Resources are a must for any business to function and on this page, I have sought to list the more frequently used tools in my online business and where possible share where these tools or resources can be acquired.

From the place where one can acquire domain names right up to my favorite all-in-one digital software suite, I’ll expose you to what’s working for me and can do the same for you.  So let me begin with the domain name. That’s what you will be known by on the web.

I have also taken the liberty to list the items in separate modules with the identifying logos and a brief history of each. I hope this is of use to you the reader and just a disclaimer I need to add.

Should you decide to purchase any of the items displayed here on this page through my carefully placed affiliate links, then know that upon your purchase I receive a small commission and for that gesture, I do appreciate your support. 



There are many reasonable domain name providers on the web, but the one I tend to visit the most is found at As the name implies domains can be easily picked up here and they also offer the other items you would come to expect from a domain name provider. But don’t take my word for it. Visit NameCheap today and see for yourself.



Domains offer what you will be known by all over the web, but Hosting is where you lay your head down to sleep at night. Hosting provides the home for your website so to speak and again many of the hosting providers also now provide domain services at reasonable rates as well like as in an all in one package. You can get as much as up to 20% off on your first order with D9 Hosting.



My favorite autoresponder is from a company called GetResponse. Not only do they provide affordable packages, they also give you a 30-day FREE trial to test things out and I love their landing page tool. Very simple and easy to use. Most of the resources I use and even others you will come across will overlap in the services they offer and so your choice may come down to user experience.

home business academy


Almost every marketer knows they’ll need leads in order for their business to grow and flourish. So why not align yourself with a service that can get you leads on auto-pilot with their superior designed capture pages? I’m sure you’ll not find another like HBA’s Funnel Builder Tool.



Sometimes we get a bit weary when we see a headline like the one being used here. And it can throw you off when the intended product does not deliver. Not so in this case. I have used and continue to use this very versatile software for my website’s SEO needs. I highly recommend you do too. 



You may think I am biased saying this but I kid you not. I have never used a more robust and all-in-one tool like there is in Canva. See my Canva Review here. It is undoubtedly the number one tool for graphic designers and yet easy enough for complete beginners to master.



One of the most incredible tools in my arsenal is a tool that I use to create E-books or reports as giveaways or lead magnets. Pdfs, turning podcasts or videos to become ebooks is also possible. This tool can become yours for an incredibly low one-time price. Maybe you’d like to Learn More first.


When it comes to video, our minds go straight to YouTube. But as content creators, we are always looking for that competitive edge. These tools can help. VidIq is known for its ability to help your video stand out with its keyword, analytics, and SEO ingenuity. Give them a try. You won’t regret it.



Aweber is a powerful stand-alone email services provider that is loved by hundreds of thousands of marketers and business owners. If you want email done right, then consider Aweber. Not only are they affordable, but you can also test drive them for all the time you need. Get the details here.

Go Funnel Box


One of the newest tools I’ve been able to get my hands on has been an all-in-one powerhouse called Go Funnel Box. This tool comprises of several individual tools located in one central hub for easy access and convenience.  As more and more features and tools are added, you would not have to pay for those add-ons. But of course, you have to own the Go Funnel Box first. Take a look at it here complete with demos.



When it comes to creating stunning short-form videos whether, for intros, outros, or even product promotions, etc.

Viddyoze is the software you’ll want to have. This incredible tool can be purchased as a one-time outing but you can learn more about Viddyoze by visiting this special link.



When you are starting out on your online journey everything and I mean everything can seem to be very confusing. Why? Well, you can experience what is known as information overload and then who do you listen to when information is coming from all over the place? Well, you will need an expert in the field where you are now traversing. This is why I suggest premium coaching in the name of Ultimate Marketing Mastermind. Check it out here.

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