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Piere Ingram is a fighter, though not in the physical sense of the word as like a boxer.

No Piere is much stronger than that as he comes from a place not many would even want to talk about.

We get to meet Piere Ingram in this candid interview about his life, his struggles, and the turn of events that led to his triumph in a way that will leave you, the reader feeling triumphant yourself.

I just want to mention here that Piere Ingram is an aspiring author in the field of poetry with two books already published to his credit which you’ll learn more about in this interview.

This is my second of The Entrepreneur Interview Series in which I highlight aspiring entrepreneurs and their amazing stories of triumph, determination, and grit.

I do hope this inspires you as you read.



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So Just Who Is Piere Ingram?



piere ingram


The story about to unfold before you is true.

I really had a tough time writing this as what you are reading now would be the final published article.

I wanted to do this for Piere because it hit me one day that we have all been addicted to one thing or another in our lives before.

But some of us remain trapped in the addiction and some of us do manage to break free.

Addiction can be treated but the road to recovery can be long and sometimes painful.

Piere was able to break free but not before suffering untold damage.

This is his story.

I do hope that as you read, you will feel moved to encourage anyone you know who may be going through this type of situation in their lives.

So let’s get into the interview and for those that may want to share Piere’s story, I’ll create an ebook version.

That ebook you can access only after commenting on this article here on the blog, and thereafter request your ebook directly from Piere.


The Interview


Piere Ingram is the son of Corneal and Brenda Ingram and has 3 brothers and one sister.

His father was a factory worker while his mother was a stay-at-home mom.

Piere hails from … Let me have him tell you himself.


Who Am I – Hobbies & Likes


Q. Welcome to the Interview Piere. Tell me a bit about yourself Piere. Your full name, age if you like to share,  and where you are from?

A. My name is Piere Johntae Ingram.  I’m 38 years of age, from Cleveland, Ohio in the United States of America.


Q. Do you have any hobbies? What are they and which one is your favorite?

A. My hobbies include reading the Bible, exercising in the gym, writing poetry, and reading books. I think being creative is my favorite.


Q. What about your favorite color and your favorite meal?

A. Well red has always been my favorite color as for my favorite meal, I kinda lean towards salads


garden salad


That’s a pretty impressive meal there Piere, but also a very healthy one as well. And I know that you also have a passion for working out in the gym.

That’s a great attribute to have. You are taking care of yourself, mind, body, and soul.

You can’t have too much personal development these days, can you?  Awesome!

Here’s one of you at the gym. Love these photos.


piere ingram at the gym


So let’s get into where you are at today. But to do that we shall also be looking into your past for a better perspective on how your future has now been shaped.

Is that okay? Let’s do it.


I Became Lost But Was Subsequently Found… 


Now Piere you have had a somewhat troubled childhood growing up, at least in a specific time of your life that led to some episodes where addiction crept in.

I want to explore that a bit if we can so those reading can better appreciate the victory you eventually achieved.


piere ingram today


Q. What can you tell us about that area of your life and how you were able to step into the person you are today?

A. I was abused as a child which left me confused and out of control when I was growing up. So much so that I became a drug addict and an alcoholic. I was always running from who I thought I was.

I was an afraid kid and lost, even though my parents were great parents. I drifted off into the abyss, but what did turn my life around was Jesus and His love.

My poetry is also one that God gifted me with. 

When my parents passed away 6 months apart in 2019, I decided to turn my life around. I began reading the Bible more, praying, and writing poetry again.

I started writing books, I started reading more, I surrounded myself with good relationships online instead of toxic relationships and my life changed for the better.


Q. So you found your voice and passion in poetry. At what age did you realize you had this gift?

A. I realized I had that gift at the age of seven (7).


Q. How long have you been writing Poetry?

A. I’ve been writing poetry since I was 12


Then Came A Shift From writing poetry. You decided to give something else a try.

The world of online marketing popped up on your radar so to speak.  Let’s discuss that for a bit.


iceberg effect book


Q. You also dabbled in online marketing. Would you like to share any of your experiences there?

A. I got into online marketing for mentorship and this really changed my life too because I had a community and the people around me that were focused on growing too.

I was working my 9 to 5 and I was just fed up with how they treated me so much that I wanted a change.

So I began looking for things online and my friend Daysha told me about affiliate marketing and how I could sell digital products.

So I joined a program for an initial investment of $1,300. After I did that, it changed my life from thereon. My whole mindset changed.


Torn Between Two Lovers…? 


Q. What made you switch back to poetry over an affiliate marketing business career? 

A. I chose poetry because it was my passion. I figured maybe I could take what I had learned in affiliate marketing and use the skills to market & share my poetry.

I chose the poetry because I saw it as a gift from God but I do still have a heart for affiliate marketing because it really helped me with my livelihood.


Q. So you began to write poetry and decided to have your work published. Describe that process for me and was it a difficult one to accomplish?

A. The process was difficult at first until I did my research. Then it became easier. Here’s what I had to do basically. 

  1. I came up with an outline
  2. I started to write the book
  3. I edited the book
  4. I got the cover done 
  5. I did the formatting of the book
  6. I put the finished product on Amazon Kdp self-published 


So you compiled a number of your best pieces of poetry and wrote a book. Both your book and the name of your brand are New Life Poetry.


New Life Poetry: The Book, The Brand & The Mission 


new life poetry

Q. Why the name “New Life” Poetry?

A. I chose New Life because that’s what God gave me after He destroyed that old identity of mine. 

He gave me what Christ promised me: A New Life. Walking in truth, healing me, taking me further and further away from my past.

Q. Where do you hope to take your brand?

A. I hope to take my brand all around the world. Places like Dubai, Italy, Africa, all Asian countries, the United Kingdom, and so on.


Q. What would you say would be the mission behind the Brand?

A. I want to give people hope. I want people to know that even if you’ve made mistakes in life that with the right help and message you can bounce back.

Of course, it’s not going to be easy as you’ll later discover in my story here but it is definitely possible and worth it to try.

So I use my poetry to give back and to let people know that there is a better way, a new way.


Q. How would you describe the response to your first poetry book release?

A. It was interesting, to say the least. People were curious. I sold about 80 books


That’s a really good start Piere.


Q. Is there another book coming soon?

A. I have other books coming out. One is called Addiction to Attraction: A Road To RecoveryAlso, another one coming out is called Heart of Addiction: Poetry Saved Me


addiction to attraction

heart of addiction


Q. What are the names of your current book releases?

A. “New Life” and “I Bleed Through This Ink.”


new life poetryi bleed through this ink








That was an amazing accomplishment Piere. You really stuck to your guns and succeeded. Congratulations. So let’s head now to that sensitive area of your life’s journey.

Let’s go back to your formative years when you got into and then were battling your addiction.


The Sensitive Areas Of Piere’s Story


Before we take the deep dive into this section Piere, I couldn’t help but notice that on the cover of the second book, you feature a photo of yourself and a girl is with you.


Q. Do you care to shed some light there? 

A. That’s my daughter Mya. She’s also my inspiration.


piere ingram and daughter mya


Q. I had no idea you had a daughter. Would you like to share?

A. I will pick back up in my story where I shared earlier about being abused when I was very young and I’ll bring in how Mya came to be and is one of the best things that happened to me.

Also, the fact that she gives me the strength apart from that which only God can give to keep pressing on.  


Addiction & The Long Road To Recovery


Q. This is your time Piere. The floor is yours. Tell your story.

A. I met my daughter’s mom when I was 23 years old. I was in love with addiction at the time. I met her at a bar where I would go out every weekend to get away from my problems.

So I would go to this bar called “Picnics” every weekend with my friends. It was a club/bar. It wasn’t any picnic either.


piere ingram dance the night away


We started to talk on the dance floor. She gave me her number after we had danced the night away.

I called her two days later, and we began to hit it off almost immediately. Why? Because we had something in common.

We were both lost in the trap of Addiction.

She was understanding and caring. Why?

Because we were in the same boat of ruining our lives and running from our inner demons or problems as we might have called them.

We had Mya, my daughter, and after that, it was pretty much a wrap cause we got married.

I really loved my daughter’s mother or at least I thought I did.

So after a year, when things began to fall apart and didn’t work out, we got divorced.

I still wanted to be with my wife because I wanted a family and I wanted to be there to see my daughter grow older.

She needed her dad in her life. 

I refused to step away and so I had to try to make it work for my child.

We came to an agreement that would allow me to still be in my daughter’s life even if we weren’t together. I had also decided that I wanted to change my lifestyle.

I think at that point I was really wanting to change my life.


Q. What about a special someone? Is there anyone special in your life today right now?

A. No one really special, or if you mean girlfriend, no. But I would like to be married again one day and have more children.


No Turning Back, Onward To Victory


Q. What was an amazing story Piere. I know there’s more so please do continue. 

A. After the divorce my life would continue to spiral out of control and I slipped further and further down that proverbial rabbit hole. I couldn’t help myself.

I suffered addiction to repeated drug use and alcoholism for almost twelve (12) years. I wanted to quit. I hated myself.

The turning point came around the time I lost my parents. My mother had passed first, soon followed by my father.

I had been living with my father for two years before he died. 

The addiction caused me much pain during those many years, but surprisingly I had held on to a job that I had had at a grocery store for ten (10) of those years.

During the last two to three years of that 10-year job run, I actually added a second job to the mix.

But my addiction and subsequent depression saw me letting go of one of my then two jobs

I was fortunate to have my family to turn to at least for a place to crash. But I also due to my addiction was often moving from place to place.

But my turning point came in 2019 when my mother passed. 

I had been agonizing in prayer for a long time to be freed of the shackles of addiction. I had been depressed. Fighting depression is not easy.

I was tired and wanted to give up. I believe at one point I might have even given up on myself. But God took over.


Q. Can I slip a couple of points in here Piere for clarity to those reading your story? 

So you would say then that your turning point first came in direct answer to your prayers?

A. Yes.


Q. That decision to turn your life around and leave the past behind and go forward to victory also became a solidified commitment to yourself when your mother passed.


A. Yes.


Q. I think you had mentioned to me in conversation sometime before that God used the church to become your arm of support?

A. Yes this is true. 


Q. Looking back, what advice would you give to anyone who is fighting with the same issues you experienced back then?

A. My advice would be to seek God, go within, ask for help, and don’t beat yourself up.

Open up to someone you can trust and read the word of God daily, so you can discover your identity in Christ.

Take it one day at a time.


Q. What or who do you think gave you the strength to fight on despite the uphill climb?

A. God gave me strength, and the pain I went through when my parents died, God showed His strength in my weakness so I allowed Him to work.

You let go of one job and came close to being out on the street.


Q. Did the thought of losing yourself in your addiction once again come back to haunt you at that low period in your life?

A. Yes I felt the addiction wanting to creep back in. I had cravings I haven’t had in a long time because I started to go into depression again.

I had a lot of thoughts of giving up and going back but I kept telling myself look at how far you came with God by your side.

You have to keep going, being sober-minded and drug-free. So I did, even though I was broken. I read the Word and allowed God to put me back together.


Q. What would you say is or has been the biggest challenge you have ever faced as one who has overcome drug addiction?

A. My biggest challenges were loving myself, the cravings, and getting my mind back to functioning normally.


I have heard it said that even when a person has overcome an addiction, he now has a daily battle until the day he dies to keep from ever returning to the habit or habits that brought on the addiction in the first place.

Q. Would you agree Piere?

A. Yes this is true 


Q. And since this is true then where does one find the inner strength to fight this daily battle?

A. Through God and His Word, prayers and accepting Jesus into one’s life Matthew 6:33


Wrapping Up (Conclusion)



piere ingram testimonials



Reviewed in the United States on February 5, 2021, by purchaser Theodore White

piere ingram testimonial

This is truly a book written with blood, heart, spirit, and soul. The words in this book are almost biblical because it documents, through poetic transference, the amazing journey of the author of the book Piere Ingram. Knowing Piere for only a short time, I came to love his previous poetry work, New Life Poetry, so much that I vowed to pick up the next book that he should publish for us, lucky readers. “I Bleed Through this Ink, There’s Passion in Your Purpose” does not disappoint and you will definitely feel with the author’s conveying through his poetic words. When you read and experience the struggle and then the rebirth which is almost phoenix-like. You will swear you know exactly who this great brother is personally. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next offering I’m pretty sure it will be equally amazing. thank you my Great Brother Piere Ingram for sharing your amazing story and life with us. We greatly appreciate you for that gift.


Q. How can folks get ahold of your books Piere?

A. On Amazon

Use this link here. 


Q. Do you have a website?

A. https://newlifepoetry.live


Q. Any parting words you have for your readers, Piere?

A. I just want to thank you all for being to share in this side of my life. It has been a long road fraught with challenges and thoughts of relapses happening.

But this is what the enemy likes to do to God’s children. Torment them and cause them to grovel in despair.

But greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. 

I have been drug and alcohol-free now for the past three (3) years.  Plus I have new books on the way. 


Thank You, Piere Ingram


ps. For those requiring the pdf version of this blog post in a stylish new cover, feel free to reach out to Piere personally.

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pps. Here are some references for those wanting more information on the topic of addiction and venues to get help if you need it.

Resources for recovery: SAMHSA’s (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) National Helpline, 1-800-662-HELP (4357) NARCONON 1 (888) 477-5527

Detoxification 12-Step Programs (Such as AA – Alcoholics Anonymous) Narcotics Anonymous – Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is an international, community-based association of recovering drug addicts with more than 50,000 weekly meetings in over 130 countries.

Therapeutic treatment centers. Some treatment centers offer comprehensive programs that integrate individual and group therapy with experiential therapies such as art, music, writing, yoga, mindfulness meditation, and more.

You can find treatment centers on the International Institute for Trauma & Addiction Professionals (IITAP) website.


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