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Clickable engaging emails is just as important for your email marketing as having gotten subscribers onto your list, you now want them to further engage by actually opening your emails.

You want your new subscribers over a period of time to get to know, like, and trust you and the only way they will do so is by reading what you email them each week. 

Your email list can be your most valuable asset no matter who you are and so it pays to know how to nurture and maintain your list by creating clickable engaging emails and the kind of subject lines to get your emails opened. 



Creating Clickable Engaging Emails  

Your email list is your greatest asset and it is vital that you take the time necessary to grow and cultivate an environment that establishes an air of familiarity in which your subscribers will get to know, like, and trust you.

Your subscribers are everyday people with different personalities, likes, issues, and so forth.

They are on your list specifically for whatever offer you made to them, as well as getting to know, like and trust you.

They now want to see if you were worth their effort in subscribing to your list in the first place.

clickable engaging emails
The better you become at email creation the more money you make

So in this post, I want to leave you with some practical tips to help you learn how to develop that relationship with your list.

You’ll learn how to specifically write emails that first attract your audience and give them no choice but to open.

Your basic email should consist of the following 3 components. Get these done right and your email marketing will take off.

Email marketing is not dead but has been abused over the years by overzealous marketers. Let’s change the script.

Here are those 3 factors or components which your emails should have which I shall break down in greater detail as we go on.

While these are the components and they are important, we shall also look to the purpose behind your email campaign.

Once your purpose is identified then you will have a clearer blueprint to follow and achieve success.

  1. SUBJECT   –  Subject Line,(Attention Grabber, Sparks curiosity, etc) 
  2. CONTENT – Story, Personal Experiences, Practical Value, Solve a Problem
  3. CALL TO ACTION (CTA) – What do you want your subscriber to do next


 The Objective Of Your Email Marketing Efforts


When we set about to build an email list, there is usually a lot of uncertainty and fear. Will the subscribers like me, will they open my emails or would they even give themselves time to know and trust me?

Creating clickable engaging emails is no easy walk in the park, but with time, you get better and your copy improves. These are general concerns that are generally understandable, but the best way to overcome these apparent hurdles is to hit them head-on.

To crush this process and have a competitive edge, think of yourself from the perspective of that perfect subscriber and what you would be expecting when you subscribe to a mailing list.

It also helps to always have before you the objective of your email marketing efforts. What is it that you are striving to achieve?

While it is true that you are seeking to build a relationship with your subscriber list, you are also determining in your mind, that they, (your subscribers) respond to your email as if it were the lottery.

Sounds a stretch huh? Well, it is doable, but it will also take time.


All CTR refers to is the ratio of the number of clicks your emails get on a specified link inside that email or the CTA which is the (call to action ), divided by the number of visitors exposed to your actual email; the percentage calculated is known as your click-thru rate. So your objective is to:

  1. Draw attention to your email through its subject heading.
  2. Create an air of curiosity to lure persons to be so curious that they open the email.
  3. Arrest attention to the email’s contents inside, that begs you to look for the link inside & click it.
  4. Arouse or elicit an emotional trigger having opened the email to get the click.

When thinking of an email’s heading remember to include the following. While not written in stone, these simple hacks are known to have people adoring you and singing your praises even though they might not readily tell you.

Personalize the email by including the person’s first name in the header title. Also, use emojis. They are fun and create a certain mood.

Email headlines could be in the form of questions, straight punch lines, or even, reminders. Just keep remembering, the emails must be clickable engaging emails. Never forget that.


clickable engaging emails
create clickable engaging emails


Charge out of the block by making that first email beyond the welcome email or the thank you email, one that will leave your subscriber wondering where have you been all their life online.

Be real, be yourself, be transparent, and approach things as you would like to be approached if the roles were reversed.

Some subscribers because of timezone differences may be unavailable when you send out your emails, so you’ll have to address certain expectations off the cuff to sort of pre-condition your subscribers.

In this way, your subscribers get to learn what they can expect coming from you. Don’t spoil them, but don’t starve them either.

Can you remember that first high school crush you had on the then most popular girl in the school? You didn’t expect it to happen, but she had her eye on you and yes, now you two are an item.

You are going to do everything in your power and then some to protect and to preserve that relationship for as long as is humanly possible.

Will you make mistakes in your exuberance? Of course, you will, but it’s not the end of the world. Just like you would apologize to your sweetheart, in your email list you have hundreds of (“sweethearts”), so apologize there as well.

You might be surprised, but people will see you as being human and as one they can root for because of your authenticity.

Before I leave this section, on your landing or squeeze pages, you might leave a line that reminds intended subscribers to check their spam folders in case the email happened to find its way to the junk folder.

Here’s a little tip you can use which works for me. At the beginning of your subject line, just put ”Re:” So yours would look like this.

”Re: (Hey Chris,) Did You Catch The News About COVID Stricken Families Getting A $25K Grant?” 

I put the ”Hey Chris” in brackets to highlight the fact that for this particular subject heading, the subscriber’s name was submitted in the subject heading.

Notwithstanding I’m sure that title would have gotten a reaction.

So remember the purpose of your email marketing campaign which when developed correctly and executed, should be, to get the email opened and the link inside clicked.

Step #1 – Catchy, Curiosity-Building Subject Headline

So step number one is to utilize an engaging subject line, while creating enough curiosity, through a statement or question that results in the email being opened and its contents eaten up or clicked.

Always leave them guessing and curiously raving to open your email. Build that expectation surrounding the coming email to your subscriber.  

Step #2 – Your E-Mails Content

In step 2, you want to create content that captures your reader’s attention and creates in them the desire to stick around to the end.

Have them not just fully digest what you had to offer, but also to return again and again for the long term. In other words, get your readers to see the benefit to them in not missing your emails.

So the question becomes ”How does one accomplish this?”

Well, your content has to be of practical value. First consider what offer your subscriber has opted in for, as this gives you some direction on the type of content your focus should be on.

Another great way to capitalize would be to ensure that your choice of content be very applicable to the issues you are seeking to solve, and in a way that conveys to the reader your sincerity in actually trying to help them.


clickable engaging emails
create emails that stand out


This is the point where you can use stories on your experiences, depending on the situation, or depth of the relationship you have built up with your subscriber, to convey your content.

Who doesn’t love a good story?

These strategies will not only engage your subscriber’s interest but as you think of the purpose in mind, (which is to solve the pain point or problem your subscriber has), you would have created a perfect environment for a mutually beneficial bond to develop; and from that bond, your efforts will be rewarded.

How So you ask? 

Well, think of the buzz your blog will receive when your subscriber shares his or her experience with all their contacts.

It becomes a win-win situation for you both. Now at this point, you can’t afford to sit on your laurels.

No, you have to seek to test other strategies and ideas going forward as you seek to shorten the know, like, and trust gap with your subscribers so they don’t bail on you.


Be creative as you employ new means of maintaining your subscribers’ interest. You can use polls to help determine what your subscribers would want to receive from you as time goes on and polls can be a fun exercise. All keep in mind you are creating clickable engaging emails.

Also do encourage your subscribers to reach out to you so there is no disconnect between the two groups, that is Yourself vs. Subscriber.

Use an email address that subscribers can connect with you as you entertain them reaching out to you.

Subscribers need to know that you are real and that their experience with you is not some science fiction movie overrun by robots.

One of the things that used to frustrate me the most and still does today is when I try to respond to someone whose list I am on, and I get a message that my email cannot be delivered as they have used a no-reply email address.

Why would anyone in their right minds do this? You want to connect with your list for obvious reasons. Remember know, like, and trust? Notwithstanding, you are in a business and this craft of email marketing is essential for any online business.

Oops, with that ”no-reply” email, I’m sure trust might have exited the building. Why have clickable engaging emails if you are not going to put in the effort to answer your subscribers should they need assistance with a problem.

Don’t do it. You wrote the email in the first place to produce a certain result and having done so you are now going to throw it all away. That makes no sense at all to me.


The Last Rung In The Ladder: The Call To Action- Step#3


 clickable engaging emails
Always leave your readers with a call to action

So you have brought your subscribers to the climax of your email.

This is the part where they get to exercise their faith in what you have been speaking to throughout the email.

It’s called the CTA or Call To Action.

This is where you get your subscriber to join you as you take the relationship building to another level. 

In the call to action, you are seeking to get your subscriber to do just that…to take action.

You want them to show their faith in you by taking action on some recommendation of yours.

Here is where you will learn if all your hard work of nurturing your email list actually has paid off.

The call to action should be something, yes, that you ask of your subscribers to do, but also it should be something that enhances their experience with you.

By giving them even more value, your subscribers have now been ethically bribed to return to your blog week after week. You are to strive to always provide clickable engaging emails.

The call to action could be joining a community you preside over, where they can get specialized training, or it could be to get an inexpensive report they need, where they experience a solution to a problem they’ve wanted to be solved even faster.

Whatever you decide to offer for your call to action, don’t go sell crazy on your subscribers even though they are on your list.

Just because they are on your list as a result of something you initially might have offered them, doesn’t mean that they don’t still need to get to trust you. I can’t underscore that enough.

Clickable Engaging Emails Conclusion

I hope that this post has brought value to you and in an upcoming post, I will give you a follow-up where I will expose you to the tools you will need to use to help you manage your budding list going forward.

You have heard the word auto-responder haven’t you?  Well, this is one important tool. But I’ll share more on that with you in a future post, so you need to SubScribe so you don’t miss out.

So now you know all that is required if you will be creating clickable engaging emails and building an email list of raving fans.

Also, please remember to request your subscriber use their best email address or they might be in danger of missing out on some free content needful for their online experience.

So until next time, I hope that you take some time to practice and get those emails taking on a tone and style to get your subscribers knocking over each other to get on your list.

Give this post a like by sharing it with your peers on social media & as always I welcome your comments and feedback.

Thank you.


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