Internet profits program is in every way just as it is described. It utilizes the internet to achieve profits through a detailed and accelerated process of training and education.

The results speak for themselves as the creator of the program Dean Holland is a virtual product of the product. The program is a uniquely devised project aimed at helping affiliate marketers excel in the field of affiliate marketing.

Holland, a Two-Time Two Comma Club award winner, a distinction received after successfully generating commissions in excess of over two million dollars promoting ClickFunnels products, went on to create his unique brand Internet Profits.


internet profits


In his program, Dean Holland guides members through how to use the internet to leverage high ticket sales of digital products using a unique approach through a highly sophisticated sales funnel.

Welcome to my Internet Profits Review.



Internet Profits Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Course
  • Product Price: $1,997 one time
  • Product Owner: Dean Holland
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30-days
  • Dedicated Facebook groups: (2) 
  • Recommended?: Yes


The mission of IP is to provide the training, tools, and support to allow everyday men and women to achieve their vision of success in life with an internet-based business.

In the program, step-by-step training lessons are used where he shows how to choose a niche, build a website and a sales funnel, get traffic, and make money.

It doesn’t get any easier or better than this by providing training, tools, coaching, and consulting.


So Just Who Is Dean Holland Anyway?


Dean Holland’s story is in some regards quite similar to what a lot of persons new to the online marketing industry go through and I think it is necessary to know his backstory.

The reason I have placed such an emphasis on knowing Dean’s humble beginnings is to give you the reader the understanding that he is the real deal.

I wanted to share another video but I was only able to get my hands on this one. While it does do justice to what I wanted you to know about Dean and his rise to success, it also shows that with the right guidance we can all make it.

This is Dean’s story.



IP Program: The Inside Story On How It Works


DISCLAIMER: Interpersed throughout this review will be links to product  offers for which if you decide to click and purchase I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you whatsoever. These links are connected to offers within the internet profits partners affiliate program. Thanks in advance for your support.

This program is not for everyone and so is an invitation-only program. In this way, you know exactly what you are getting into.

This means that while you can get access through the front-end offers, to get into the main event as it were, one has to qualify to see if you are a fit.

But first, you would have had to have registered or opted in to receive one of the free book giveaways.

Having registered to receive one of Dean’s books free of cost, with you the customer, just paying to cover shipping and handling, one is offered in the follow-up emails a chance to join internet profits.

What follows is a type of pre-qualifier exercise with the new intended customer going through a questionnaire before being emailed to let them know if they had qualified to become part of the program’s newest group members.

A specially scheduled one on one coaching call follows at a time set by the prospective member and this call further determines whether the intended member is indeed a good fit for being included.

Once accepted then the new member just has to arrange payment at a time of their earliest convenience and they are then in and introduced to the members’ area.

Once in, a member now has to go through a further qualifying exercise to become a certified partner.

Becoming a certified partner of the program allows the member to use products created by Dean Holland to promote exclusively, making high ticket commissions in the process as high as $1,000. per sale.


“I Founded My Company, Internet Profits™ In 2010  As A Training, Coaching And Education Company,  To Help Everyday People Start And Grow Profitable Businesses Online”


Detailed Training Modules For Certification & Acceleration


Continuing where I left off in the previous section, I would have mentioned that after being granted access, an Internet Profits partner now has to undergo further training before being allowed full unconditional access.

This training takes the format of video training, where the user is fed the content module after module with a short quiz at the end of each module to determine grasp of the topic discussed.

When a user reaches the end of a video lesson, he marks the specific lesson as completed before being allowed to access the next lesson.

The modular video training actually covers in some regards an overview of what is later discussed in the Step 1 training so as to whet the appetite of the new partners to be and to set the mindset required for success.

Once you have completed the foundational training in those beginner 8 modules, then you enter Phase one of the program or the Quick Start blueprint phase.

This is the action stage as mostly you’ll be guided on the action steps to take and in some cases depending on how you may want your business to go, some decisions will have to be made by you yourself.

The goal of internet profits is to help members build highly profitable online businesses in the fastest, humanly way possible while taking them by the hand with step-by-step training, physical assistance when needed, and mentoring.


Congrats, You Are Now A Fully Certified Partner


Once the partner goes through the first seven modules of training, he then has one more module to complete which is the Graduation module or module #8 and one final overall quiz.

The quizzes while being what I call fun quizzes do not in any way diminish the importance of the subject matter in any way.

But it does make for greater appreciation of the concepts to be grasped and for determined effort in being consistent and not distracted from the task at hand.

Once completing the graduation phase, then the real show begins. Members are then introduced to what is called STEP.#1 of the Internet Profits program.


internet profits


This is where the training is now focused on what is required of one to build an online business with regards to the tools necessary and various onboarding steps to be implemented.

I should add that at graduation or the official entry into becoming a fully certified profits partner, you are reminded of your achievement by way of a certificate that you download.

This certificate features your name and is signed by Dean Holland himself.


Dean Holland’s Most Eye-Opening Book On Affiliate Marketing


When it comes to affiliate marketing, no one knows his stuff better than Dean Holland. So far Dean has two books in print with one featured below called, ” The Iceberg Effect” and the other, ” The Affiliate Marketer’s Playbook.”

But the book that really spilled the beans on all things affiliate marketing has been The Iceberg Effect. This book has been getting rave reviews all over the online industry and you’ll soon see why.



dean holland the iceberg effectDean Holland has pulled out all the stops and is pulling no punches in his critically acclaimed book the “Iceberg Effect.”

This book is chocked full of valuable information designed to help affiliate marketers begin to see results in their respective online endeavors.

It is not my intention to seek to convince you to get your hands on this book as I am sure that by now you can see that Dean Holland knows what he’s doing.

If you are tired of being on the losing end buying course after course and not seeing results, then I will give you access to this valuable resource.

So while I am reminded that this is actually a review post I am here writing, I so much believe in this program, that I can’t help but talk about it and I want you to experience what I am as well.

Grab The Iceberg Effect here. You won’t regret it. 

This is what Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels had to say about Dean’s book.


“I recommend you read this book thoroughly right away, more than once even”


You can make Insane Profits All The Way With This Program


The blueprint for the training that one goes through with the internet profits accelerator program follows the same blueprint as outlined in his book the Affiliate Marketers Playbook.

It follows the mechanism behind the 4 core areas of focus that must be present if one is to have and enjoy a fully thriving and highly profitable online business.

Internet Profits is in my opinion the best program online that will help its members achieve their online success goals and go on to retire their day jobs and certainly become millionaires in the process.

Of course, this success is only possible if you are willing to stay laser-focused, not allowing any distractions whatsoever. In Dean’s program, nothing is held back.

In fact, let me share a training Dean did that is what I would call the springboard from which the idea of his flagship program was born.

The training, “How To Leverage A Proven, Profitable Business Model And Make $2,500 Commissions Per Sale” is really eye-opening. Watch the training up next. It is here that you’ll hear about the Iceberg Effect.



My Unbiased Review & Recommendation


internet profits certified partnerI first came online back in January 2014. That was seven (7) years ago. I did not lose money as a number of those venturing online have, but right out the gate I started making money.

What I came to realize however is that while I was making money, I was not as consistent as I had wanted to be in making a steady growing income.

Fast forward to 2021 and many programs, courses, and shiny objects later, I discovered the IP Certified Partners program.

After listening to a friend of mine and getting a different book also offered by Dean, I saw the value immediately.

I then literally jumped at the idea of being in this program.

This was hands down the best training I have ever encountered online and I wanted to finally enjoy ongoing success in my business.

Because I have had a few years of experience and have been making money since 2014 online, I know a solid, great program when it’s in front of me. I kid you not.

In fact, I am going to share the same book that got me into this program. Dean’s book offers are real in that you are sent a physical book.

He also over-delivers like crazy with the follow-up emails he sends out after you get the book and there are also video training links within the book itself.


internet profits

Dean Holland

Dean Holland.

Talk about over delivery.

Don’t procrastinate. You won’t find a better offer online. IP is a high ticket offer.

While on the subject of High Ticket offers, it should be noted that when approaching any program or purchase that you may see can offer the knowledge you seek that you regard it as an investment and not a cost.


Right away if you are seeing the “cost” and not recognizing that it is actually an investment” on your end towards your future success, then you are in the wrong place.

Your mindset needs to undergo an adjustment. 

I make reference to the training video I shared above in which the  or Ipro as it was called was relatively new and so the cost to acquire it at that time was less than USD$600.00

It is a lot more $$ today, but worth every penny and more.  It is my recommendation that you get into this program if indeed you truly want to and hope to succeed in your online business.




I have deliberately omitted some information about the program simply because I do not want to spoil it for you should you decide you have had enough losses and now want to have success partnering with Dean.

Just getting your hands on any one of the FREE Book Offers I have given you access to will open you up to the type of person Dean Holland is, simply by the value he gives and he over-delivers giving you far more.

Get the book and you’ll see what I am incessantly going on about. Click the banner below.


free offer


This is a legitimate program and a highly successful one at that. While it may carry a high ticket cost ($1997.), the value is immense in what it can achieve for each participant.

And you are taught how to then promote this product among many others to earn commissions as high as $1000. per sale.

If you want to truly gauge what this program can do for you, then all you would need to do is to avail yourself of the free book offer. That’s where it all begins.

From the time that book is sent out to you and while awaiting its arrival to your destination, you are treated to a full week of emails which will add even more value to your overall experience.



The book itself will also direct you to video training where it will be mapped out for you based on what you are seeking to achieve, and how to accomplish your goal.

Once you get to the point where you accept that with all you have experienced up to this point that this program is worth its weight in gold and you go forward to sign up, you would then see what others before you have witnessed.

Let me share with you in closing some of the testimonials of persons who have gone this way before and are enjoying their newfound success.

Here’s what customers have to say about The IP program.


“This is BRILLIANT” – Peter Beckenham


“If you’re struggling with affiliate marketing, you NEED to get your hands on this” 

– Louis Doughty


“Highly recommended!” – Richard Burn


So there you have it. The whole 9 yards and all you need to have a clear understanding of what the program is all about and all that’s left is to join and start your success story.

Feel free to drop your comments and even ask me some questions to help you in the process.

You will not find another online Program like Internet Profits with done-for-you features, super detailed training, step-by-step tutorial coaching, and of course mentoring by Dean Holland himself.



Your blueprint to success is here. Take Action Now!!

This has been my Internet Profits review.

I have not shared every single detail but just enough along with my excitement to have you get a sense of the rush being here has given me.

I’ll see you on the inside. Cheers.  Click the GREEN BUTTON. DON’T LOSE OUT!

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