Social media engagement as the term implies is basically what happens when content is created by random users, uploaded to the various social platforms, and engages the attention of other neutral parties also using the platforms solely for entertainment, social, or business purposes.

The thought and planning that goes into content creation for social media engagement can often see users having their content explode with the amount of activity and attention such content receives thus creating what is known as the content going viral.

Going viral simply means that the content is being eaten up at a faster rate than it is able to be shared and is thus seen by a much larger audience than those among whom it was first shared leading to unprecedented numbers actually seeing the content and making famous the creator of such content.

Social media engagement is also a critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to digital marketing.

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3 Proven Ways To Effective Social Media Engagement

Having created the backdrop for what social media engagement entails, it is necessary to underscore the need for following certain protocols if indeed one is to benefit from such engagement towards building a successful business utilizing social media in today’s world of business.

Social Media Engagement In 3 Effective Proven Steps
social media engagement in 3 proven steps

Many small businesses utilize social media for their survival and it is a very powerful platform to command, but only if used wisely and with careful strategy.

Therefore, to ensure that your social media engagement works to your benefit there are a number of proven practices one must employ to achieve success.

First I shall list the most widely used social media platforms of 2020 according to Search Engine Journal. I would like to point out however that since not all social media platforms are created equal, it means that what works for one site may not work for another.

Your social media engagement will best be determined by the audience you seek to attract and then utilizing the platform that best serves that niche or section of the population.

The 7 top social media platforms are as follows:-

  1. Facebook –  Founded in 2004 with 2.45 billion active monthly users.
  2. Twitter – Founded in 2006 with 330 million active monthly users.
  3. LinkedIn – Founded in 2003 with 310 million active monthly users.
  4. Instagram – Founded in 2010 with 1 billion active monthly users.
  5. Snapchat – Founded in 2011 with 360 million active monthly users.
  6. Pinterest – Founded in 2010 with 322 million active monthly users.
  7. Redditt – Founded in 2005 with 430 million active monthly users.

So having taken these big seven social media giants into consideration and I’m sure that you might believe that there should have been some entered here and perhaps some omitted, each user experience on these sites will differ.

This is because they cater to different age groups, social behaviors, and surprisingly not many business owners are very familiar with all of these sites listed here.

What I shall endeavor to highlight with my post today is a common thread of behavior that is still regarded as a rule of thumb when it comes to social media engagement.

In my examples, I will highlight Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Proven Way #1 To Effective Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement In 3 Effective Proven Steps

Why are you on social media?

Daily Posting.

Social Media Engagement In 3 Effective Proven Steps

Most studies agree that once per day is optimal, with a maximum of two posts per day.

Proven Way #2 To Effective Social Media Engagement

Social media marketing ideas

social media engagement in 3 proven steps

When a fisherman goes out on the ocean to fish for his daily bread as it were, he can only be considered successful if he has caught fish. Agreed?

Hence for the one practicing effective social media engagement, he or she first has to know where to find the fish. Once that has been established, then and only then can a net be dropped to bring in your catch.

Your effective social media engagement can only be as sound as your social media marketing idea. Consider some more ideas in this article for social media marketing ideas.

LinkedIn is one of the social media platforms which is populated by a more mature audience, but it still governed by the principles involved as covered above where the frequency and type of posts are concerned.

It should be noted however that on LinkedIn, many of the people often frequenting that platform are actual job seekers as compared with businesses actually looking to acquire customers.

Whatever the situation though, content is daily being uploaded and still commands the same regard and attention as on other platforms with regards to reading, liking, commenting, and even sharing the content across the platform.

Daily ♥️ Liking & Commenting

This takes me to daily liking and commenting. If you are new to the social media space, then it is necessary for your posting to be conducted daily, consistently at a particular time but differentiating between the type and style of posts.

When perusing the content of your peers or any content for that matter, take the time to carefully read what is being shared and then comment appropriately.

You do not get extra points for racing through a post and then giving a one-word comment. When someone has gone to lengths to create insightful and powerful content, then the least that could be done is for that content to be carefully digested.

Facebook in particular as a platform will reward users who take the time to read content and give meaningful, thoughtful comments. What this does for the one doing the liking and commenting is that when reciprocation time comes, your posts will be featured in greater measure for more to see and enjoy.

I will also add that Facebook favors heart ♥️ emojis. Likes have become a thing of the past. And if you love ♥️ something, then you are going to spend some time with it.

Proven Way #3 To Effective Social Media Engagement

Building & maintaining your tribe

Social Media Engagement In 3 Effective Proven Steps

If your social media management is truly being effective, you would have started to notice by now a trend or following where a specific group of persons is daily engaging in your posts and who look forward to more coming from you.

Do not take this attention for granted as many have been known to do, have thus neglected to return the gesture made available to them, and have lost the advantage in being able to build on their growing wave of potential clients.

The goal of your social media campaigns has been anything but social, as they have been carefully strategically planned to acquire leads, thus leading to customers and then sales.

Similar to how an email list would work, as you go about this unconventional social media funnel, groups are a very good way of keeping everyone together and it is through having your own group that sets you apart as the authority.

Facebook and LinkedIn are known for their groups, but then so too is Pinterest.


Daily Acquisitions

Final Considerations

Social Media Engagement In 3 Effective Proven Steps

One of the best sources I have found when it comes to all things Social Media related and teaches some of the best tips for active social media engagement is the YouTube channel FMSM.

That stands for Five Minute Social Media which is owned and run by Jerry Potter. This channel is a great resource tool and one I highly recommend as Jerry gives great advice and tips in a unique and entertaining way.

In fact if you act quickly, you can click the link above to get a free guide from Jerry on how to provide a quick fix to your social media.

I hope you got value from this post. I will leave you with a video aptly entitled “How to create Facebook posts that get shared.” Do enjoy it and I’ll see you in my next post.

Social Media Engagement In 3 Simple Steps – Jerry Potter

See you soon.


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