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When it comes to Facebook profile optimization, many are unaware of what an important step this is for their online business endeavors.

Good Facebook profile optimization not only includes proper branding practices but also limits what others are allowed to do or not do on your profile.

So one of the more important areas of concern that ensure you have the best results comes down to the way your settings are set.

I will share ten things that you must do for the best results when it comes to your Facebook profile settings.

This will be like a deep dive into Facebook profile optimization and do appreciate that when it comes to optimizing people will do so in a variety of ways.

By this, I mean that many will optimize the visual area of the Facebook profile which will be the type of cover photo used, the intro, and their offer.

But as you will soon see that there is so much more to the process of Facebook profile optimization.


Facebook Profile Optimization: Make Your Settings Public 


facebook profile optimization


Since Facebook is the platform chosen as your preferred place for attracting and gathering leads then your settings selected must be public.

If this is not done then how will you expect to be found?

People may find your profile but won’t be able to see what you are about or have to offer since your information is not public.

So make sure as you are fine-tuning your profile that its settings are tuned to public.

When you send out requests to people you’d like to connect with they in response to that request would first want to see you.

If your settings are set to private then you have made this virtually impossible. Not good for business.

Another practice I see which is done by some people is that they lock their profile and then send out friend requests. This is crazy.

When persons seek to respond first by looking to go through your profile they then realize they cannot because of your privatizing.

What do you think the result will be next? They will dismiss your friend request and move on and you don’t want that, do you?


Determine Who Is Allowed To Send You Friend Requests 


Since you will be looking to expose your brand and thus enlarge your following on Facebook then it would be a good idea to select “Everyone.”

This means you are not imposing restrictions on those who can send you friend requests.

Anyone in the newsfeed seeing your posts can then choose to friend you so they can interact even more with your content.


Who Can See My Future Posts 


This is also another step requiring that you have your Facebook profile optimization settings reflecting your audience as “everyone.”

When you think of it you are throwing out a large net into the sea of Facebook users. Your future posts will attract some of those users.

It is important for your organic marketing efforts that you make your bait which is your content easily accessible to all.


Should Everyone Be Able To See My Facebook Friend’s List


This step is a complete reversal of all we have been saying or alluding to from the getgo.

Rather than continuing to be public, this is one of those areas you may want to keep close to your heart.

Let me explain. You’re a marketer.

You’re one of over 2 billion Facebook users of which approximately 1.8 billion are active, who just happens to be your competition.

Some marketers will friend you only to go through your friend’s list and then actively engage your friends. Why? They are your competitors.

Keep your list private.

After all, after doing all that you could to build and nurture those leads of yours, are you now going to make them accessible to “everyone”?

Your friend’s list then ought to be set to “only me.” Some unethical people will actually go through your friend list adding everyone they see.

Isn’t that bad? You bet it is and here’s what it could lead to.

Those leads that you took so long to build and nurture could all be gone. What I mean is that though they are still on your friend’s list, they have all been stolen.


That’s All For Your Personal Friend Settings, But What About Your Timeline Settings?! 


When it comes to Facebook profile optimization your timeline plays a very important role in sharing your values and core vision.

This speaks to who you are as an individual and should not have any interference by parties other than yourself.

We shall look next at the practice of tagging and other timeline areas that need to be paid attention to.

This must be done to account for the best Facebook profile optimization settings possible, and also promote a great Facebook algorithm experience.


So Who is Allowed To Post On My Timeline? 


This timeline setting should be set to “only me” and here are the reasons why.

Only you will know what your core vision and ideals are.

And so you run the risk of something being advocated that you may not agree with by allowing folks to post on your timeline.

More often than not, those who post on your timeline will seek to push their motives and agendas.

Some will even seek to boost their businesses regardless of whether it is in alignment with what you believe or stand for.

Allowing others to post on your timeline should only be allowed for special occasions which you then can monitor the posts as well.

I have seen some people who turn off this setting at Birthdays just to allow their friends to leave them well wishes on their timeline.

But as soon as that day has passed, the settings are back to where they will do the best for your timeline. ”Only Me.”


Can Others Share My Posts? 


This is an exercise that will see your brand gaining some favorable ground as your content will be seen across Facebook when shared.

It also shares who resonates with what you are saying and most likely believe in you as well.

So for this timeline setting, you’d want to have it set to “On.”

With your content being shared it is possible for it to be picked up by people not even on your friend’s list but may become fans and even customers.


Who Can See The Posts You’re Tagged In On Your Timeline? 


By now you would have been exposed to several practices on the profiles of users that have been deleted or embraced and have led to Facebook Profile optimization.

One practice that you almost always have to be on the lookout for is tagging. People sometimes will tag you for obvious reasons.

But it is a practice that may see you being found in posts that do not resonate with your brand or moral compass.

So it is important to properly and carefully optimize your Facebook profile in a way that compliments both you and what message you want to send to the world as it relates to you the individual and the brand.

You can also determine who will see the posts you are tagged in and for good reason.

These tags can be removed however in the activity log within your Facebook account.

On your timeline page navigate to the area as seen in the photo. You will notice there are 3 dots which when clicked will form a drop-down menu.


facebook profile optimization


Here you will see a tab where you can either select your activity log or you can select the actual tagging settings.

What is the definition, look, or description of a good Facebook profile? 


The first thing you need to do in order to get the best results when it comes to Facebook profile optimization is to create a good Facebook profile.

This should be done by having a professional-looking cover photo with a clear and concise caption.

The photo should have a nice clean picture of yourself preferably smiling as you want to attract people rather than repel them.

There should also be a catchphrase that tells people what your brand is all about and how it is that you can help them.

So ideally, a problem should be mentioned as well as your ability to provide the solution through your offer.

Include any other information that will help you get more attention and likes on your Facebook page.

For example, you can include your website address, a link to your blog, or a link to a product you are promoting in your bio.

While I see some people doing this I do not generally support it. In fact, there is a better way.

When you first upload your new banner, after you have set it in place and you click to save it, then click the cover.

It will take you to a descriptive area of the said cover photo where you can create a post surrounding what’s mentioned on your cover.


facebook profileoptimization


What’s also good about this is that because this area is kind of behind the scenes so to speak, you can pretty much include links if you choose.

What you will need to remember however is that the same post will also appear on your timeline page.

So once it appears there on the timeline page, delete it so that Facebook doesn’t have reason to penalize you for posting content with links, etc in it.


Make sure your Facebook profile is easy to navigate 


facebook profile optimization


Make sure that the navigation menu on your Facebook page is easy to use. It should be simple and user-friendly.

Make sure you have the right number of photos on the page as well as the right amount of content.

You do not want people to come to your Facebook profile and be confused by all the clutter and confusion.

This rule may more be applicable to Facebook business or fan pages and not the customary Facebook profile page which has a set menu in place although that too seems to have some degree of flexibility about it as well.

in fact, you can determine what tabs you prefer to have on your Facebook profile menu and can change them at will as seen here in this photo.


facebook profile optimization


Pinned Post, Story, Offer & Call To Action 


Another practice of Facebook profile optimization that I have noticed in recent times is that of the pinned post on the timeline page.

Most users will place a story-like post of their journey, including their struggles and the hurdles they had to overcome to get to where they needed to be.

While it makes for great content as everyone loves a great story, it strategically sets up visitors to the page to be drawn in by the content.

Visitors can resonate with what is being shared and often then feel a connection. This serves to warm the visitors to yourself for what is to come down the pipeline.

Sometimes in the pinned post or in the comment section of that pinned post may be an offer or a link to an offer.

Strangely enough, links placed in the comment section of a post are more tolerated by Facebook than in the post itself.

The call to action is framed within the post sometimes as a question or directs users to a private group on Facebook for more information to be shared.

This, Facebook doesn’t mind as persons are not being directed off the platform. Also, if you are liking this article then why not check my other Facebook post on organic marketing?

See it here.




I hope this has served you well in becoming somewhat clearer about how Facebook operates and what it expects of its users.

There is a course that a good friend of mine has made available that has helped many optimize their Facebook profile professionally.

Additionally, they have been able to make generous commissions from referring to the program as well. Take a look if you’d like to see it for yourself.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you take the time to now go and set your profile up the way it was meant to be.

To your success. Thanks for reading my Facebook profile optimization post and as a treat here is a bonus video on the topic of Facebook profile optimization I hope you’ll love.


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