Making money online? “4 great reasons it is still possible” is going to be a bit of everything for everyone. I wanted to say that upfront as many people have sought to have success online as far as creating income, but have failed miserably.

And they still continue to fail even today.

So then, what’s the secret? How does one make money online in 2020 and beyond & is there a really good chance that somehow, somewhere success can be realized? Here’s the naked truth.

Making Money Online – Is It Still Possible?

The journey that I shall take you on will be my own. I’m not going to sugarcoat anything for you, neither will I seek to deliberately cause you any pain, with my oft times blunt approach to the truth.

What I will do however is clearly lay out the steps I took when I first started, the errors I made, the obstacles I had to get over, and where I am today.

So we shall consider for this post if making money online is still possible? What do you think? Is it still possible to make money online today? It is if you know what you’re doing.

So without further ado, let’s dig in:-  

Making Money Online: 4 Great Reasons It Is Still Possible – The Beginning

When I first had the idea to seek a way of making money online, this was the thinking in my mind at the time.

I had come to the conclusion that with so many people in the world, that if I could just tap into a few hundred thousand, then I could come away with a fortune.

I’m sure many have had that same thinking. And it is true. But it takes more than just believing that it could be done.

making money online

I did not at the time know how I would even think to find a large number of people from whom I would ply my business to make the money I desired, neither did I know what I would be selling to make the money.

It is important however to note that when considering the question is it still possible to make money online suggests that having been done before, what’s to stop an ambitious person from finding a way to do it again?

Where Does One Start Making Money Online?

The first place that I believe one should start is to have a plan or idea. By that, I mean that you first have in mind what it is that you wish to accomplish.

You want to make money. At this point, we are not looking at online or offline. We are looking at your starting point. So you start with an idea. ” I want to make some money. Lots of it.”

The Idea making money online

So you start with an idea. You want to make money. Now since we don’t go into a room, plug in a machine and out comes a never-ending supply of money, it means that we have to determine or consider, why do we want to make this money.

What is the purpose behind wanting to make the money in the first place?

The Purpose 

The reason for identifying the purpose of wanting to make the money we do is to keep us focused on our goal, to the extent that we are not easily distracted from our mission at hand.

Now, remember that term Distracted. We shall come back to that. So our purpose is our WHY. And our why has to be strong enough to keep us riveted to our goal.

There are several reasons for which people want to make money. Some just want to have a more improved and comfortable lifestyle, while others want to travel, some want to fund charities.

Some just want to exist without having to live in a state of paycheck to paycheck. So we have a purpose.

The Niche 


making money online

Having gotten the purpose settled, it is at this point that we need to look at what it is that we would want to do to generate the money we want to make.

We would want to look at a niche. Now, what is a niche? Good question.

A dictionary meaning goes like this – ”a place or position particularly suitable to the person or thing in it,” Or it can further be defined as ”a distinct segment of a market.”

Finding your niche is an important step in building and growing a successful business.

When you try to sell to everyone, you run the risk of selling to no one. The more you niche, the easier it is to provide value to a specific audience. 

If you’re struggling to decide, or you need more data to work with, use the following five steps to find your niche.

  • Identify your interests and passions. This may be something you’ve already done. …
  • Identify problems you can solve. …
  • Research your competition. …
  • Determine the profitability of your niche. …
  • Test your idea.

The niche or market area selected should be one in which the individual is passionate about. In other words, if you loved dogs and were an expert on dogs and all things dog-related, you wouldn’t look to make money in a niche surrounding cats.

That wouldn’t make sense and you would soon become bored and broke.

While selecting a niche that you are passionate about, it is also important that within that niche there exist problems that you can readily solve.

What I am getting at here is that in wanting to make money, you have to first look at why people would be willing to spend money as in for what purpose and then position yourself in front of those people.

So making money online basically comes down to your ability to identify problems people are encountering in their lives in whatever areas of concern, and providing solutions to those problems for which you can earn an income for the service you provide.

Does this make sense so far?

Here are some Niche Ideas so you fully understand this step:-


  1. Fitness & Weight Loss ( Keto Diet, Atkins diet etc.)
  2. Health
  3. Self Improvement
  4. Pets
  5. Dating & Relationships
  6. Wealth Building Through Investments and so on……

So you have got your desire which is to make money, and you have the purpose or ”why” before you to keep you stuck to the task at hand and you know the niche from which you want to help solve problems experienced therein with a view to making money. 

So next you need to create a presence for yourself on the internet so people will get to know you exist and what you have to offer.

If you are serious about making money online, I’m going to make you an offer you shouldn’t ignore at the end of this article. 

What About SEO & The Role It Can Play To Your Making Money Online

This is a rather important step in the anatomy of things as you go about to create the necessary environment for making money online.

making money online

If you will be making money online, then you need not only have what people want in the way of solutions to their problems, which they pay you for but also, you need to be found.

This is where SEO comes into play. Most of the searches conducted online are done through what we call search engines. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Depending on what it is that you are hoping to be discovered for, you would pinpoint the most likely to be selected or targeted words people would use in their searches.

Once you use the most commonly searched word by those seeking the information, then the likelihood of your service or product popping up in the results is the more likely outcome.

Here is a great article where a more detailed explanation of what SEO is all about can be found.

Your Blog Is Your Voice & Presence On The Internet

In order to be making money online as desired, you will have to get yourself seen and heard by a large audience. There is no place larger for this purpose than the Internet.

And while many may have had the same idea of seeking to secure fame and fortune online, there are even more who need to have their problems solved and would willingly pay for such relief.

making money online

More than ever, people are scouring the internet looking for information. I

f you happen to have or can supply what they are looking for then you are going to be sought after in great demand. But first, you have to create a presence online.

So your next step after settling upon your niche would be to get into creating your website which will become your central hub or presence online and your blog becomes your voice.

Your blog, which by the way should have a specific goal often in alignment with the niche you have selected, is the medium through which you will announce yourself to the world.

You do this through your articles and posts and why what you bring to the table is even worth considering.

It is helpful to note that there is also such a thing as a blog niche.

Before I go any further, you may want to also consider these other articles which focus on the models being used by marketers as they go about making money online. Here’s the first one.

So Where Do People Go Wrong If The Process Is This Straightforward?

Now, this is where things start to go South as it were.

While I have laid out the steps above which if followed should see you in a good place to achieve success (and I have only given you the basic overview), let me share with you what most of us do or don’t do when we arrive on the web.

Now I am kinda guilty of #3 & #4.

1. A Warped Idea To Making Money Online

The first thing we do is that we believe that we are owed something. WRONG!

We look at the idea of making money as something that we do to satisfy our needs and longings at the expense of those with whom we come into contact. Again WRONG!

So for that reason, we often don’t conduct ourselves with any ethics, or regard to rules and it’s always about us and what’s in it for me. In fact, in this group, you are likely to find a lot of freebie seekers.

2. No Purpose

Because of having a warped idea, it is of no surprise that we don’t have a ”why” either or something that will keep us at being consistent with the task before us or see us having the discipline to see things through.

No. We quit at the first signs of challenges or obstacles and we will throw in the towel at the drop of a hat.

3. Shiny Object Syndrome – Do you Have This? 😲

making money online
beware the shiny objects

This is why when there is something new on the market, even if we are already involved in something of great value to us, we would allow ourselves to become ”Distracted” .

(I told you we would revisit that word) We chase after the shiny object of attraction as it were, much to our own detriment. We all have this bug. Believe me. I think it’s how we are wired.

And even if the shiny object, in this case, was indeed a good deal, we wouldn’t be around long enough to know as we would soon be chasing the next shiny object to come along.

This is why we never make the money we hope to. We are always flitting all over the place. Never committed, never consistent, and never learning.

4. Get Rich Quick Mentality $$?

You can’t hope to succeed online and be making money online if you are going to have a get rich quick mentality, as it doesn’t happen that way. It takes time. It takes learning and it takes discipline.

This is why it is often a great idea to secure a mentor or coach who has traveled the road before and can direct you in navigating your journey.

Of course, this will entail you letting go of your will to always be in control of everything and be willing to take direction. Don’t re-invent the wheel. If your coach says go north, why would you insist on going south?

Because we want to do our own thing, we are then easily lead astray by the fake “gurus” promising all the riches and off we go to doom and gloom. Here’s a Great Coaching Program, by the way, designed to get you off to the right start for success ahead.

Conclusion – Making Money Online 😃

Yes, actually it is possible. In the article below you’ll see many examples /stories of persons who have achieved this feat.

I am not one to brag but I too have made several thousand dollars online but nowhere near the big guys. Here’s another article I will share with you.

Click Here to see some success stories.

When I started out online, I knew I wanted to make money but I was scared. Funny thing though, I was never too scared to take action.

I was just scared that I might mess up. I knew I had to succeed because my family was depending on me. That was my ”why.”

I had determined that I wanted to learn Internet Marketing especially how to create an online income and be the best at it. So I had my idea, purpose, and niche.

I began learning and would implement it as quickly as I could learn. I followed through and began to have small victories at first.

I soon had a domain name and my blog was created. I began churning out content, but soon I began to become weary and disillusioned. I had seen many coming after me and succeeding way beyond what I was achieving.

I couldn’t put my finger on it and would have thrown in the towel if not for my ”why.” I decided to give it another shot.

Now while I have not created products and that is another huge area of making online income, I did have the distinction of making a profit in almost every venture I went into, however small.

I remember losing only once or twice and those times were beyond my control. I also used to chase the shiny objects as I’m so curious by nature, plus they all had the same promise of fast rewards if acted upon.

Having A Mentor / Coach Help

making money online

Today, I have a mentor/coach and I’m learning again.     This has elevated my game plan on achieving success.

This time how to do it better, how to clip the success that has eluded me before and my biggest lesson of all has been to learn how to help and serve others.

The importance of having someone take you by the hand and give you that much-needed direction cannot be underscored.

You begin to put things in perspective and develop the correct mindset along the way. I would love to see you get started the right way as well.

You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want – Zig Ziglar

If You would love to learn from the best and finally crack the code to making money online, then you must take me up on this offer. Go HERE and follow the instructions You’re directed to take.

This is what you first need to hear and then follow up by taking MASSIVE action.

David S Jones

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