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The Home business academy is a stand-alone home-based internet marketing business that is unlike any other and boasts recurring income among its many features.

This will be my review of the program to give you what I see as the pros and cons of this amazing program, and product that is spearheaded by two veteran online marketers.

Mike Hobbs and Paul Hutchings are two Christian businessmen who were together back in the days of Empire Network with Dave Wood and have come together on this project with amazing results.

Theirs was a mission to change the marketing world as we know it as they had seen many companies change policies to the detriment of affiliates as well as comp plans changing when the owners felt like it.

So they came up with the perfect solution and that was to create their own masterpiece. The home business academy was the answer.



DISCLAIMER: The affiliate links you will come across in this article and particularly in this section, each represent a recommendation of mine for a product that you will need in your business. Should you make purchases through my links I will make a small commission. This will not in any way suggest or require that you will have to pay more for the item selected, but your kind gesture in buying through my link supports me and enables me to provide more content like this article you’re reading and future articles.   


What Is The Home Business Academy?


home business academy


The home business academy is an internet marketing and coaching program that is priced in a way that those new to online marketing can get their feet wet without great expense.

The home business academy review will highlight for you the main features of the program so that you can not only appreciate the value but make a rather informed decision about it.

The program offers as its two core products the HBA funnel builder which comes in at US$25 a month and the HBA Premium Training platform which is offered at US$125 monthly.

These two components of the home business academy are all that is needed to build a highly profitable internet home-based empire that could easily see persons scaling to 6 figures in record time.

There is also a high-ticket product known as the Financial Literacy Academy which is a one-time offer that comes highly recommended that you can see here.

Two other product offers that are essential to own are the Freedom Launchpad Course & the Ultimate E-mail Traffic Swipe which are upsold during your HBA Premium purchase.


Tools: The HBA Funnel Builder


The home business academy funnel builder is unlike any other page builder and the inexpensive cost to have this much value at your fingertips each month is incredible.


Here’s  A Sample Of What The Funnel Builder Can Do


home business academy

Besides this wide repertoire of features, the funnel builder’s pages are lightning-fast and this is a plus for any website looking to have good visitor interaction and experience.

Besides all the great things one can do with the funnel builder, mention must also be made of the bonuses that accompany this mega tool. The bonuses are as follows:-


Bonus #1:  Funnel Builder’s Academy

Bonus #2:  Live, Interactive Help, and Training!

Bonus #3:  Create UNLIMITED Pages Simply and Quickly With Our Massive Template Library!

Bonus #4:  Get Access to 80% Commissions!

Bonus #5:  Supportive 24/7 Community Access!


Funnel Builder’s Academy also includes LIVE Help and Training where you can ask questions about your projects, get your pages and funnels analyzed by our in house funnel experts.

With this live, interactive training… you can skip the testing and launch perfect pages and sites, no matter what you’re building online!


 Here’s A Sample Of The Areas Covered In The Premium Membership 


  • Exclusive affiliate rights so you can refer others to our products and earn $100 residuals and $400-$800 one-time commissions (representing a massive 80% payout)
  • Refer just 2 customers and be in positive cash flow ( in essence, making your business FREE)
  • Commissions are paid each Friday on a 7-day payout cycle so the money comes quickly when you make sales
  • 8 Video Social Media Module that teaches how to generate simple, free unlimited leads with Facebook.
  • New Personal Development Training Audio is updated each weekday to help you stay inspired, educated & motivated with lessons from top earners and community members. (incredibly helpful for stabilizing residual income).
  • Complete Audio Goldmine (over 1100 leadership & personal development audios that have already produced 6 and 7-figure earning home business entrepreneurs.
  • 15 Video Step by Step YouTube Ranking Course, so you can learn how to generate the best high-quality leads for your business online for free.
  • Live weekly interactive marketing coaching webinar so you can get all your questions answered with coaching from top earners.
  • 7 Video Lead Magnet Course that teaches how to craft a free giveaway that sets you apart from the crowd and helps you attract the best leads for your business.


Here’s What You Get In The Way Of Bonuses When You Join HBA Premium Today


  • Membership in our private members-only Facebook group where you can learn from & network with other serious home business owners. 
  • LinkedIn Recruiting Mastery with a six-figure earner where you can learn how to generate simple yet extremely high-quality leads for your business with LinkedIn.
  • Irresistible Invitations Module so you can learn how to invite people to look at your business in a way they are almost powerless to resist.
  • 12 Video Blogging Module so you can learn how to set up and run a blog that produces leads and effectively follows up so you can make more sales.
  • Facebook Video Ads Module with a 7-figure earner that teaches his formula for generating high-quality leads on Facebook with video.



Since it started, the home business academy reviews have been coming in like crazy as people the world over are enjoying this uniquely fresh approach to a digital business as this is.

There is one more product within the program that I do want to share. This may not apply to persons outside the USA as far as use goes but it can still be helpful as the strategies never die.

I am referring to what is called The Financial Literacy Academy. This is a more high-ticket offering in the way of product but also has a payment plan in place.

This Course is what teaches individuals about focusing on principles of financial literacy vs. material aspects of wealth so people learn and apply the right message and build lives of true financial freedom.

I also want to add here that as with any other product purchase, the home business academy offers a great refund policy, not that you’ll likely ever need to use it.


The HBA Affiliate Program & You


home business academy


One of the main things that Mike Hobbs and Paul Hutchings set out to do with the home business academy was to be different and life-impacting for its community of individuals.

This would be accomplished not only by the stand-alone value-based products being provided but most importantly giving you the members the opportunity to experience freedom on a scale you never imagined.

This is done through their affiliate program with commissions set at a whopping 80% payout rate. With most affiliate programs you would be experiencing the reverse.

You as affiliates would expect 20 – 30% commissions and the company keeps the lion’s share of the spoils.

But not so with this company. 80% is what it is and with the structure that’s in place and the retention rate what it is you can go on to earn those commissions passively each and every month.

I would mention here that Mike Hobbs does not believe in recommending anything that he does not use and so to promote any product within the home business academy and be paid commissions on it, you have to own it.

And this makes sense as to how else can you properly promote a product you don’t own or even use for that matter?

I want to share this Free training video done by Mike that outlines how you could even generate $3K a month in 90 days or less. This gives you an idea of the value of this academy.


What Do You Get In HBA & The Program Costs


In this video, you’ll get to see a breakdown of what you’ll be receiving when you become an HBA member.


A Recap Of The Products, My Recommendation & Getting You Started


I will go through a recap of the products of the home business academy together with the price points and should you like what you have been treated to so far then I’ll show you how to get started.

I have been online now for 7 going 8 years and I first came across both Mike and Paul on or about 2015 / 2016. I have always been impressed with them and their approach to their craft.

It is no surprise to me that they came up with this incredible program before you today.

There are 3 main products in the lineup. Click each link below to see an overview of what’s inside for you.


  1. The HBA Funnel Builder.
  2. The Home Business Academy Premium.
  3. The Financial Literary Academy.


When it comes to starting a digital home-based business there are a number of tools that you will require to get off the ground and running, some free while others you’ll have to purchase.

The advantage of having the HBA Funnel builder in your arsenal of tools is that it saves you time and resources as it is an all-in-one business.

All you’ll need would be to add a Free autoresponder ( here is one option ) to start things going or you can even experience a 30-day free trial from my friends at GetResponse.

The two most widely used and as such recommended are Aweber and Getresponse.

You’ll also need a domain name so you create a brand for your business, but other than that pretty much everything else is already included with the funnel builder.

The Premium version of the Home Business Academy primarily deals with traffic and lead generation but also the training on how to connect the dots to get you successfully from points A  to B is what is needed.


HBA Founders Mike Hobbs & Paul Hutchings


So altogether, there is no way that with this program that anyone should fail to get the results they seek.

Everything necessary for your success has been added to the package.

I highly recommend Home Business Academy for anyone looking to start an online home business which gives them the tools and the training for success by some of the best in the marketing industry.

The last item I will mention here is the HBA community.

There are so many wonderful things to be said about the HBA community and those who have designed that theirs will be a life of freedom. Let’s watch some of them now.


HBA Freedom Crusaders Member Experiences (720p) from Michael Turner on Vimeo.

This is where you can rest assured that when it comes to your future and making the right choices that benefit you, the community is there and has your back.

Imagine having a lifeline of tons and tons of entrepreneurs just like you that you can connect with, call on for help, and get business and funnel advice from.

This is what Mike Hobbs and Paul Hutchings have sought to build and they have done an incredible job.

I can’t recommend this program enough and although I could say a whole lot more, I’d rather you come onboard and see for yourself.

When compared to what is considered the #1 funnel build out there in ClickFunnels, what the team has created here with the HBA funnel builder is just as good as or better than ClickFunnels.

For certain you can’t beat the cost or the value alongside the many features that it has and these are all for the fantabulous price of a mere US$25 monthly.

Can it really get any better than this for the home business academy program? This is tops in my book.


Now it’s time for you to get started. If you are a business owner you are going to need the HBA Funnel builder for sure. If ClickFunnels impresses you, then the HBA Funnel builder will completely blow you away.

You will need the HBA Premium as this is the traffic and lead generation section as well as the premium training area of the program by 6 & 7-figure earners who help you connect the dots in your business.

Besides the comparative ease of getting set up, you will have me working with you helping and guiding you towards your first sale and beyond. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Just in case you are wondering and I’m throwing this nugget in here to give you an idea of just what you have here in your hands when you sign up below.

We live in a highly digital age and more and if the pandemic has taught us anything, is that more and more businesses are not only moving to digital platforms, but more and more people are too.

People working remotely from home and starting home businesses are growing fast. So here’s the nugget.

As more and more gym owners, realtors, lawyers, doctors, stay at home moms move to the internet to set up their online business ventures, wouldn’t they need a tool like this?

Wouldn’t they need an outstanding tool that could build amazingly fast capture pages, lead magnet pages, and complete websites for them to build thriving businesses?

And wouldn’t they also need to have 24/7 support as well as a community rallying around them who wants to see them succeed?

What about training that covers every aspect of their future online journey including but not limited to the freedom that having financial literacy could bring?

Well, it’s all here. The home business academy is all you’ll ever need.

Just CLICK the button below to see and experience it for yourself.


home business academy


This has been my home business academy review and I do hope you not only got value but were able to see that this is the simplest program you could ever want to reach your desired online success.

ps. Want to see a special funnel I created using The HBA Funnel Builder? As you go through it, you’ll also see another incredible offer. CLICK HERE.



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