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Many marketers and business owners using the Facebook platform have all been at one point or more, subject to the likes or dislikes of the Facebook algorithm.

In this post, I will share 7 incredible tips on how to have the Facebook Algorithm work in your favor.

I’ll also share some interesting facts about how this algorithm works. You might be wondering what the heck is the Facebook algorithm?

Well, it’s a process that allows the Facebook platform to match users with other users that are most likely to like, comment, share or buy each other’s products.

So, if you want to increase your likes, comments, and shares on your Facebook page, then you need to learn how to get the Facebook algorithm to work in your favor!

Usually, this form of use on the Facebook platform with regards to marketing follows the role of organic marketing for which you can read my article on that topic here.

Let’s get started!



What is The Facebook Algorithm?


To better understand how to use the social media platform known as Facebook, it may be useful to have some understanding of how the algorithm works.

So to begin, let us seek to understand what is the Facebook algorithm and its purpose?

It is a complex algorithm that was built to make sure you get the news feed content that will interest you the most.

The algorithm is updated daily based on the actions you perform while using the platform. It looks at what you share, comment on, and like.

If you want to understand more about how the Facebook algorithm works, just read on.

Let’s start with the basics. What is Facebook Algorithm? How does the Facebook algorithm work? How to beat the Facebook algorithm?

The Facebook algorithm has many aspects but it is all about your activities on the social network.

It is a constantly changing system that determines which content you see on your news feed. Content trends have also changed according to this report by BuzzSumo.


facebook algorithm


The algorithm is always looking for new ways to serve you relevant content, as well as content that may be interesting to you.

This means that your experience on Facebook can be very different from other users.

You may find that you are seeing less of your friends’ posts or that some of them aren’t even showing up in your news feed. The Facebook algorithm is complex and there are many factors involved.

However, this article is meant to bring you up to speed on practices you can carry out on Facebook that will place you in the algorithm’s favor. This I’ll share in 7 hacks or tips.

The bottom line is that we all seek to have better Facebook engagement and when we learn how to properly use the platform our engagement efforts will bear fruit.


Tip #1. The Post Frequency


The first thing you would want to do is to post regularly and of course, be consistent as well about it.

What happens to most of us is that we start off the race must like the hare in the hare and the tortoise story.

We show up for the activity and we start, but quickly become complacent and lazy, often falling behind.

Or we decide that we don’t need to put in the work in the way we were told that we ought to.

When it comes to posting regularly, I am not saying that you post say every two hours or that having more actual posts on any given day does the trick either. No.

That’s not what I am seeking to convey here at all. This is what I mean.

Don’t create a post today (even at the time now as you’re reading this), and then your next post is about 5 days later.

You have to be more regular than 5 days between posts.

People are often led to believe that because they are seeking to up their engagement that they need to be seen posting every few hours.

This is so wrong on so many levels and does nothing for your reach at all. In fact, the algorithm penalizes you.

After your initial post, each subsequent post will actually have less reach than its predecessor. So don’t perform more than one to two posts each day.

Doing this and doing so in this way, will train the algorithm that you are indeed an active Facebook user. Let’s dive into the second tip.


Tip #2. The Timing Of Your Post


You may have heard this famous line before. “Timing is everything.”

And it is a very true saying as the timing does have its place especially when it comes to the time of day you post your content as an FB user.

The best times for posting have nothing to do with your schedule but more so with when people are most likely to be on the platform.

You want to catch them when they are most likely to be on Facebook so they are shown or can see your content.

So what are the best posting times? There are many different views and here is one from Statusbrew you may want to check out.

It’s actually a very good analysis.

What I have found in my own theory from testing is that usually between 8.00 am to 9.00 am on mornings and for obvious reasons.

Persons having breakfast or about to start their day would often do a bit of browsing on Facebook or their preferred social media platform.

This is done to catch up on anything they might have missed from the day before.

They are sites that would not only give you the best posting times but will also tell you what reach you can expect on specific days and times.

Here’s an example:-

On average, the best time to post on Facebook is 9 A.M. for higher visibility as people are just starting with their work and tend to go online.

The peak traffic on Facebook is observed the highest in the early afternoon between 1 P.M. and 3 P.M. as folks turn to their lunch break.

Posting at 1 P.M. will get you the most shares, and publishing at 3 P.M. will give you the most clicks.

Source: (Click Here in case you missed the link above.)

If you do intend to step up in your posting as in the frequency of your posts, don’t do more than 1-2 per day and space them at least 6-12 hours apart.

In this way, you ought to be able to increase your reach satisfactorily. Up next tip numero 3.


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Tip #3. Engage Before You Post


My parents would often drill into my brain the golden rule. Do you know what it is? ”Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

And yes, it is a great rule to live by. So then, why wouldn’t you practice it when on Facebook?

Before you post each day, engage in the posts on your newsfeed for 15 to 20 minutes.

Whether you are loving, commenting, or sharing posts you find interesting, the bottom line is that you are engaging.

This tells the algorithm that you and those with whom you engage are active participants on their platform.

So what do you think happens as a result of doing that engaging which by the way actually warms up the Facebook algorithm?

It increases your chances, that many of your actively engaged friends that you just took the time to engage on their posts, will now be shown your posts in their newsfeed.

So we have come to the tipping point or halfway mark as I ought to call it. Tip #4.


Facebook Algorithm Does Not Like You Sending People Away…



facebook algorithm doesn't like users being directed away from the platform


Now I think I can correctly guess what’s going on in your mind right now and if I am wrong then more power to ya.

What’s this all about? How do you mean that Facebook doesn’t appreciate me sending people away from their platform? But I never do that. Do I?

You may not even be aware of it but over 75% of us do this and I’m willing to bet that we do it almost every single day.

Facebook loves company and this is in the form of the millions of people that use its platform daily.

People are always looking to be kept up to date and as such are always searching for information, wherever and whenever they can find it.

So the question you ought to be asking yourself right now is “how do I send persons away from Facebook’s platform?”


Tip #4. Do Not Use Links On Facebook. PERIOD!


Is it your intention, that is do you intend to love this man or this woman from this day forward forsaking all others till death do you part?

You’ll answer a resounding “I will.” or maybe you’ll say instead “I do.”

But yet those same vows, those same commitments that are made no matter how solemnly made them will be broken by an alarmingly high percentage of people.

Facebook has certain rules in place for the use of its platform. Posting links is one of them in case you haven’t noticed.

If you do use links in your posts then your content’s reach will be greatly reduced. Why? Because you are encroaching seriously on forbidden ground.

You do not send people away from Facebook’s platform. This is what you are doing when you provide links for people to click.

The Facebook algorithm doesn’t like that practice and so you are penalized.

There is some hope though.

The one place I do know of where you can actually place the written script and links included in the area behind your Facebook cover photo or banner.

Immediately after uploading your new cover photo, you can craft your script for your offer and you can use this area that is not in public view.

When someone clicks your banner then they are taken behind the scenes and will see your copy along with any links you chose to be included.

Now Facebook will usually create a post on your timeline of the newly uploaded banner so you decide whether you want it to remain.

It is best to hide it as this could potentially get you into trouble as this is a no-no for the Facebook algorithm.

If you must use links place them in the comments section of your post.


Tip #5. Never Ask For Engagement. Create Quality Posts


If you’re seen to be asking for engagement where you say things like “Comment Below” or you leave instructions like “Tag a Friend” then it’s not seen as authentic.

In other words, the algorithm eventually figures out that you are being sleazy and seeking specific promotion of your content.

What do you think happens next? Exactly! Your post reach is minimized. So avoid using terms that could be construed as bribing or asking for publicity.

If you must try using different phrases to encourage engagement. Frame your questions or content in such a way that folks will want to engage.

You could also just create quality content. Did you know that long-form posts actually command more shares than short-form?

Check out this article from Okdork on what content goes viral and why. Also content with as high as 1900 words and more does tend to get more attention.


facebook algorithm


Tip #6. Create Conversation Starters. Ask Questions


“How do you feel about that?” “What do you think?” “How did you come to that conclusion?” “Do you think…?” “What would make you happy?”

“If you had a chance, would you do this again?” “What do you think is the most important thing in life?

Facebook’s algorithm loves it when it detects that users are engaging in activities that keep them on the platform for a lengthy period of time.

When you post content that seeks to arouse or spark curiosity or debate, like a question that causes others to think and comment engagement occurs.

So a great practice that could easily boost your engagement which the Facebook algorithm would favor is to ask questions.

Facebook also loves lengthy comments and conversations, so including words like ‘How’ or ‘Why’ can be effective.

I will give an example of such a post so you can visibly get my point here.

When you ask questions you are tapping into people’s emotions and in most cases setting off emotional triggers.

Now for the final Tip of the day.


Tip #7.  Lead With Value


People love receiving free information! Offer them as much value as you can consistently, and they’ll keep coming back and engaging with your content.

Be bold with your price points (where and when applicable) and values, because you never know how valuable what you’re offering is.

Your customers will respond, and that will be a win for your business.

These 7 tips if implemented will see you and the Facebook algorithm having a long and fruitful relationship.


It’s Time To Put These Useful Tips Into Action 


So I have been sharing with you 7 tips that when implemented will not only boost your engagement but will also earn you favor with Facebook’s algorithm.

I also decided to go a bit further and over-deliver. I came across a video which also gave specific hacks to increase your engagement on Facebook.

As was mentioned in the video, Facebook has over 2 billion people and they all are on Facebook with the same goal. That is to get as much attention as possible.

So as a business owner or online marketer which my content is specially written for, you will need to stand out from the crowd to get the visibility you seek.

Put these tips into action and you’ll soon be amazed at the transformation that takes place on your profile.

With that being said, watch this video that will further establish some of the points made in my post as well as list a couple of definitions and more reasons why you need to pay attention.



I really hope that this article helps you better understand how the Facebook algorithm works and what you need to do to get the most out of your Facebook experience.

Feel free to share your thoughts and even experiences you might have had with the algorithm good or bad in the comments immediately after this post.

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