My incredible #1 Blog is just that. It’s a new start for me in really getting my feet wet as it were in the wonderful world of online marketing.

I opted to use the platform of blogging to begin my journey having had some exposure to blogging in another online program I had been a part of when I first entered the online space.

This will indeed be a work in progress, but you will also come to see my post transform as I get better and better at crafting better content for your educational and entertainment needs.

My Incredible #1 Blog

my incredible #1 blog
welcome to my blog

Hi, my name is David Jones and I wish to personally welcome you to my incredible #1 blog, & my very first blog post.

Follow me over the coming days and you’ll see this blog transform into something awesome, as I build my online business from scratch.

I’m currently doing an online course right now which teaches among other things how one would build a business from scratch, including a product launch.

John Thornhill’s “Partnership to Success” course is the course I’m doing and I want you to witness my progress as I build my online business starting right now, right here.

I’m excited to be here and to be able to have you with me looking behind the scenes as it were, and we’re going to have a lot of fun together.

About Me & My Incredible #1 Blog

Well, what can I say? I’m a pretty cool guy if I do say so myself but professionally I am a Supreme Court Marshal on the island of Barbados.

This journey of mine will be documented for your pleasure as you follow me on my incredible #1 blog, right here. A blog is considered one’s central hub on the internet.

Going back to my profession, It’s a pretty cool job, but I’ve been wanting to explore my entrepreneurial side. I get the chance to do that with this program I’m currently involved in.

So I am very happy to welcome you here to my incredible #1 blog.

What You Can Expect From My Incredible #1 Blog

my incredible blog

As I mentioned just shortly ago I’m doing a program and it has been teaching me some great stuff.

So as I document what I’m doing, you get a ringside seat of sorts to my up and downs, my challenges, struggles, and triumphs as I navigate the program.

Boy, this is truly exciting stuff and I can’t wait until we get deeper into the course. Of course, you are wondering what’s got me all in a huff. You can see why I am thru the roof excited right Here.

I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a course like this one with such great detail and intuitive videos.

It’s been designed to keep one riveted in following along as various aspects of the components of making money online are explored.

You will get to learn a lot here from my incredible #1 blog and of that I can assure you.


Gotta Run & Final Words On My Incredible #1 Blog

Well, This has just been an intro of sorts. I don’t plan to stick around on this page for too long. But here’s what you can do as you follow the progress i make through my incredible #1 blog here.

Firstly I have labeled this blog with its title not because I’m arrogant but because it challenges me to always give of my best to ensuring it is #1.

Now it is far from #1 as I have a lot to learn and implement as well as getting ranked on Google and actually making money with this blog.

But It is and will be a work in progress. I am excited and will stick with it. I will seek to make it not only fun to read my posts as I get better at my writing skills, but informative.


That’s the best way to keep up to date with me and my progress. My incredible #1 blog posts will actually reveal what I’m learning and will give you a kind of behind-the-scenes as it were while we get to know each other.

So fill out the form at the top right corner of the page to connect with me and you are on your way.

Until my next post, this is David Jones signing off.

David S Jones

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