Achieving success is something we all come up hearing about from our parents and their parents and so we make it our mission in life as well. But somewhere along the beaten path we often fall short of the intended mark.

The big question then for most is “what went wrong?” Why have we not yet achieved this elusive goal?

In this post, I will address 5 obstacles that limit our achieving success and how we can go about removing them to ensure that we have a much better hope of achieving the goal and sharing with others how to do so for themselves.

Let’s dive in.

Achieving Success in 2021 – Is It Still Possible?

I strongly believe that it is. In life, I do not believe that people start out on their journey in life towards success with the intention of failing.

However, if you fail to plan, then you know what could be lying in wait for you around the corner.

achieving success
achieving success

It is true that when we come out of the starter’s gate we are all excited and the sky’s the limit. We have our goals in mind and we set out mowing down everything that gets in our way except life.

And then just as quickly as we have started our course, we get derailed. What happened? Here are the facts.

Discover The 5 Obstacles To Achieving Success & The Solutions

The obstacles standing between you and success are not life-threatening and can surely be resolved. It is however up to you to take the necessary prescription suggested as you navigate and overcome the obstacles as they present themselves.

The five obstacles are as follows.

  • 1. Time
  • 2. Attitude
  • 3. Focus
  • 4. Holding Back
  • 5. Fear

In the sections to follow I shall review each obstacle that would threaten anyone in achieving success and list the possible solutions necessary for arriving at the desired goal.

Be reminded however that these solutions will only work if you do. Let’s begin with Time.

Let’s Talk About Time

It can be expected that anytime you are set towards achieving a goal of any sort that there are often setbacks along the journey. This does not mean that the journey has been a waste of time.

On the contrary, what it means is that you have to continue moving forward but take an alternate approach to your objective.

We all have been allotted 24 hours in any given day to do that which we set about to do. It is up to each individual to use that time wisely and to their advantage.

If you don’t use your time wisely, it can become an obstacle against you. What goals have you set yourself for the day?

In having set goals, and then listing what can be considered priorities, we set the stage to more easily navigate and accomplish what needs to be done.

We need to establish a goal and with that goal, a listing of priorities that propel us in the direction towards a successful outcome of the day’s activities.

Time When Rightly Used Can Help In Achieving Success
Time When Rightly Used Can Help In Achieving Success

Be wary of activities in your day that you enjoy doing but do not add to your overall agenda. For example, it is so easy these days to get caught up on social media.

While we may need to use it, we ought to see where it falls in the list of priorities.

Your regular workday will in some cases see you having some tough challenges to face, but while they may want to deflate you, they do not or should not stop you from being in that frame of mind to get the job done.

So improvise. Getting your daily tasks done does not mean you have to be always in an office environment to be achieving success.

The recent pandemic has shown us that more than anything else as the majority of the workforce now does so from home.

So we have seen that while time can become an obstacle, it is up to us to keep it close as an ally. It comes down to your state of mind and mental fortitude.

The Role Of Attitude In Achieving Success

We concluded the last section having deemed that though time was one of the 5 obstacles to us achieving success, if utilized properly by having a daily goal and listing of priorities, then we can make good use of time as an ally.

But you would notice that if our mindset is not focused properly then we could be on our way to becoming derailed.

When it comes to having the right attitude and more so maintaining that positive attitude, would require us being surrounded by positive people and in positive environments.

When you exist in a state of negativity, your energy levels drain faster and the negative thoughts pull you down with them.

Having The Right Attitude Can Lead To Achieving Success
Having The Right Attitude Can Lead To Achieving Success

Failure is never the issue. It is what you do after you have encountered a failure that determines what category of person you are.

So attitude, and a negative one at that, can be a most terrible obstacle in your path towards success. But it can be overcome as in the examples I shared.

If you fail, learn to use those failures as stepping stones and keep moving forward. If you focus on problems, you will have more problems.

So what do you do? You focus on solutions and pretty soon you’ll encounter far more opportunities because of that positive attitude.

Could It Be That The Lack Of Focus Is The Problem?

I often like to use stories to help bring clarity to the points I will make. As we consider the question, Could it be a lack of focus that is another obstacle in the way?

Well, I believe that it is a contributing factor and I’ll give an example.

When it comes to your business or your determined goals, you must possess a laser-sharp focus. You simply cannot allow anything at all to distract you from reaching your objective.

You must learn to focus and keep your eyes on the prize.

Walking On Water Requires Focus

Now here is a story that illustrates my point beautifully. I would often use Biblical stories when most applicable to highlight points of interest.

Do you know of the story of Jesus walking on the sea of Galilee? As he was crossing the lake heading towards the boat out in open water, a storm arose causing much panic to the disciples who had been aboard the boat.

Upon nearing the vessel, Peter one of the disciples looked and saw what looked like a man approaching them in the midst of the storm, but walking on the water.

He soon recognized that man to be Jesus. In his excitement, he beckoned Jesus to bid him to approach, to which Jesus told him to come.

All Peter had to do was to keep his eyes fixed on Jesus. This was his goal. This was all he had to do to achieve successfully what he was about to perform.

He was about to do what seemed to be impossible. Yet in faith, he stepped out the boat, and with his gaze fixed on the Master, he began to walk on water.

focus unsplash chase clark
Lack of Focus Can Disable A Person From Achieving Success

If you focus intently on that which you have set yourself to do and allow nothing to distract you or get between you and your goal then you can and will achieve success.

That is all there is to it. So lack of focus is the obstacle.

Creating an environment where you will not be distracted from your mission is the solution to removing that obstacle.

In Peter’s case, I believe it was pride in conjunction with the fact that he momentarily took his eyes off Jesus.

At that moment his focus and concentration had been broken, because he deemed it necessary to look back at the boat from whence he came, taking his eyes and focus off Jesus he began to sink in the water.

Calling out in panic and despair Jesus caught hold of his hand and saved him.

Achieving success requires focus. Many people start with a clearly defined purpose, but then their purpose becomes blurred.

To avoid this, first, write out your purpose statement, and then write down your short- and long-term goals.

Your goals may change as you go, but constantly check your list to be sure you are still headed straight towards them.

Also, read this post as it outlines steps towards having or achieving success in starting an affiliate business.

It Seems To Me Like You Are Holding Back When You Need To Be Letting Go

When athletes are competing in the Olympic games and are going through the paces of their qualifying heats, there is a tendency to hold back.

For some, it might just be a case of not wanting to create burnout as it is just the qualifier. Plus they don’t want to let the competition see what they can do just yet.

Sometimes it’s the same in the business world. We have a tendency to hold back but I suspect it is for the opposite reason.

I think what is feared is not letting your competition see what you don’t have. But is this the right attitude or perspective to adopt? Certainly not.

Far from holding back, we ought to be like a racehorse eager to get out of the starter’s gate and round the track. When you are in pursuit of achieving success, you have to give 100% all of the time.

You can’t hold anything back.

Another thing athletes do is jest one another, each goading the other on to push him or her to perform their best and this also helps the competition as well.

So if the obstacle that has been blocking you from achieving success, in this case, is that of holding back, then If you’re not achieving what you want, don’t lower your expectations.

Instead, raise your standards. Give it your all and go get it.

Why Are You So Fearful Oh Ye Of Little Faith?

This is going to sound a bit crazy but did you know that most people looking to achieving success are also scared of what it might be like when they find it?!

It seems weird doesn’t it, but in actuality achieving success scares quite a few people. On the flip side is even worse.

Fear can be both a motivating force and an obstacle to success. Fear can keep you from trying and from reaching those really big goals.

Are you afraid to fail? Analyze the specific situation and force yourself to break the uncomfortable activity into more manageable steps.

fear unsplash melanie wasser
Fear can only be a major obstacle in achieving success if you allow it to be so

Identify and utilize every available resource to build upon your strengths and correct your weaknesses. Focus on what could go right and don’t obsess about future problems.

There’s also no reason to unnecessarily call attention to your fears. This will only discourage you, and break down the confidence in others.

If you are serious about achieving success then there is no room for fear. In fact, some will even encourage you to fail forward or fail faster.

Failure is not the issue. It’s what you do when and after you fail that is important. Once you do not quit, you will be fine.

Achieving Success – The Conclusion

2020 was a year that we would welcome being able to forget, but we can’t. At least not unless we want to experience the same results in 2021.

If we are tuned into truly achieving success now and beyond, then we have to embrace change and attack things differently. Read more on that here.

I know you can ignite your dream and achieve your goals. Obliterate your obstacles and continue on your path. Success doesn’t come without challenges.

Give yourself realistic goals. Don’t try to accomplish too much too soon. Plan and work strategically. Be consistent and focused.

Have your goals in plain sight and keep on track. Allow yourself to break the chains and weight that have been holding you back from living up to your greater potential & just let it go!

You have no reason to fear and achieving success is and will be well within your reach.

Thanks for reading.



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