May the force be with you…”Are you a movie fan? More specifically are you a Star Wars movie fan? If you know of the movie then you know the cliche phrase used so often during the series. May the force be with you, the makings of a master Jedi (marketer) is something we ought to seriously consider as there can be a lot learnt from some of these movies. Hop on and let me show you.

May The Force Be With You, The Makings Of A Master Jedi (Marketer)

You may already be wondering to yourself, what is he yanking on about now? How could anyone in this day and age be possibly be interested in having the force with them far less being a master Jedi? Well Elon Musk wants to have us consider space travel and even perhaps populating another planet,  so doesn’t that make anything about what I could possibly say be reason to pay attention? Indeed yes. I won’t disappoint you.

There are two major components to this blockbuster of a tale to be spun here, and by the time you have read this article, if you aren’t a Jedi (marketer) already, you’ll want to become one.May The Force Be With You

I would like for the purposes of what I’ll be taking us through for you (the reader) to consider the ”force” as having the right Mindset. Being a Jedi determines you being worthy for the task ahead or at worst case, seriously considering what it takes to be one in this case and wanting in. Learn more about mindset here.

If you are going to be a Jedi (marketer), and command the Force as you would need to, then you must have the following attributes and disposition. I should add at this point that this isn’t for everyone.

So then what makes for a Master Jedi in this context, and how can this be applied to our way of life or even make sense in what we think we shall need to have success in whatever we undertake to do going forward?

You Must First Be Willing  

Whatever has led you to this point of your existence, with a feeling to do more, to accomplish more, to provide more, to succeed, can only be possible if you are first willing to accept that you can do whatever you set out to. So your mind has to be conditioned and reprogrammed as it were for greatness, with you being the principal contributor.

May The Force Be With YouYou have to first have a sense of seeing yourself as being more, that is you believe within yourself that there is more to you than meets the eye, but you want to be able to extract that greatness and to then share it with the world.

Your mind however wants to keep you perpetually locked into a comfort zone where nothing flourishes and so you must be willing to break free. You must be willing to take a bold step of faith outside that box of safety and become the Jedi within you.

If you have reached the point of despair and recognize that you could be further ahead and just need a nudge then you are in a good place. You just have to made the first move. And you have. You have acknowledged that you need to take charge of your life, move out the clutter and step into a new you.

If you believe you can become great, you can. If you believe you can become a success, guess what, you can. Luke Skywalker when he discovered in those early days on Tatooine what he could become, set out to fulfill that legacy.

You Must Be Coachable   

Being coachable means ”capable of being easily taught and trained to do something better.” That’s Google’s definition. If you are reading this post then you might be looking at perhaps becoming a digital marketer or online entrepreneur, whichever you care to be called. It’s a new world for many given the present global situation.

May The Force Be With YouTo be coachable readily admits that you don’t know it all. It suggests that you are willing to be directed by someone more knowledgeable than yourself, and who if anything understands where you want and need to be and will get you there. So it involves letting go both of your self evolved ”wisdom,” and accepting that you ought to as pliant and cooperative as possible. Show Mr.Ego to the door. He will only keep you back.

Going back to Star Wars, we know that Yoda did have his hands full with the young often headstrong Skywalker, but you have the benefit of seeing what happens when you decide you know it all and don’t follow the script the coach hands you. Why take that chance to fail, when you can have the coach show you the way.

You Must Be A Willing To Serve Others

I think by now you might be starting to understand why I chose Star Wars as the back story for this post. What Luke Skywalker goes through and the hurdles he encounters are mostly the same we do allbeit on earth and not some galaxy far,far, away.

When you think about what goes into the preparation to create the leader in Luke that saves the day, you can appreciate that in your own journey, your mission is one of solving the problems of others in a way that can make you well respected, loved and immeasurably rich.May The Force Be With You

The key to success here is to understand that in order to be a great leader, you must learn how to become a great servant to those you lead. Think about it for a minute. Entrepreneurs basically are problem solvers.

So the more you take the time to help people along on their journey and solve the issues they face, you are then the one most looked up to and the one who people are led to put their trust in.

You are now positioned to lead a movement. An army of like minded individuals who see you as their hero. They too go on to become the heroes to others. Are you ready to be the hero of your story?

Must Be Willing To Take Risks  

As long as you follow and are in tune with all that has been laid out so far, then you can see that a Jedi must be willing to take risks. It goes with the territory of being a leader.May The Force Be With You

The risks though are more thought out and not recklessly engaged upon. You are going to take risks in learning what works and what doesn’t. You’ll fail and you’ll rise again. The Rise of Skywalker was a great movie as well, by the way. But you get the point.

In being a risk taker, let me make it a bit more abundantly plain by saying that you must be an action taker. You will be placed in situations where you’ll have to make decisions that will require you taking massive action.

What will you do then, shrink into a corner and hope things work out or that someone else steps up to the plate? The answer is no. To coin another movie phrase, you were born for this.

You Must Become The Leader You Were Destined To Be

May The Force Be With YouWhen you first started reading this post , did you anticipate what the endgame might have been? If not then I guess you might not have seen the Star Wars movie.

With it’s many plot twists, ups and downs, failures and triumphs, and the accomplishment of Luke becoming that which he had hoped for from the very beginning, a master Jedi knight; my question for you is this. What is your end goal for your journey you have started?

If you have not yet realized it, you were born to stand out. It might have taken you a while to reach this level of thinking, but you are here. So the challenge is for you to step into your greatness and become the leader you were destined to be. You might want to be an online store owner or just a freelance affiliate marketer. Whatever your calling is, take action.

Now I know that all are not cut out to be leaders. However, it doesn’t hurt to adopt and cultivate the mindset of a champion as you learn what role you will eventually play. The point is that you try, you give it a shot and should you not succeed, you can at least take comfort in gave it your best shot.

Should you desire to explore an opportunity to become more than you perhaps thought possible and while at it build an empire you can call your own from scratch, then I would love to invite you to attend a special presentation that will literally blow your mind, all in a good way. Now is your time to step up. You won’t be alone.                                                                                                                            David S Jones


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