Resources is the section devoted to showcasing the tools used by myself as a marketer to promote the various products and services I offer to the public.

While resources may vary and differ from marketer to marketer depending on individual preference, there are some that will remain common and you will notice this as you see different examples of resources pages online.

As my blog grows and the need arises I may from time to time add more resource tools here for your consideration.

Before I continue, I would like for you to take a look at this disclaimer.

So now let’s look at my Resources.


Domain Name & Hosting


For my hosting I use a service out of the UK called D9 Hosting. So far I can’t say that I have had any issues and my website response time is blazing fast.

D9 came highly recommended to me and I am going to have my other existing domains transferred over to D9. Yes they are that good. The support is great. I prefer when you can have a one-stop shop experience. D9 Hosting gives me that.

You can check them out HERE.

Along with your hosting, D9 also gives you the opportunity to get your domain name and as a perk you get FREE SSL certificates.

When it comes to resources, and you are talking hosting, D9 is your best bet. You also get freebies alongside your order. Click the link  above and get D9 Hosting today. You won’t regret it.





One of the most important resources tools you will need in your arsenal is your auto-responder. They are so many auto-responder providers out there but my favorite of choice is Aweber.

I choose Aweber because it is very user friendly and recently they have included in their toolkit the ability to create landing pages and that is huge for me. Plus they have now introduced what is called Aweber Free.

With Aweber Free, you now get to test drive them without a time restriction and this gives you time to concentrate on building your business through growing your email list.

Here’s what Aweber’s Rob Patterson has to say about the new Aweber Free.

AWeber Free: Email marketing for free. No credit card required.

Landing Page Builder

resources A Landing page builder is also another tool to have among your resources. Truth is there are also many to choose from and they vary with ease of use.

Optimize Press has a unique landing page builder which integrates with WordPress and can be used to create landing pages, lead magnets, thank you pages for product downloads, and opt-in forms.

Other landing page builders which are pretty popular are GetResponse (also an auto-responder provider), ClickFunnels, The Conversion Pros and even Aweber has since added landing pages as well to it product lineup.

The thing here to consider is that each of these page builders with the exception of perhaps ClickFunnels has a specific unique functionality about it that will give it an advantage over the others.

That being said it boils down to customer preference. For me personally, I used Optimize press in this case as it was the option suggested for the program I am doing here with John Thornhill.

I also prefer to use The Conversion Pros which can perform some of what Optimize Press can do and as the name alone suggests these guys are pro when it comes to the landing and capture pages they create.

You can get Optimize Press Here.

The Conversion Pros Here.


The theme that I am using for the website you are on right now is called The Smart Theme. This theme is a product of the Optimize Press 3 landing page builder. It is a very sharp, clean, yet simple web theme.

Most of the resources you are being treated to on this page can also be found featured in a blog post I wrote which you can access Here.


Exclusively For Entrepreneurs

Can you imagine a resource platform designed exclusively for entrepreneurs by an entrepreneur of several years experience and a multi 7 figure earner himself?

This platform is a place where you can learn, earn , ask questions and above all be surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals all working towards their individual goals and dreams.

I cannot truly give you a proper visualization of the platform except that it is richly rewarding from an educational perspective and a chance to rub shoulders with fellow entrepreneurs, pick their brains and get some much needed tips and advice.




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