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This blog is about David Jones Marketing and of my journey towards achieving online success through Internet Marketing.

Discover David Jones

So you found me and yes this is David Jones (Marketing). Hi, I’m David Jones. No, no, no not that David Jones from the 70’s rock band The Monkees. Although I do love music and was an upcoming ”DJ” at one time.

Nevertheless, I’m sure you might have already figured that out, looking at my photo. With that said however, let me share my story with you.

Discover The David Jones Marketing Story

For as long as I have known myself, I’ve always been the type of person who wanted to help people. My personality is one of being jovial, and generally fun loving. But I was also to discover later in life that I had other gifts.

Some may call it a passion, but whatever you want to call it, I have a love for Business and Entrepreneurship. This has led me on a journey to see where this love for business would take me.

In just a few years, not only has my passion now been fully identified, but I’m also now enjoying building an online business from scratch with the help of my mentor John Thornhill. I couldn’t be happier.

The Shift

Professionally I’m a government civil servant working in the judiciary, so why the shift. I loved my job, but in recent years I became somewhat disillusioned, disheartened and needed a change. I was seeing what was going on around me on the job and in my life, and I needed to step up. I wasn’t being fulfilled.

Can you imagine having a job in Government, but yet having trouble with debt, making sure that the wife was properly cared for and having a roof over our heads?! Yup, that was me. I needed to find a way out.

I decided to look for my breakthrough online, using the Internet. I was already feeling excited at the possibilities. Maybe you have felt like this also at one time or another. But while I was learning, and looking forward to creating that success online….it somehow always eluded me. It was then that I made an interesting discovery about myself.

Discovery #1

I might take a long time to complete some tasks, but I never quit no matter the challenges. I discovered that about myself. My mindset is not one of quitting.

In fact I have written a post on what mindset and having the right mindset can do for us in becoming effective leaders. See that post Here. This is what has kept me afloat and the second discovery is this.

If you do not quit, eventually you will have your breakthrough. I’m that positive. Whatever the mind can conceive, can be achieved.

Now up to this point, I had made some accomplishments but never a major breakthrough. I had first proven that one could make money online. I made several hundreds $$ online, but sporadically and over a 5 year period. I was not consistent in my results. I needed that next level breakthrough.

Discovery #2

I believe I have found my breakthrough by crossing paths with another entrepreneur whose desire to succeed is as strong as mine. Through him I was able to connect with and am now being mentored by none other than John Thornhill in a very Special Program tailored for success.

I have always loved to serve. Now I can look forward to achieving the success I always knew was possible. What’s more I can go on to share and teach others how they too can succeed, just by following my lead.

My wife Julie and I recently celebrated eleven years of marriage.  She has been and continues to be my ”why.” She is also my biggest fan and with her enthusiasm being the driving force behind me, I know I will make it to the top.

I hope that through my story you have been inspired.  The road will sometimes be bumpy, and in some areas so narrow you might feel like you’ll go over a cliff. But don’t despair. And don’t ever throw in that towel.

Some days it will feel like you are struggling or might even be stuck. Keep your focus and keep pressing on. I’m only sharing with you what I do. Finally stick to one plan.

It’s Your Time

If you are fortunate to have found the gem as I have, in this SPECIAL PROGRAM, which is helping me to create my online business from scratch and enjoy success, then like a racehorse, keep your blinkers on and don’t be distracted by shiny objects.

Thank you for seeking to know more about me and I look forward to not only getting to know you, but helping you on your journey and achieving the success you desire as well.                                                                                                        David S Jones





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