sources.

As long as the blog is set up the right way, in the right niche, with the right content targeted at the right audience, and the offer is complementary to the content, then Boom!

You could make a tremendous amount of passive income from a blog. In the bonus video below Adam walks you through your blog’s first 90 days.

He shares exactly what you would need to do starting right out the gate. Do watch this as this guy makes over US$200K a month from his own blog.



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