As I sat down to write Discover how to overcome writer’s block in 6 steps, it suddenly dawned on me that I do get writer’s block pretty often and I’m now wondering if I’m even qualified to write this post. Just kidding…

Up until recently I suffered badly with writer’s block, but I made a startling discovery. Everyday the story of our life often breaks off in several chapters or directions depending on the events overshadowing us. Pick one and start writing.

Discover How To Overcome Writer’s Block In 6 Steps

I will begin by taking you back to a post I wrote not too long ago ”How to start a blog in 7 easy steps.” Just click the link to go back and read it if you haven’t as yet. In step.2 of the six steps there listed, I presented the reader with a challenge I will repeat today for your benefit. What is the goal of your blog?

Step.1 Remember Your Blog’s Goal

If you keep the goal of your blog in mind, you will never run out of content ideas.Discover How To Overcome Writer's Block In 6 Steps Now don’t get me wrong, as I’m not by any stretch of a dollar suggesting that you will have all the information to hand that you may need to write an effective post. But certainly you can or should do some constructive research even if only to have a couple other sites that may give an even broader perspective than you have in your post and will give the reader more value.

Sometimes we tend to think that when we present or share other’s content that it takes away from our own attempts at making an impact. But I don’t believe this to be the case. The reader of your post is already searching for information. If you can present it and point to other areas where he or she can have an even greater experience consuming all they can on the particular topic, you will be seen as the authority. This leads me right into step.2.

Step.2 Think Like You’re Already An Authority

Your goal in any venture you undertake is to be seen as credible, even an authority. Whether it’s a business you’re starting or even a hobby you’re passionate about. We like to know that we are on top of things.

This commands respect from our peers and when we extend our networks to invite new people into our space, we want to get them to know, like and trust us.

We command their attention, their admiration or envy, and their trust when we are viewed as the authority. So how do we get there?

You Can’t Fake This Even If You Tried

When I alluded to thinking like you are already an authority, I meant to convey the mindset or attitude being possessed was already one of an authority or a winner.

We have read this quote over and over again, but do we even believe it. So I’m not saying you fake being an authority but believe in your heart you are already there. Own it! Remember also that writing will oft times require research. When you put in the time, you’ll rise to shine.

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve. – Napoleon Hill

Discover How To Overcome Writer's Block In 6 StepsBut I would welcome to take it a step further and suggest that we make the quote our own as legendary boxer Muhammad Ali did when he coined this Quote seen in the photo here to your left. When you personalize the words to make them your own, you brain takes on a different position. You no longer see yourself faced with an insurmountable task. You only see victory. Is this making sense? Let me go into Step.3

Step.3 Mindset –  Moving From I Can’t To I Can

I want to tell a story here which is so reminiscent of how we tend to operate in life. I would often go to my wife and say,” honey, try this dish I made…” to which she would take a look and quickly say, ” I don’t like it.”  Did you just get that? I didn’t leave anything out. She never tasted what I made, she just looked at it and decided that she didn’t like it. Don’t we also do that with certain tasks we come face to face with?

We are quick to decide that we can’t, when in fact we have not even blinked an eye to try far less complain that we can’t. And herein lies the problem. It’s our mindset.

We are conditioned to believe we can’t achieve anything. Because of this dilemma,  we don’t want to come out of our comfort zones to try anything new.

If there was one catch phrase that took America by storm and gave way to many seeing possibilities they never thought possible before, was during the 2008 presidential campaign when Barrack Obama went on to become the 44th president of the United States.

What was his slogan? Yes We Can! The first black man did the unthinkable to become the president of the USA. Once we set our minds and conceive, and with our hearts believe, then we most certainly can achieve. Believe it! Own it! Repeat now with me, YES I CAN!

Step.4 Have An Accountability Partner

When we come into the world, just as when we leave this world we do it alone. But wasn’t it said somewhere that it wasn’t good for the man to be alone? Yes it’s true but not in the sense or purpose for what I’m going to propose for Step.3. I believe that having a coach or mentor is a really important step in keeping us in alignment with what we are seeking to achieve. We often get distracted, some even tired too quickly and are ready to toss the towel.Discover How To Overcome Writer's Block In 6 Steps

Maybe the positive ”yes I can” mindset hasn’t kicked in as yet and we are struggling to see our way to the end of the course or whatever it was we were trying to achieve. A Mentor/Coach has already walked the road we now travel. He or she has seen and experienced the ups and downs and can guide us correctly on the right path, if we would be mindful enough to allow ”Ego” to leave the building. Have I mentioned this amazing accountability partner I have and the awesome program he has me on? I’ll remember to mention later. But it works.

There is nothing like knowing what to do and when to do it and even being given the scope and range to try things you believe might work just so to give you the mindset to try. If you aim high enough and it doesn’t work, you’ll still fail above everyone else’s success. Norman Vincent Peale puts it this way:

Shoot for the moonEven if you missyou‘ll land among the stars.

Having an accountability partner will often see you getting up and doing things rather than putting them off as you are being challenged to become the best version of yourself possible.

Do not take this tip for granted. Many have scored massive wins just by having someone in their corner to encourage them when they were tempted to quit.

Step.5 Refer Back To Your Why

Discover How To Overcome Writer's Block In 6 Steps

This suggestion or step is even more powerful than the goal of your blog. This step takes you all the way back for the reason you are here in the first place.

That one purpose that you would move the earth to please or do whatever it took to guarantee your success….Your Why.  Your ”WHY” can supply all the motivation you need to keep pushing even when you are down to your last ounce of energy.

Nothing is more important or no goal more cherished than that in which we are driven to succeed as our Why.

Step.6 You Can Remain In A State Of Block Or Become Your Own Best Material 

I thought I would never reach this point but I had to remain true to my purpose. As I conclude this post and it is my hope that you got value and have been challenged, that I leave you to consider my last tip.

By the caption above this is what I’m hoping to convey. This is what has helped me and I hope it will help you as well. As you look for things to blog about, remember or consider that your own life is a story.

Your experiences, your triumphs, your failures, your endeavors can all serve as tools for learning and giving value.

When you have reached that Block, look back at your journey thus far and pull out an episode from which you learnt something profound as it relates or in this case related to your goals and destination.

See how that story can be used to deliver an idea or a strategy that others can benefit from and tailor your blog post around delivering that idea in the best way possible.

As entrepreneurs we are here to empower, to impact, to encourage and in between most definitely entertain our readers with our stories that have served as stepping stones as we press forward towards our breakthroughs.


It would be remiss of me to not invite you to join me on my journey. This will not take away from your experience but I believe will most certainly enhance it.

If you do nothing else or take nothing away from my post here today, join me in attending this webinar. I can assure you it will be an eye opener and may very well be just what you need at this time to take you exactly where you need to be. You’ll get to meet my amazing partner and his team.

David S Jones




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