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Quiari is one of those health and wellness products that silently comes along and actually does what it has been described it can do.

This speaks volumes and both product and company have created quite a stir in the MLM world. This is going to be my factual and unbiased review of Quiari.

There is a lot I intend to cover in this review but by the end, you will have a clear and concise picture of what the company and product is about.

The business model being used in Quiari falls under the category of Direct Selling / MLM which some people favor over the more popular affiliate marketing model. So let’s dive in.




The History Of The Maqui Berry


The idea


In coming up with the idea for a product that could potentially transform the lives of its users much like it has the Mapuche Indians of Chile’s Patagonia region, it was simple. Use what was already working.

The Maqui Berry was a stand alone super product with enormous potential. A super antioxidant of great proportions, this little berry would soon revolutionize the world.


Coming Up With The Product


In coming up with the product behind the Quiari brand, we tun our attention to Dr.Juan Hancke, the chief scientific advisor to the company and for good reason.

We shall learn more of Dr. Hancke as we delve deeper into this review.

For the moment, the idea here was to create a version of the Maqui berry to deliver an even more powerful punch than it was already capable of delivering and in a form acceptable to the masses.

It was at this juncture that in collaboration with Bob Reina, that Dr. Hancke came up with the Maqui X formula and sealed the deal as we say.


Maqui X



Quiari Blog


The Maqui X formula which led to the breakthrough product now patented and distributed worldwide by Quiari was formulated by lead Maqui expert Dr.Juan Hancke.

Dr. Hancke was awarded a US$5 Million dollar grant by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to study this little-known superfruit.


video credit Quiari – Discover Quiari


When Bob Reina discovered the maqui berry and the potential this “little” giant of a fruit possessed, he collaborated with Dr. Hancke to have it formulated to pack even more punch and to give the brand the leverage it would need to stand way ahead of its competition, if any.

Maqui contains up to 5 times more antioxidant power than any previously known superfruit. QuiAri’s super-concentrated organic extract, MaquiX™ takes the power of the berry to the next level.


Quiari Product


Quiari shakes and energy capsules. These are the two launch products. The shakes come in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. You can have a closer look here.


quiari's energy pill
quiari shakes


Quiari products consist of a health shake with one pouch containing 28 full servings. Then there is an energy pill to be taken just after the shake and this is all you need for the day.

The energy pill serves to remind of the Maqui Berry as it is purple in color which can be attributed to the extremely high levels of anthocyanins, which is an antioxidant that gives Maqui its deep purple color.

The energy pill comes in a small bottle each containing 60 capsules.


What Are The Chief Benefits To Consumers


Maqui and the Maqui X do so much for the human body, you would be surprised. Here are some of the many benefits to be enjoyed.

maqui berries
maqui berries

Maqui supports and promotes:

Healthy Weight Loss

Increased Energy Levels

A Healthy Inflammatory Response

A Stronger Immune System

Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Healthy Aging

Total Body Cleansing

Healthier Skin

Ocular (Eye) Health

A Healthy Cardiovascular System

Better Overall Health

Maqui contains up to 5 times more antioxidant power than any previously known superfruit.



QuiAri’s super-concentrated organic extract, MaquiX™ takes the power of the berry to the next level. 

There are amazing results to be realized when you start using these fantastic Quiari products. Check out these promoters who just smashed their health goals here as seen in these before and after pictures.

These are definitely results you can feel.


Who Are Quiari’s Principal Players?


While the company has been recording phenomenal success in the health and wellness realm it could not have been achieved without the vision of its legendary CEO Bob Reina.

Direct sales and MLM are nothing new to Bob Reina, but surprisingly this is not where he got his start, but it was a wise move that he made when he did.




Bob Reina’s success came as no surprise to the many who knew him. Bob has always had an entrepreneurial side and that was made evident when he discovered network marketing back in 1990.

But Bob has always been servant leader. In fact he got his start in law enforcement. Bob Reina was a Tampa Bay police officer graduating at the top of his class from the Tampa Police Academy.

He has received numerous awards during his time as a deputy on the force but that was also where he nurtured his desire of helping others. Something which has never left him.

bob reina
Bob Reina

It was during his time in the police force that Bob with a need to supplement his income was introduced to network marketing and was good at it even though only doing it part-time as an associate.

In time he had worked his way up to becoming a top earner in that health and wellness company surpassing the income from his policeman’s salary.

Bob has always wanted to improve the lives of others and so he had to make a then difficult decision to leave the force so he could be used for a greater good in serving his community through his entrepreneurial endeavors.



In 2004, Bob Reina started his own global network marketing business, which grew quickly and set industry records. That company, Talk Fusion, is still a hit today. But Bob knew he had to do more.

With his heart set on improving the state of health a person would need if they were to be able to enjoy personal achievements , wealth included, then they would need to be in the best possible health themselves.

Thus, it was time for something new and daring to be born.


The Chief Scientist


The chief scientific advisor on the team is Dr. Juan Hancke. He was awarded a large grant of US$5 million dollars to study the little-known at the time superfruit known as the Maqui berry.

Dr Hancke’s research took him to the Patagonia region of Chile where the berry thrives. It was also noted that the Indian tribe known as the Mapuche, whom the Spanish had long endeavored to conquer but were unable to do so, might have derived their fortitude from the use of the berry.

maqui berry expert dr. juan hancke
Dr. Hancke

Dr. Hancke’s research showed that Maqui contains extremely high levels of anthocyanins, which is an antioxidant that gives Maqui its deep purple color.

Anthocyanins in Maqui berry are truly unique, as 80% of all anthocyanins in Maqui are delphinidins, which are the most potent antioxidant compounds.

Dr. Hancke identified and extracted these very powerful antioxidants and created a proprietary, super-concentrated organic extract of the Maqui Berry, named MaquiX®, which boosts the antioxidant power up to 10 times.




The VP Of Marketing

allison roberts of quiari
Allison Roberts – VP Marketing

Allison Roberts is the face behind Quiari’s marketing and you’ll often see her share the spotlight with CEO Bob Reina on corporate videos on the company’s YouTube channel.

Allison brings to the table a vast amount of knowledge and experience having been associated with Bob before in his first company Talk Fusion, also a huge success.

Allison has been very instrumental at the beginning in getting Quiari to become a household word on everyone’s lips and continues to do her part in ensuring Quiari stays at the top.

Since being part of the team at Quiari, Allison continues to shine and exemplifies the vision of CEO Bob Reina with her outstanding work ethic. Whoop Whoop!



How Does One Make Money With Quiari?


Listed out below I shall cover a number of ways that distributors and consumers alike can benefit from the income potential that accompanies Quiari.

Share The Opportunity

While the product of the company and use of that product provides members and customers alike with renewed energy and an all-over feel-good vitality, there is the income potential as well.

How does one make money with Quiari? Well, I think at this juncture I’ll issue a disclaimer as understandably no one person’s efforts should even be compared to another.

That’s why we are often told in the online industry especially that results are not typical.

I will say though that like with any other opportunity out there, when you experience something as good as you do with Quiari, you are compelled to share and when you do you as a member, you get paid.

Daily Team Broadcasts

Every day all over the world, daily broadcasts are seen by enthusiastic promoters and their prospects.

At these broadcasts, the presenter will not only share the opportunity that is Quiari, but it will be presented in a way that can easily be duplicated.

This is the secret to success for any business model especially those in the MLM arena.

Once you can teach and train your teams to duplicate the process by copying and following what you do then you are on your way.

Tasting Parties

I am sure you have heard the saying which goes like this. “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.”

In Quiari’s case, this could not be more true as tasting parties are the way to go. The best way to get persons hooked on your product is to let them sample it.

And that’s exactly what you do at a tasting party. It provides a casual environment to treat your prospects to the company’s product.



In this post and in this section particularly you will come across links some of which may be directly attributed to me.

That is if you reading this post should opt to join Quiari or purchase products using my links, then I make a commission but this in no way affects your purchase or makes it more expensive to you.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Compensation Plan, Fast Start Bonuses & Rank Advancements


To learn about the compensation plan of Quiari, just go to the company site or click the highlighted words back there and read all about it.

There is also a downloadable PDF version of the comp plan you can access there as well.


get paid in 5 minutes
photo credit by Quiari


There you will learn about all the ways one can earn with Quiari and to my knowledge, this is the only company that can boast of paying its distributors within 5 minutes of making a sale.

One of the cool features about this company is that they have left nothing to chance. I like the fact that you can download the Q app on your phone so every time you get paid, you are notified. Cha-Ching.

That’s music to anyone’s ears.

The Master Distributors



Minh and Julie Ho of Quiari
Minh & Julie Ho ( Quiari Master Distributors)


The Master distributor has a huge task on their hands and it is not a responsibility that should be taken lightly. Having started with Bob in his first company, it was a no-brainer having Minh & Julie Ho start this project. These two are the best of the best.

Minh is one of those people who when he sets his sight on the mission at hand, he is relentless in his pursuit to the top. Moreover, he leads by example.

His wife Julie is no exception to the rule. Between them, Bob could not be in better hands.

They bring a vast amount of experience to the table for which Quiari is ever thankful.


Other Hugely Successful Quiari Distributors


One of the reasons Quiari has been so successful is not just because it has a totally outstanding product, neither is it the fact that the CEO is a genius in his own right. No.

Much of Quiari’s success must be attributed to its distributors, many of whom not only talk the talk but also walk the walk.


a few of the top quiari reps
Some of the top Quiari reps


While there are too numerous to mention and would take up probably another couple thousand words, I chose to share with you those that stood out for me, based on their work ethics and dedication to the business.

Success stories are also featured on the companies website for your perusal.


Quiari’s Growth Is Unparalleled


Quiari launched bask on October 1st, 2019 worldwide in approximately over 140 countries. Since that day the company has just excelled in growth and excellence.

Of the many health and wellness companies out there, none comes close to Quiari when you take everything into consideration.

This is why Quiari is known as the New #1.


Why I Would Definitely Recommend Quiari



quiari products work
Quiari is a winner


Now as you can see from the photo above I don’t have to brag or boast but Quiari products do work and this is why you can’t stop them. And as the saying goes if you can’t beat them, join them.

Of course, if you do not in the process of losing all the unwanted pounds, then don’t maintain a discipline to live a more healthier lifestyle, then those pounds could silently creep back on.

Just a word to the wise.

It has been my pleasure to bring you this totally unbiased review. If you are an honest and ethical worker, you can go places with Quiari. I know I have. What’s stopping you?




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