Does the chicken come first or the egg? Better still how does marketing even  fit in to this puzzle? You might be pleasantly surprised to hear that Marketing doesn’t even fit into the mix at all with either the chicken or the egg…..however read on and you’ll get to understand where I’m coming from.

Does The Chicken Come First Or The Egg & How Does Marketing Even Fit In?

Well as you have realized by now this post has nothing to do with chickens or eggs although I do eat them both. It might surprise you though that quite a number of people actually are keeping these birds now as pets, not to mention if you get your hands on a layer then you have eggs on demand.

But lets consider it , that is the question for what it is, does the chicken come first or the egg and whether it is at all important to have an answer for what might just be left to one’s personal opinion on the matter.

So this is what I’m getting at here. Whether the chicken came first or didn’t is not an issue since it is already here. Likewise the same for the egg. It is just left for those considering the puzzle to have their own opinion on things.

It doesn’t affect them or anyone in a negative manner except that you might see a chicken about your yard, catch it, cook it and then learn it was your neighbor’s pet.

So this is how Marketing, specifically online marketing fits in or doesn’t, you decide. Like the first puzzle, there are many who pursue the age old argument of which comes first or in the case of Online marketing, which platform is the better for one to adopt? Affiliate marketing or Network marketing?does the chicken come first or the egg

When you think of it, it really has to do with a choice and one’s own preference at that. In other words both are areas of marketing which when acted upon can generate large sums of income depending on your level of skill. Heck some marketers even do both although I think it might be better to stick to one platform.

Then you have those persons who would want to get into debate over which has the greater potential even though it boils down to the marketer involved and his or her work ethic. When it comes down to it, you are going to engage in what is easier for you to accomplish,  just like it doesn’t matter which you eat first; the chicken or the egg. It is up to you the individual to choose which you prefer. It’s a personal decision.

So let’s Look At The Two Styles Of Marketing. Affiliate & Network Marketing.

But First, What is Marketing?

does the chicken come first or the egg

According to the AMA, Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. This site will give you a great perspective on most marketing definitions and will make for better clarity. Learn More Here.

Internet or online marketing has been described as the least expensive way one can use to reach their target market regardless of the size of their business. This is perhaps why it is growing at the rate in popularity that it is.

Also called online marketing, internet marketing is the process of promoting a business or brand and its products or services over the internet using tools that help drive traffic, leads, and sales.

Internet marketing a pretty broad term that encompasses a range of marketing tactics and strategies – including content, email, search, paid media, and more.

(Quoted from Search Engine Journal.Com)

Online Marketing is a new way of doing business for many looking to make the internet their pie in the sky so to speak, but the majority of folks don’t know what they are doing.

Added too is the fact that many of the so called ”gurus” are leading folks astray by offering them useless shiny objects that only serves the purpose of filling their own pockets, often leaving a wake of victims bemoaning their losses .

Thankfully there are still many ethical and honest marketers out there who lead with value and tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want to.

It is a great environment to be a part of, but you’ll need a good mentor. You’ll hear more about this as you read on.

To a greater than lesser extent, online marketing when not engaged in properly, has elements of hit and miss with more people often missing than actually hitting their target market, thus creating sales and revenue.

While marketing presents opportunities from which you can make an income whether offline or online, with the recent pandemic & ensuing restrictions which have been implemented, more and more people than ever before are now turning to the internet to make a living.

So once again we have a situation which like the chicken or egg first theory has persons often arguing which is the better option to pursue: Affiliate Marketing or Network Marketing. These are the two main choices.

Too often, it is obvious that while both are forms of marketing, unless you have some knowledge or specific training depending on which you select,  you are just going to be wasting time and money.

In any event a marketer whether he pursues network over affiliate marketing should remember that he or she is first a leader. Someone whom based on their knowledge is here to solve the problems of the niche to which they serve.

As a consequence that marketer should always lead with value regardless. I speak more about marketers and the role they play as leaders in another post you can read Here.

I’m here to ensure that doesn’t happen for those of you taking time to read this post, and willing to take me up on the offer I will present to you at the end of this article.

Network Marketing

I’m not going to spend too much time here but just to give you a quick breakdown and understanding of what this style of marketing entails. Network Marketing is widely called relationship marketing. does the chicken come first or the egg

Most seasoned or old school marketers going back to Amway days would often tell new members to make a list of about a hundred people they know. This list would consist mostly of family, friends or colleagues. And you would quickly run out of people to talk to if that list is just confined to the categories of peoples i just listed.

Network Marketing consists of you the member investing first in the opportunity by purchasing product on an ongoing basis month after month called an auto-ship. This purchase regimen would secure your membership within the organisation and often would be of a size to see you remaining what is called qualified. You not only had to be invested by purchasing product, but there was a quota to be met each month by affiliates or distributors.

The payment plan often was known as a binary. This meant that you had two teams or legs as they were often called. One for your right and the other your left leg.

In some organisations depending on where you were placed, those above you might be building down on one of your legs known as a power leg.

What this meant was that as the ones above you brought people in they would be placed under you, but were coded to the ones who sponsored them.

Depending on the type of compensation plan the company had however, you could still make commissions however small. So if one of your legs was indeed a power leg, then you would have to build the other leg by your own efforts.

The key to success in Network marketing is to have a simple, yet duplicatable system in place that your team can easily follow as they copy your lead.

How You Make The Money In Network Marketing 

To make a good income in network marketing rests on your ability to be a good relationship builder, identifying your prospects pain points, offering solutions, gaining leads, building trust and finally getting those leads into your business.

Once you are able to do this and you can get your team members to duplicate what you do. then before long you would have an army of distributors each making their own money.

Their combined volume of sales generated would also contribute to your income and especially where folks are committed to auto-ship then you would be enjoying residual income as well. Network Marketing though is hard. It takes a lot of work.

So essentially making money in a network marketing environment is based on your ability to field a team of distributors who copy what you do month in and month out thus creating income for you from a team perspective as well as that which the company also rewards you in the way of bonuses and on whom you personally bring into the business ( called fast start commissions).

But once you have the business model working as it should, you can go on to make vast sums of money. The way one should strive to become a success in any marketing business would be to concentrate on becoming a problem solver. Solve problems, while building trust with your prospects will net you sales in the end. Now for Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing & How Much Simpler It Is    

austin distel unsplash 1I have purposely saved affiliate marketing for last for a number of reasons. Do you remember that puzzle at the beginning? Which came first out of the chicken or the egg and it was deemed to be somewhat of an opinionated type of argument which had no right or wrong outcome?!

Well the same argument is often linked to these two forms of marketing styles. Some will argue network marketing is better. Others will say ”Heck No,” affiliate marketing is the way to go. Which group is correct? Both? Or I could say neither. My point is that it depends solely on you the individual in the mix. What is your preference?

That’s mostly all it boils down to. But here are the highlights of affiliate marketing.

  • No Overheads.
  • No Inventory.
  • No auto-ship.
  • No monthly investment.
  • No team building necessary.
  • No product fulfillment issues.
  • No support team necessary.

All the affiliate marketer does is select an offer he or she likes and proceeds to promote the hell out of it and as he or she gathers sales, they are paid a percentage of the sale called a commission much similar to the network marketer.

The difference however, is that the affiliate can move from product to product to promote as he likes and can promote several different products at a time, but the network marketer is more confined in his efforts.

I am just giving you an overview so you get the gist of what the differences or similarities are between network and affiliate marketing.

In one your income is team and volume based, while the other just rests on number of sales you can secure through promotion.

To be fair to the network marketer he too has:

  • no overheads.
  • no inventory.
  • no support team necessary
  • and no product fulfillment issues.

But he does have the others to contend with each month. If he cannot get people to join his business, he will soon find himself just building the company out of his pocket. The affiliate marketer doesn’t have this headache.

Conclusion – What I Do To Come Out On Top  

I mentioned earlier that I would share with you at the end a way for you to ensure you could have success by copying what I do. This might seem like a fairly arrogant boast on my end but it is condition based.

If you are not prepared to work hard, focus and be committed to the process you won’t get far.

This involves following a proven model and process fine tuned to ensure maximum results when followed carefully. I stand behind this program and the man responsible for it. I think once you get to learn what it is all about you will agree with me too.

Now truth be told I did leave out though not intentionally a very critical point. Any business which you will undertake will see you making some kind of investment.

Whether it’s time or money and most often both. This is not to be feared for how do you expect to make money without first investing some in yourself and your training.

Now having said that this is what I’m getting at. The reason why so many fail and then moan about how many hundreds or thousands of dollars they have lost chasing the online dream is because they never knew where to start, with what to start and a clear cut path to follow implementing as they go. What I’m sharing solves your problem.

All good things must have a start. I’m going to give you a lifeline here. Don’t abuse it by not using it. As you begin this journey to experience what you might only have seen before in theory, you will experience both the practical and success that comes with it. You can’t hit or miss with what I’m giving you here. You’ll succeed once you take action.

If you are ready, then >> Here It Is! 

You are on your way. Let me know what you thought of this post by way of comment and I expect to learn of your success in the days to come.

David S Jones






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