We shall go into some deeper detail on this topic along with visual examples on the relevant page. Of course, you will learn of our service within this area.


Most of the marketing or sale of products online is conducted digitally. You will have a better view of the role digital marketing can play in your business in detail as you explore further.


Video marketing is exciting and fun and has taken the online digital space by storm. If you are not including video among your arsenal of online tools then you are destined to fail.


we help people from all over the world


Services that we would render to you our audience will mostly be in the form of information-styled services & also on occasion may take on a more consultation-like experience.

In any event, the sole purpose and function of what is provided for you here at David Jones Marketing are to equip you with the knowledge, guidance, and hands-on instruction you’ll need as a beginner.

So we furnish you with the knowledge first, then comes the guidance as to how to connect the dots, and finally, we guide you much as you would a child now riding a bike for the first time.

While this may seem belittling to some, it is the best way to successfully navigate the online marketing space and is far less expensive.

What We Do

What we do for you our valued customer is to provide training and even mentorship.

Through our content on this site, we help you to know and better navigate the hoops in Online Marketing.

Thank you for taking the time to see what we offer. As we begin our dive, we focus here on Branding, which will help to position you as an authority.

We then look at Digital Marketing as this is the easiest model to participate in and follow. Then finally we look at expanding our presence and reach through Video. (Video Marketing)

Video is undoubtedly the most popular style of marketing to use as it is not only widely popular, but also captivating.

With video, you can spread your reach so much farther and with all the software tools available today, creating top quality videos is a cinch.

The skies are literally the limit when it comes to video creation and marketing.

We shall not only look at some of the more widely used video creation software tools, but rather the best type of camera equipment to use and lighting.


So this is our services page and the way we have gone about detailing the site here is with you the visitor in mind. We are here to serve you mostly by way of information and consultancy. If there is anything you feel impressed to know about but might not see mentioned here on the site we may still be of assistance to you our valued visitor. It’s what we do. 

So feel free to peruse our pages on Branding, Digital marketing, and Video marketing as you never know what you might learn.

Hi, I just wanted to point out a quick update on our services. We now offer funnel building and design as well as helping you get your content published in e-book form if that’s your preference.

Creating cover photos for Social media platforms is also available but to learn more do reach out to us by email. We do and can help you in a variety of ways so just write us so we can help you. 

I will be creating a video soon especially to highlight our funnel building as this is a very important tool in your marketing.

Over to the right you can see more of what we can help you with and even show you how this of itself could be a way of you earning extra income. So stay tuned. Hit the contact page to drop us a message. Thank you.

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The Importance Of The Sales Funnel.

In my online journey, I have seen many an affiliate marketer spout these words. I can help you make blah,blah,blah sums of money and you won’t need paid ads, an email list or even some techy funnel.

Have you ever seen messages like this before? I see it a lot on the covers of some profiles of affiliate marketers on Facebook. To its defence however, a funnel is an important tool any marketer that knows his or her salt will have in their tool box. 

If you ever then go on to see what the marketers who promote this theory of not needing a funnel actually do, you would be surprised to see that they have a sales page and checkout process that is as you guessed it, part of a funnel experience.

To help you better understand the importance of the funnel, maybe I should share with you exactly what a funnel is and how it helps in your sales process. So what is a Funnel? Glad you asked. 

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