Pagedyno as the name implies is a dynamite landing page builder from the guys over at PromoteLabs. No matter what sort of business you’re running online, you’re going to need landing pages to present lead magnets and similar offers.

Most online marketers and other business owners benefit the most when they have several landing pages to attract a wider audience.

However, just tossing up a bunch of landing pages and sending traffic to them isn’t going to grow your business effectively. The key to this strategy is to create compelling, high-converting landing pages.

And you’re about to learn how to do exactly that. Introducing PageDyno.



Creating The Perfect High-Converting PageDyno Landing Page




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1. Present a Killer Offer


The first step in creating a high-converting landing page is to make sure you have an in-demand, high-converting offer onboard.

Don’t guess what your audience wants. Instead, do your market research to find out for sure.

Surveying your audience, looking for popular blog posts, and seeing what sorts of topics are hot on social media are all semi-decent ways to get a feel for what your audience wants. They work in a pinch.

But one of the very BEST ways to uncover in-demand products is to find out what your audience is buying in your niche.



photo credits: Artem Belialkin


If your audience is showing a big appetite for purchasing a certain type of product, then it’s a good bet that they’ll take advantage of your offer if you create something similar as a lead magnet.

To that end, hit up marketplaces like,,, and to see what your market is already buying. Keep an eye out for two things:

1. The bestselling products in your niche.
2. The products with multiple competitors selling similar items.

Both of these are signs that a product is in demand. If you find a product with multiple competitors AND many of those competing products are selling well, that’s a sure sign that people are hungry for that type of product.

TIP: You’re looking to offer a digital product that’s easy to distribute. Examples include ebooks/reports, videos, audios, apps, plugins, software, access to membership sites, webinars, and similar items.

Now the key here is to not be a copycat. Don’t rehash info-products, apps, or other digital products. Instead, create something similar… yet better.

Give it your own fresh spin. Provide benefits that your competitors aren’t offering.


Unique Selling Points


The idea is to create a fresh product with a strong USP (unique selling point). What makes your lead magnet different and better than similar free and paid offers that are currently on the market?

What is the big benefit that your product offers – something your audience really wants – that others don’t offer?

Take your time to figure this out, because it’s going to make a huge difference in how many people join your list.

Of course, you’ll also need a really high-quality product, a compelling title, and some catchy e-cover graphics.

This brings us to the next step…


2. Craft Or Write Compelling Copy


Now that you’ve created an irresistible offer, your next step is to craft some sales copy that really lets people know the awesomeness of your lead magnet.

Don’t blow through this step by just doing the bare minimum. Yes, YOU know your product is awesome. You know it’s something your audience will really want. But your audience has no clue.

And since they’re bombarded by free offers every day, they’re not going to sign up for yours unless you give them a really compelling reason to do so.



photo credits: Anna Auza


That’s where good sales copy comes in. A good landing page doesn’t need to be lengthy – just a few lines may do, depending on what you’re offering – but it needs to be powerful.

This means your landing page should showcase the main benefits of your offer and then provide a call that encourages visitors to join your list.

How long or short should it be? There is no specific word count guideline that I can give you here. However, I can tell you this:

It should be short enough to hold attention, and yet long enough to persuade people to take action right now.

Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about:

PageDyno Demo Page I created for one of my recent business ventures.

As you can see, the key is to put your biggest, most persuasive benefits front and center on the page, followed by a call to action.

This is the time to go back to your USP (unique selling point).

You’ve got competition, right? You’re not the only one on the planet offering this type of trading opportunity, ebook, video, app, or other product, correct?

Question is, why should your visitors join your list to get your lead magnet, versus taking advantage of your competitors’ offers?

This big benefit should be right in the headline. You can follow up with a bulleted list of a handful of other benefits of your offer and then end with a call to action.

The trick to all of this is to know your audience. What do they REALLY want? Which of your product benefits will they value the most?

You’re going to have to do some research in order to hone in on your audience demographics and their desires. But this step will make or break the success of your free offer.

For example, let’s imagine you’ve got a free dieting guide on tap. And let’s imagine your audience is full of middle-aged soccer moms who are looking to shed that middle-aged spread.

If you create copy that’s aimed at young men who want to impress girls on the beach with their six-pack abs, your offer is going to spectacularly bomb.

Point is, know your audience and know what they want, and then craft copy that addresses their unique problems and desires.

Now the next step…


3. Design Your Lead Page


The last big step that’s going to impact your conversion rates is the overall design of your lead page.

I’ve seen some pretty bad lead pages, and I know you have too. You know what I’m talking about – the ones that look like they were designed by someone who just got their hands on an HTML template from 2010.

Look, you can’t cut corners at this step. If people land on your page and see something that screams amateur hour, they’re going to think your product is amateurish too.

They’ll hit the back button. They won’t be back.



photo credits: Austin Distel



So let’s avoid all that by making sure you have a dazzling landing page that really impresses your visitors.

The key here is to create something that looks really professional and is sure to catch your prospect’s eye.

Don’t give them something that looks like every other landing page on the planet, because they’ll assume your lead magnet is like every other offer on the planet too.

Let me share with you three ideas for creating eye-catching landing pages…


1. Insert Video Backgrounds


Video background not only does a great job of capturing your audience’s attention, but you can also use it to build trust. For example, you can use a video depicting your product in use and/or people getting great results from it.

If you look around, you’ll see that many of the big companies (like PayPal) use video backgrounds. They do it for one simple reason: it works.

It works to get attention and hold attention to keep your visitors on the page longer. It works to boost responses and get more people opting into your list.

Let me show you an example:

PageDyno Demo 2

Here’s the second idea for creating an eye-catching landing page…


2. Use Animated Forms


Most everyone uses lightboxes, pop-up windows, slide-in windows, and similar. However, that’s NOT the type of animation we’re talking about here.

Instead, we’re talking about animating the actual form. Obviously, it shouldn’t be in constant motion, otherwise, it makes it more difficult for visitors to fill in the form.

The idea is to animate the form just for a second or two when the visitor first arrives in order to capture attention.

Here’s an example that not only depicts an eye-catching animated form, it also includes a background video:

PageDyno Demo 3

Now the next idea…


3. Deploy Optin Form Overlays


Typically you create landing pages on your own website. But imagine for a moment if you could send visitors to a third-party site and collect leads there.

For example, imagine being able to send your visitors to Wikipedia and overlaying your opt-in form on their site.

You don’t need to imagine this, because it’s completely possible. Check out this mind-blowing example:

PageDyno Demo 4

The advantage of doing something like this is that your opt-in offer gets to borrow the credibility of the third-party site. That tends to boost your conversions in many cases.

Now let’s wrap things up…


Parting Thoughts: Stumbling Block?


One of the keys to your business success is to set up plenty of highly targeted, persuasive landing pages.

Many marketers are pretty good at creating in-demand lead magnets and crafting short landing pages that laud the big benefits of these lead magnets.

However, a good number of people fail when it comes to creating an attractive, unique landing page that gets attention.

If doing it yourself isn’t getting you the results you want, then of course one common option is to outsource your page design. Problem is, this is EXPENSIVE.

If you’re creating multiple lead pages every month (or even every week), this option can dry up your budget pretty quickly.

That’s why we created PageDyno because you should have an affordable way to create all the high-response landing pages you need.

PageDyno is a point-and-click easy way to create these pages. It takes about two minutes to create your first page, and every page you create after that is even faster.

Best of all, PageDyno creates landing pages like your prospects (and even you) have never seen before in your niche.

With just a click of your mouse, you can embed background videos, animate your opt-in forms, and even overlay your forms on third-party sites!

If you need to create landing pages, then PageDyno is the quickest, easiest, and best way to do it. And you don’t even have to take our word for it. See for yourself here:

All in all, PageDyno is a wonderful resource to have in your arsenal of marketing tools. Be sure to check out the other demos on that page – and be prepared to be amazed!

David S Jones




92 / 100

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