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Marketing in its simplest form is simply the act of promoting goods and services to consumers who are actively looking for solutions to their perceived problems for which you supply the answers in the products you make available for purchase.

Marketing can take on various types or forms and covers many different platforms. I shall list some of the platforms for your perusal, but also note that with each platform there is a learning curve.

The ideal strategy to employ here would be to learn and master one platform at a time before moving on to another. This is the best way to avoid overwhelm and frustration.


The Many Types Of Marketing



Marketing as you are about to discover comes with many styles and it is up to you and me to choose the type that best suits our purpose and ease of use. Let’s identify some of those types now




Digital marketing much like online marketing is the process of conducting your marketing efforts in an online environment. In other words, digital marketing is marketing using a digital format and this can only be done online.

This is why digital marketing like online marketing is so popular as a vehicle to market products and services because of its ease and there is no need for inventory.

Plus you can never run out of digital products as it’s just a matter of copying or pasting. And the location is easy as it is all virtual.

Once you have a laptop and internet connection as is said, you are good to go.





Affiliate marketing is thought to be one of the easiest forms of digital marketing there is. Now I have included the term digital marketing here because affiliate marketing is mostly conducted online that I am aware of at least.

In a nutshell, when you promote the products or services of another in exchange for a percentage usually called a commission, that service you offer the vendor or owner of the product makes you an affiliate.

So as an affiliate, you have no headaches except that of sourcing and driving traffic to the products or services you promote. There is no inventory to worry about, no customer support issues, no logistics concerns, and no utilities, maintenance, or upkeep of a store.

Just keep in mind however that while many rushes toward affiliate marketing, like any other enterprise involving commerce, it takes hard work, dedication, and commitment.




Networking is as old as the hills and can be a fairly popular way of marketing for many, but over the years network marketing has had its fair share of troubles as well.

In fact, those who have made network marketing their desired way of marketing have had to learn and implement new modern tactics and strategies in reaching their target audience.

The most widely used strategy in the past used to be that of the door-to-door calls and house meetings to share business models and to introduce or invite persons to join your network.

Much to the chagrin of family, friends, and or loved ones, no person known to the networker was left out. Soon those of the network marketing family had no people left to talk to about their business as they had succeeded in chasing everyone else away.

Things are much different today with network markets employing some of the same strategies as those used by affiliate marketers to reach potential clients and customers beginning by mostly prequalifying those intended prospects.



Social Media 



There are many social media platforms and all of them have at one time been used in the pursuit of marketing by ambitious marketers who sadly did not take the time to know more about the individual requirements of these said platforms.

As I am sure I mentioned earlier, that there is a learning curve associated with online marketing itself, let alone the various often complex algorithm-based social media platforms one has to encounter. So how do we get around those complexities?

Well we decide first on the platform we want to begin with and then we pour ourselves into learning as much as we can on the given platform of choice.

That is essentially why my website has been created. To be a learning hub especially for those new to online marketing.

Here are the most popular of the social media platforms utilized or under-utilized by marketers today:-

  • FaceBook
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp ( Mostly for messaging )
  • Tik Tok
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Tumbler & many others   


This leads me to the next form of marketing which is heavily used in the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and even yes, of course, YouTube. That of video marketing.

As you will soon discover video is where it is at. You cannot do better than to go with the video and as soon as possible get your own personal YouTube channel up and running to start churning those videos out.




Video marketing has been gaining tremendous ground in the world of advertising and marketing making it one of the most sought after and lucrative means of building your brand and business bar none.

That being said, however, many do not like their face being on camera. Some have not gotten past the idea of talking to a camera with no one there or even present.

But video sells and is in great demand both by those seeking information on products to buy as well as the vendors selling the services. The other big reason you want to do video is for this purpose.

The video sets you up as an authority. People get to see you spouting your stuff and eventually you are seen as the go-to person on the topic. People are more interested in what you have to say than in how you look.

So get over yourself. The sooner you get to doing FaceBook lives or Instagram reels you would be surprised at how your messenger or inbox explodes with people interested to work with you. I am not kidding.


The Tools Used In Online Business


marketing tools

With marketing comes the tools of the trade. If you are going to sell effectively, then you will need to get your hands on the tools that I will mention next. You won’t need all of them but certainly do take a look and see which one grabs your fancy.

Marketing tools can come in the way of lead magnets, landing pages, e-books, email service providers ( auto-responders), and there are also funnel builders like ClickFunnels and so much more.

If you will create one-page websites then LeadPages is a great resource tool. The HBA Funnel Builder is a great inexpensive tool that I highly recommend as it can do what ClickFunnels does and is only a third of the ClickFunnels pricing.

There is a one-stop platform I must mention to you as it would be remiss of me not to share this with you. I cannot go through all the features here at this time as it would be another article in itself.

The platform I speak of is none other than BuilderAll. This is something you really need to take a look at. I say this because of the many moving parts that it has, all connected to some part of your online business’ success.

As you can appreciate, there are different tools available for each and every social platform you may use. For example YouTube users may use the tool known as TubeBuddy which helps one grow their YouTube channel on full blast.  

I do hope that you would have been able to glean some useful information from what I shared here with you. There are other pages on the site here that go into more detail and have relevant videos which explain concepts better.

So feel free to browse and I must make a disclaimer here for you as well.

DISCLAIMER: You will notice that there are links on this page. Some are indeed affiliate links, meaning that should you visit them and make a purchase then I will make a commission. But this is of no extra cost to yourself. This just helps me pay the bills and provide you with such great content as you received here. Thanks for your support.


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