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Since a business can be formed around providing a solution to a problem in exchange for payment, then starting an online business does not have to be as hard as some would make it appear.


So let’s look at some examples.


Since the question speaks to how to start a n online business, then it means that your business must have a digital presence, or at best, exist in an online environment.


For that to happen, you would need to have a website, hosting for that website, a domain name which is what you’ll call your business (what you will be known as), and a product or service.


But when you look at the featured photo, it mentions starting a business without money, an email list, or even a website. So which is it?


Well, there are two options or ways you could create an online business but it depends also on what you are hoping to achieve for yourself.


Based on what I have said so far, many try to find already established ventures that they can easily hop on or hop off as they choose since people will always look for the easy way out.


Since DFY or Done For You is an option many tend to seek right out the gate, the easiest form of online business to start would be that of affiliate marketing.


But it is not as easy as it may seem. At least not for everyone and not in the way that one would expect.


DISCLAIMER: This article will contain what is known as affiliate links. These links promote offers and should you click on them and proceed to purchase the offer they lead to, then I receive a small commission for which I am truly thankful. This is of course at no extra expense to you, so I thank you in advance for your support.


So let’s dive in.



What Is An Online Business & Who Is It For?


online business just requires a laptop and internet connection


As the term suggests any business that is not brick and mortar, which are those that have an existing, physical, tangible, presence but that exists in a digital format or online.


That is a digital or online business. Quite similar to a point like that of your day-to-day businesses like Starbucks or Mcdonald’s, but existing in a digital reality most times.


This type of business is for anyone who is not afraid to go after their dreams, is committed to their success, and welcomes the opportunity for personal development and success.


They may require the same amount of work you’d put into a brick and mortar business, but there are many perks and advantages and this is why more and more people are going after them.


If you wanted to start say an e-commerce business, you might want to take a look at this article here from Hubspot


There are many ideas and options before you. Just take your time and decide which one best suits your purpose and go from there.


I have interspersed articles throughout my post here like this one for further reading so you can have even more access to relevant information in this field.


How Does One Go About Starting A Business Online?


If this is where you are at currently then I do empathize with you. All types of online business ideas swirl around in your head and not all seem to make any sense at this point.


But that’s normal and despite feeling a bit of overwhelm, online business ideas will come and great ones at that. You must be patient and trust the process.


How to start a business online has been thrust into the spotlight due to the upheaval caused by the pandemic where to everyone’s horror, more and more brick and mortar businesses have been closing at an alarming rate.


Make no mistake about it, the digital era is here and we have to stake our claim or be left behind.


Starting is not the easiest thing to do for all sorts of reasons, some we may get to explore. But it is very doable and I will direct you how in this post.


The key factor is that you must first have the right mindset when brokering this exercise.


For now, though let’s look at some ideas, shall we?


Let’s Contemplate Some Ideas To Start Our Online Business Rolling


When it comes to starting with a business, I want you to think about these two things. Problems and Solutions. Most people searching the internet do so to get answers.


They are seeking answers to problems they are encountering and the solutions are what they are willing to pay for.


So this is why you would find places like Fiverr and Upwork being the go-to places for people seeking to make their services available to find online business.


Did you know that gigs as simple as side hustles could potentially turn into a six-figure business if given the right approach and mindset to get it up and rolling?


So one of the ways you could go about your online gig is to consider a niche that you might know to have persons with problems they want to be solved and offer the solutions through your services.


One of the easiest gigs that I’m aware of that one can do is that of graphics design. And you don’t have to be a graphic designer to score with this idea.


With programs like CANVA, or even FOTOR, you could provide quite a lot of services for busy business owners who would require your services but you have to get the word out of course.


Let me give you some examples here. Here is the FaceBook group cover photo for my friend Aziz Issa’s group which he asked me to create for him and give him my fee.


facebook group cover photo


Some designers would charge between US$50 and up for work like this. Here is one more that I created for myself.


another example of a facebook group cover photo you can make and offer for sale to potential group admins who might require such services


Thumbnails for YouTube videos as well as posts for social media platforms are also areas that you freelance to get potential online business coming in.


Background remover tools are also in great demand but one site I think that ought to be checked out is found at Fotor.  This site is becoming very popular for its photo editing software and is already being given props by the following brands as featured below.


brands using fotor


But here’s what their background remover tool is capable of as seen below. This is what has tongues wagging.


fotor background remover


With the examples given above and other similar ideas like them, there is no end to what you could do online in the way of business with the many services you can provide as a freelancer.


I do have an article that gives more insights called Side Hustles For 2022 that is worth a read if you want to go deeper into this type of topic and business area.


But what about a solid online business that you could potentially turn into a mega 6-figure empire? You could even be creating your own products in time but could get started now.


And you wouldn’t have to have an e-mail list, a website, or even money to start. I know you have heard it said many a time. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. Well, it’s true.


What is also very exciting about this other information that I will share with you is simply that everything that you would ever need or could ever need to start a business online is laid out for you.


You don’t have to guess or anything like that. But to have a better grasp of what I am talking about will see you having to read this special book I’ll make available to you.


The book is actually free, but you’ll have to cover the shipping and handling which is less than $8.dollars.


So technically what I am going to share with you through this book is how to start a digital business for free as you get the information the book has to offer and free training you don’t pay for.


How cool is that?!


Tools You’ll Need To Get Your Online Or Digital Business Off The Ground At Little To No Cost


tools for your online business like smartphone, laptop


Everyone starting out with a business whether it’s online or offline will want to look at startup costs. One of the perks however of starting your business online is that of little to no costs.


But you must have started with a plan and have done your research. Remember, if you fail to plan you are most certainly planning to fail.


So what do these tools look like that you’ll likely need or can acquire at little to no cost? Well, that much depends on the niche or business you’ll be pursuing.


Because your venture is going to be online, then let’s consider some options. If you are going to be doing affiliate marketing, then you may want to consider the following:-


  • Canva – For creating and posting images online to your social media. Free plan available.
  • Fotor For photo editing, image background remover and so much more. Free Plan available.
  • GetResponse – With this tool, you can collect names and emails of any potential clients and can have a trial run for 30 days or be on their free plan, but of course with some limitations.
  • Aweber –  Somewhat similar to GetResponser, also with a free plan. Email autoresponder.
  • YouTube – Share your knowledge and offers (Free) All you need is a G-mail account.
  • ScreenCast-O-Matic –  Video creation software and editor. Free plan available. You can’t shoot videos past 15 minutes, however. 
  • Social Media – Most if not all these platforms are free. With an already social following in place, you should be able to experience some success here.
  • Affiliate Platforms – ClickBank and any other affiliate market places for this type of business model are ideal as you just create a free account and do your research to find a product you are keen to promote.
  • Systeme – This is a software tool that covers a number of tools including their funnel builder and this also carries a free plan. It is however wise to note that free just gives you the ability to create your dream faster if you have no money, but ultimately, you should go for the gold and look to upgrade as things begin to take shape for you and your business. 


So as you can see from the above options, you can get the ball rolling without the headaches of needing a huge payroll upfront to start making money online.


In fact, one of the tools mentioned above will give you access to a lead page builder, funnel builder, auto-responder, course creator, and a marketplace to sell your products all in one location. And it’s FREE. Systeme is here.


So what’s stopping you? Most times we are the ones stopping ourselves because of notions like we will fail or we have never done this before and can we actually succeed?


There are two ways to look at this. What if you do succeed? What if it is not as hard as you think? How would you even know if you don’t at least try?


So suck it up and go get what’s intended for you. Don’t stop, quit or even look back until you’ve reached the top.


How Is A Book Going To Teach Me All About Building A Digital Business?


I know right. You must be thinking has this guy gone loco or what? I can assure you that I’m fully sane. You see the concept is born in giving stuff away for free.


Strange as it may seem, even though you are giving something away, you potentially can make so much more than if you just tried selling everything from the getgo.


I would welcome you to take a look at what essentially is required to have a successful business. In that article, I stress the need for 4 areas of focus to be engaged if you would become a success.


But incidentally, reading the book will give you the perspective you need and the mindset required for success in a truly unbiased way that will shock and please you at the same time.


This is because you would have finally been taught what you will need to start a successful business online from scratch and how you can do so without money, an email list, or a website.


But you’ll also appreciate that to grow an empire and build a lasting legacy, you will need to understand the entire blueprint and as a result, will come to accept and appreciate all the moving parts.



The Question Now Is What Is It That You Want To Accomplish?


So we have been looking at ways of creating a successful digital business or a business online and how it can be done from scratch with little to no resources.


We have also looked at the idea of while you could start a business on the internet without the website or email list etc., still knowing all the moving parts required is still a must.


This is so because you may not always want to be someone’s affiliate but rather be your own product creator. 2022 can be your year to shine.


All you have to do is to believe in yourself and your ability and as you absorb the necessary information into your brain, make it your own, take massive action, and enjoy your results.


So the question then is “what do you want in life” or “what do you purposefully want to achieve for yourself?” 


Only you know the answer, but you can get the blueprint here and the training to take you from zero to hero. The choice is yours. Get the book now!


Conclusion & Last Thoughts


So as you can see there are cool hassle-free ways to establish a successful business online and get paid to do what you love and provide quality solutions in your offers and services.


Of course, while I have shared a couple of places where you can thrive online as a freelancer, many opt to build their business online around the affiliate marketing model.


online business only requires an internet connection and a laptop


In doing so, they go on to create 6 & 7-figure businesses and create a great impact on the industry. These entrepreneurs have come to realize that they want it all. The whole 9 yards.


And so for them, it is not enough to simply be content with just promoting another’s products. They create their own products and build their own community of fans and like-minded individuals.


Why not be one of them today? It is not a hard task. In fact, I am going to make you an offer I wouldn’t normally do at this time, but I sense that you are an action taker and are ready to take that next big step.


Ordinarily, you’d have to qualify to be in this unique circle I want to invite you to, but I am going to give you the chance to at least see what I’m all excited about and then you decide.


Sounds fair? See the presentation here and all that goes with it. Prepare to be AMAZED!


Bonus Video On Starting  A Business in 2022 From Nothing


This is a video from the Silicon Valley Girl’s channel that you may find interesting. This is Marina Mogilko.


Thanks for reading my article. I hope you found value here as you learned how to start an online business in 2022.




How to Make Money Online As a Complete Beginner with No Experience

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