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Organic marketing is the strategy employed to drive traffic to your business offers by using social media platforms, written blog articles, videos, digital reports, and any other means other than using a resource requiring payment.

You may have come across on the internet and on Facebook especially, banners that speak of marketing to one’s ideal avatar using organic methods and making between $2K – $5K without spending a dime on ads.

So organic marketing simply involves marketing practices of driving traffic to your offers without using paid advertising like for example PPC, CPC, or Solo Ads.


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Why Organic Marketing


As you consider what has been said so far in this article, please allow me to now introduce to you another very important perspective to support why organic marketing.

When done correctly organic marketing can serve many a purpose that will highlight not only the product being offered, but can do wonders for the marketer involved.

How you might ask, could it be of such importance to the marketer involved?

Well, that’s because, in organic marketing, the key to its success lies in the daily one-on-one interactions that can and or do take place between marketer and prospect utilizing various social media platforms.

We shall talk about Facebook. Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms with well over two billion users.

Because an organic marketing strategy takes on a more personal approach, with marketers employing media platforms such as Facebook Messenger to talk to prospects, the often critical relationships that are built, oft times result in sales being made.

While organic marketing strategies will usually take longer in the desired result of your marketing efforts, there are far more powerful when you can master them to explode your business.

If you have been having no success in using Facebook to achieve outstanding results in your business, then maybe taking this deep dive into Facebook organic marketing can help you.

It has already helped several others increase their incomes.

Organic marketing tactics are employed over a number of social media platforms one of which is TikTok, which has been responsible for some marketers hitting insane figures off their marketing efforts.

So believe it or not, this style of marketing works.

And it will continue to do so for those who are patient and committed to building their brand and careful to engage their prospects in a know, like, and trust environment which this type of marketing is known for.


Difference Between Organic and Paid Marketing


” While organic marketing is focused on generating traffic to your site over time, inorganic marketing, or paid marketing, uses paid methods to target, reach, engage, and convert audiences quickly.” – According to Hubspot



organic marketing vs paid ads




So to understand the differences between the two forms of marketing, let’s start by breaking down what they each employ in their sphere to be considered successful for the end-user, and then we shall have a clearer picture.

So what is organic marketing? Organic marketing is that which focuses on your brand and bringing your brand awareness to the fore to attract your ideal clients to your goods and services.

Organic methods take time as they involve the strategy of using the law of attraction to boost brand awareness and rather than chase potential clients, they woo their clients to their offers using various attraction methods & strategies.

This type of marketing is becoming more and more popular as it also entails becoming more intricately involved in the relationship-building process that ought to exist between vendor and customer.

Thus when performed effectively, the customer is made to feel like the marketer knows exactly what is causing them their pain or problems.

These can then be identified and solved to the point where knowledge, liking & trust of the marketer is established more readily and quickly.




Organic digital marketing then would be any kind of marketing that does not use paid ads but uses a digital interface such as video, content creation as published on social media sites, and or that of influencers.


Any form of advertising which employs paying for such advertising falls under the domain of paid ads. Paid ads and such marketing is used as they are more direct in their approach and cut out the guesswork.

By that last statement, what I mean to say is that with paid ads you know exactly what you are paying for, and being so targeted often eliminates the need for wondering what type of ROI one can expect on their investment.

The bottom line with all marketing strategies at the end of the day is attracting website traffic to your offers.

Paid traffic unlike organic is designed to convert your leads to paying customers. The goal of marketing organically will eventually, lead to conversion and sales as the brand becomes more established.




organic marketing


While organic methods may be employed and seen as taking longer in obtaining results than paid methods of marketing it has been seen that when the organic methods reach their goal, traffic comes like a flood.

This is due to the use of SEO or Search Engine Optimization.


The following are examples of marketing using organic methods:-  


  • Unsponsored posts on various Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter & others.
  • Blog articles
  • SEO
  • YouTube
  • Guest posts
  • Newsletters (E-mail)
  • Word of mouth


Since organic methods usually concentrate on building your brand awareness and eventually see you as becoming the hunted and not the hunter as paid advertising will do, it helps to know where you can find the traffic you seek.

You then only have to also figure out how to get your brand in front of their eyeballs for discovery.

I will point out here however that in my opinion and it has been cited that organic methods of marketing usually pave the way for targeted marketing strategies like paid advertising to take over.

If you think about it, once you have sourced your traffic and gotten them to see your offer, at some point you want to be a bit more direct in your approach to close the sale.

This is what paid ads will then be able to do for you and your business.


Now The Benefits Of The Organic Method Of Marketing




  • Organic marketing provides 1-1 connections specifically with your audience in a way that promotes the know, like, and trust factor.
  • It is a concept of marketing that is budget-friendly. It is FREE.
  • It creates brand awareness.
  • It can drive traffic to your website and marketing offers.
  • It allows you to inform your clients of your message through posting content on various social platforms without having to pay to do so.



The Real Deal About Organic Marketing – Is It Really Free?


This video I am about to share with you is to give you another perspective on using organic methods of marketing and the truth about it that no one shares.

The goal here is for you to understand exactly what you are getting in to depending on the style of advertising you eventually end up using for your business.

There are pros and cons in everything is my point. You just have to know which will work best for you.



As I wind down this post, I want to pay some attention to the platforms which we can use while doing our organic marketing. Social media platforms are often the most widely used.

Everyone will have their individual preferences but I like and prefer to use Facebook and will soon be adding YouTube to that list as well.

Both command a large presence of daily traffic but Facebook is essentially the better of the two for client-based interactions and connectivity.

There is a caveat and it is this. Unless you fully understand the fundamentals and basics of the proper and effective use of Facebook, you’ll end up frustrated and confused.

I believe I can help you there.

I am currently promoting an offer that is designed to help persons new to online marketing learn how to master Facebook while using organic marketing strategies to build their businesses.

If this sounds like something you may want to learn more about then I invite you to come and Take A Look 


Last Thoughts


I hope you have found this post informative and now you have a better understanding of what organic marketing is all about.

When it comes to marketing on the whole there is as much value in paid ads as there is using organic methods.

The difference in preference may come down to this point as was suggested in the video.

If you are looking to have an influx of customers to your business to achieve revenue quickly, then you may be better off using paid ads once you can afford to do so.

Organic methods while just as effective can potentially take a much longer time to see results and your efforts using this style of marketing must be consistent.

Do leave a comment and let me know what you thought about this post and do subscribe to my blog. I do appreciate you taking the time to read my post.

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