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INB.network is quickly becoming a household name as this incredible platform has created a way for regular people like you and me to make money using Cashback and Artificial Intelligence.

I want to introduce you to what is called the INB.network through this unbiased review and share with you how simply easy it is to create passive income generating cash back through the power of AI (artificial intelligence ).

As with all online programs do carry out your due diligence as results are often not typical and do vary. Also, note that while at the initial date of writing this review, there have since then been some notable changes affecting the program.



What exactly is The INB.Network?


The INb.network as it is called is actually a business model that allows its members to earn online.  The business model is about managing a large customer base.

This is done by engaging in agreements with online income projects.

  • The company earns a share of the income of the partner project for introducing a large customer base.
  • Our clients earn both through individual work at the partner platform and by new members’ invitation (MLM). There are a number of additional ways to earn including trading internal currency called NBO tokens.

You’ll learn more as I go into the review. This is essentially the marketing model being described here. What you might really want to know is how one actually earns?


How Do I Earn With INb.Network?


Before I take you into the zone of how you actually can make money through this network, let me first make you aware that there are two forces at work here. I myself in the beginning found it a tad perplexing to follow but it gets easier I promise.

What you have here on the one hand is the INb.network. On the other hand, you have the marketing arm called A.I. Marketing and this is fueled by Bot automation. Simply put robot technology otherwise known as Marketbots.

The principal source of the income comes from Cashback rewards. The network covers over some 20,000 companies and the market bots through artificial intelligence will seek to capture a large market share.

Through advertising, the bots will present persons to the best offers available with the strategy being the cashback rewards.

When sales are made, it doesn’t end there. The market share which the bots help you acquire in the first place are further lured by the availability of cashback incentives based on their purchases.


artificial intelligence


You determine the profits to be generated by first becoming a partner of the network and thereby can now fund your own robot to go out and advertise on your behalf.

This advertising whether for the many companies making up the network or even for your own personal company benefits you in the following way.

What we have is a numerous amount of companies but simply not enough customers to satisfy them all. So a means or strategy had to be devised to capture any and all elusive customer clientele.

There had to be a way to get new clients by being prepared to make their shopping experience one that gave more back to them so, in turn, the result would become the customer spending more. A happy tradeoff.

Aggregators as they are called will pay commissions for attracting customers. People call it Cashback. We use A.I to help them do just that and at the same time, we share in the rewards.

Depending on the website the cashback can vary from 1.5% to 15% for goods and from 15 to 60% for services. So through our automated system of market bots, we can connect you to the best variables.

Make no mistake about it. The war for customers has begun and one of the strategies being used for winning that war is Cashback. To get a better perspective read this.

Once you take the time to peruse the pdf I have given you access to in the link above all will be made clear and then you can choose to become a partner by contacting me for the link to register. It’s that simple.

You can also learn more by visiting the actual A.I. Marketing website, select your language of choice and immerse yourself in the future of commerce.


Easy Peezy To Make Money Using This System


So to recap, let me explain the concept in an easier format to understand.

There are four (4) participants at work in this equation. Aggregators, Buyers, Market Bots, and of course Investors (which is you and me). Now, this is the process.

A.I Marketing requires funds to run ads. These ads will court people all over the world using search engines like Google, Facebook, Yandex, and other internet platforms.

The ads will encourage persons to buy thus creating sales. When sales are made for the aggregators (companies), you as the investor funding the market bots are treated to a percentage of the sale called a cashback.

55% of the cashback is enjoyed by the investor whose money funded the market bot doing the research in getting the products and services before the buying public and 45% goes to the marketing arm of the network.


Don’t Overthink The Process: It Really Is That Easy To Make Money Here


So what we have here is a network platform to which people can register and join through a link provided by a colleague or friend. When you register, your details for logging into the network also cover your entry into the sister website.

That sister website is the marketing arm of the company called A.I.Marketing. Their Marketbots are employed to do the heavy lifting as it were to ensure your business is smooth and hassle-free.

The platform while it can appear to be an affiliate-based program moreso embodies a more network marketing styled approach. Affiliate marketing is more visible and conducted in this program here.


The Basics Explained: What you need to know.


All you have to do is as follows:-  Your inviter should have provided you a code which upon activation will fund your Marketbot with $50 to begin the process of advertising on your behalf to earn you sales and of course cashback.

So after you register to join the network, you will be in this area as shown in the diagram below. Feel free to peruse the various tabs to get a basic understanding of how this all works.

Your Login Area


After you are logged in this is what it looks like. To access the A.I.Marketing website you click as indicated by the arrow in the image below.


To access the links to invite your partners, from the image here above you will see in the menu a people icon with the words ”Invite”. Just click that tab and your links become available through a pop-up and you can then copy them.

inb.network invite links

The last slide I will share here with you is what the A.I.Marketing website looks like. It should be noted that you must first register with an inb.network link before going on to the ai marketing website.

In any event, you can access the ai marketing website from within your inb.network back office area. When you first access the ai marketing site, it will appear in Russian, but you can select your language as seen in the photo below.

a.i marketing website language selection

A Look At The A.I.Marketing Backoffice

I wanted to give you a peek at my a.i. marketing back office even though I have not been in here more than a couple days, so far it is everything as has been described.

I will share with photo and video so you get a clear sense of what it is all about.


In my video, I get to share a bit more with you via explanation but the key to really understanding the whole opportunity here lies in the pdf I shared with you which I make available Here once again.

Here is the video detailing the A.I.Marketing segment of this program.



Secondly, I think I ought to give you some insight into why the strategy being used to capture the market share is Cashback.


So What Exactly Is Cashback? 


Cashback is simply getting your money back after you’ve bought something. This is normally for online purchases but sometimes this is for in-store shopping as well.

To earn cashback, you click through the link on the cashback site and buy as normal. They track your purchase and pay you a percentage back.

The option to receive cashback is built into the checkout process when cardholders swipe or dip their card at an electronic cash register.

Today, receiving cashback is a common practice at grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies, and many other retail stores.

Cashback is a reward given to a consumer for making a purchase and spending money at a specific business. Then, businesses can set days and times to offer extra cashback offers, which is a higher percentage to get more new customers coming through the door at tactical times.


How INB.Network Brings It All Together Using A.I 


So what the inb.network does is that they bring together the different companies under one umbrella and give customers like us the opportunity to use artificial intelligence in sourcing the best cashback deals.

The market bots’ work is 2-fold in that they create the right advertising environment to get sales from which we then benefit on the cashback generated.

Of course, we also have skin in the game because it is our money funding the advertising that the market bot does, and the more we fund the bots, then the more advertising, more sales, and of course more cashback.


5 billion sales



I do hope that this review has served to sort of explain for the most part what is involved with the inb.network and the a.i marketing platform.

I am completely sold on this unique opportunity afforded to those who like myself have taken action to take part in this lucrative and solid business model. You won’t be disappointed.

There are more areas involved in the process in which earnings are to be derived but I have sought to give you the easiest to understand but I implore you to do some research for yourselves.

If you have enjoyed what you have been exposed to here in this post then I invite you to connect with me so I can have you join my team and then help you build your own organization as well.

You’ll not find a better opportunity to build a passive recurring income. Get started here today by following these steps.

You can book a call with me to have a chat about what you read here. And upon what decision is reached after the chat then you’ll receive the link to register afterward.

Thanks for reading.




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