How to start a blog in 7 easy steps will give you a fairly detailed overview of what’s involved when you are now starting your blog from scratch and what you ought to include right out the gate. Read on to learn what you need to focus on as you roll out your new blog.

How To Start A Blog In 7 Easy Steps

More and more people are discovering the Internet and its possibilities for developing an online business. What is even more amazing is that the numbers are rising daily and this has been due and made even more necessary because of the recent pandemic outbreak and with it massive job losses and businesses closing.

With the sudden interest in pursuing an internet business and dreams of immeasurable income, it has become necessary in my estimation to teach people how to start a blog in 7 easy steps as blogging is in reality one of the best, sure ways of not only creating that next income stream, but also establishing one’s voice in cyber space.

In this article, you will learn what I consider to be the key components needed to get your blog off the ground and running, but also consider that as your blog takes shape, more items contributing to your blog’s overall success must be added.

Step.1 – Choosing Your Blog’s Niche

how to start a blog in 7 easy stepsSo you have decided you want to start a blog. The first step you ought to consider is what your blog’s niche will be about. Since the niche will give you some direction as to what type of content will eventually populate your blog, think long and hard about this step.

As you consider what your niche will be, it might be of some value to choose something you are already passionate about. In this way you will have the frame of mind to stick with your choice of niche and be more faithful to developing your craft as it is already something you love.


”Do what you love and love what you do.” 


Once you go about the start of your blog in this way, it will serve you better in the long run as you’ll always have something to write about. Your blog will always be fresh. So let’s move on to the next step as I’ve a bit to cover.

Step.2 – What Is Your Blog’s Goal?

Having selected a niche you’re comfortable with and hopefully passionate about, now presents an opportunity to carefully consider the goal of your blog. This is paramount if you’re going to learn how to start a blog in 7 easy steps.

Now no need to get all freaked out here. You’ve already set the foundation for this in step 1.

Your blog’s goal will be directed by your choice of niche. Allow me to explain. If your niche in step.1 was say “Dating,” then your blog’s goal would be to create & supply content that teaches people about all that dating to start a blog in 7 detailed easy steps

The ups and downs of dating, dating in the 21st century, dating challenges for straight couples, for gay couples….types of clothing that should be worn on first dates, what boundaries can or should a couple cross when dating etc. You get the point.

As you can see I came up with quite a number of content ideas to begin with. So you need to know what your blog’s goal will be and stick to that goal. This means that your blog will become the authority for the specific niche chosen.

So next we look at selecting a domain for your blog.

Step.3- Picking A Domain Name for Your Blog

Now I want you to think carefully here. Don’t get me wrong and this is not my attempt to startle you. I said to think carefully as what you choose for your domain name in this step is going to be of great importance.  When you select a domain name for your blog always go for your own real name. Do you need me to repeat that?

Why Should You Opt To Choose Your Own Name For Your Domain?

Your blog is your voice on the Internet. Your blog is a collection of your ideas. Your blog is your private central hub of all activity and which should always promote you and not your company or your products for that matter.

You are the voice. If you selected a name for your domain which did not give direction to you as the owner of the blog, or the chief cook & bottle washer, then you are making a big to start a blog in 7 easy steps

How will people find you? Should the company go bankrupt, what do you do then? With your name as the domain name you are branding yourself as the authority. After all it’s your voice to be heard.  In this way you can still be  found standing even though everything else may fall.

In my case of my blog here, my domain was presented a challenge upon selection of one with my name. In the end I had to settle for  My name is still very much present but also I get to rank for another keyword as in marketing. When everything around you crumbles, your name should be among those left standing.

Step.4 – Choosing Web Hosting

So you have the niche, the direction your blog will take, and the domain. Next you’ll need the Hosting. Hosting provides your blog with a shelter or a home while on the Internet.

Now there are several options or considerations when selecting a hosting company or package. While the tendency is to look for some free offer, no reasonable degree of expense ought to be spared when looking of hosting.

Here are two of my choices for hosting.

1. D9 Hosting

2. BlueHost 

I should add that D9 Hosting also allows you to get a domain name on the platform as well.


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Step.5 – Installing WordPress

Installation of WordPress is a very easy process.  It can be done through your c-panel platform and is usually just a one click process. Yes it is that easy. WordPress is the platform on which your website is built and takes shape.

Step.6 – Pick A Cool Theme

Now while picking a cool theme is all that’s going on in this step…don’t forget we are building out a blog here and it has to look appealing to the eyes. So pick a theme you can easily navigate and one that complements your blog. When you come to think of it the steps on how to start a blog are incredibly easy.

Step.7 – Create Content For Your Blog

how to start a blog in 7 easy stepsYou’re moments away from going into your man cave and coming up with rich and exciting content. You will not get bogged down here , neither will you get stuck. You have more than enough ideas to get started.

As I think on this, I remember my personal experience when it came to starting my own blog. But it had been easy for me because I had an unseen advantage.

I had a mentor with me all along helping me to literally build my business from scratch. This is exactly where I started. Building out my blog as I’ve described for you right here.

If you fancy getting a boost as it were and some much-needed guidance and inspiration on building your blog from scratch and subsequently building your business, then I’d like to invite you to utilize the same mentorship program that has given me such outstanding results thus far. CLICK HERE to see what I’m referring to.

Bonus Step. Encourage Guest Blog Posts For Your Blog 

One of the best ways to quickly grow and scale your blog is to invite guest bloggers to contribute to your blog and as they do this which puts their blog to your readers, what’s nice is when you in turn get to do the same thing by creating a post for their readers.

This will certainly increase your native blog traffic over time and this is what you are ultimately looking to achieve. Also, consider the role a blog plays in effectively marketing online.


So I’ve taken you through how to start a blog in 7 easy steps and if followed you can expect to enjoy a successful outing and a highly profitable blog for years to come.

So take me up on my offer and instead of guessing your way through this despite having my content here to go by, why not have my mentor take you by the hand and help you also build your business from scratch beginning with your blog. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Watch the webinar I’m going to share now and then get started. You won’t regret making this decision. But you’ve got to hurry! CLICK HERE NOW! Thank me later.

David S Jones






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