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When it comes to email list-building strategies, solo ads have always been widely considered across the industry as the go-to option for many internet marketers.

This is so because, with solo ads, marketers can get to present their offers before as many potential customers as possible in so much as far as their ability to buy the clicks they believe will make the most impactful outcome to their campaign.

So let me break that down so you are clear, and to do that we must first define what a solo ad actually is or is not.

Here is a video that is done by Evan Scoresby of How To With Evan which is a series he has started teaching all about Solo Ads and how they work.

I think you will enjoy this.




What Is A Solo Ad ?


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By definition, a solo ad is the presentation of an offer or service of some sort made to a list of potential buyers by way of email, where these buyers make up a listing owned by another whom we shall call the solo ads vendor.

So the ad vendor has a list of subscribers known as an email list which he makes available to the marketer wanting to get his offer before as many potential clients as possible for an agreed price determined between the owner of the list and himself.

These email lists are comprised of persons who are seeking solutions to various problems they may have and are often open to the offers being put to them by marketers.

But for the marketer to get his offer or potential solution before the list of subscribers, he has to enter into an agreement with the ad provider to have his offer presented to a specific number of people for a price.

The people on the list of the vendor are shown the offer through an ad campaign ( a solo ad ) which will run for as much time as is necessary for the offer to be seen and persons given the opportunity to opt into the offer presented.

They opt-in by clicking on the ad presented in the emails they will receive through the solo ad campaign and each one who clicks the ad and takes up the offer now becomes a subscriber of that new marketer’s email list.

So this is what solo ads are essentially all about. One person has acquired lists of hundreds of thousands of people seeking one thing or another and he makes his list available for others to peddle their offers to his list at a cost.


The Money Is In The List Concept


That costing is calculated on a per person basis meaning that for every eyeball that sees the intended offer, a value is prescribed.

For example, I may want 500 people to see my offer and for me to get that package, I may have to pay the list owner or solo ads provider a fee of say sixty cents ( 0 .60 cents) for every person that sees my offer.

This means that I would have paid the vendor the sum of three hundred dollars ( $300.) to show my offer to his email list.

While there is no guarantee that my offer will attract new clients, if they click to open the ad presented to them and enter their contact details, they are then now added to my list.

That represents what is called an opt-in.

The more opt-ins I can achieve through my solo ads campaign represents the number of potential new buyers by which my own email list grows and thus can create enormous earning potential for me over time.

So you can appreciate then how fast marketers can build their email lists using solo ads campaigns since for every campaign and for every new subscriber added means the opportunity to make more revenue.

As we continue you will begin to realize how many moving parts this exercise of email list building can create.

It’s really a numbers game when you think of it, and the money is literally in the list of subscribers you now have the permission to sell whatever you deem is worthy for them to see.


If Only It Was Really This Easy


solo ads


Now that I have perplexed your brains a little, let me begin to clear up some of the cobwebs and make this a much easier pill to swallow.

It doesn’t have to be hard as long as you know what you are doing. Here’s how to build your list with solo ads.

This is why I am glad you are here as I am going to make life so much easier for you as we go through all the moving parts associated with solo ads, beginning with the vendors.

Your experience with solo ads campaigns will only be enjoyable if you can achieve results. Now while results can vary and the ads vendor cannot at all times be held accountable, some bad practices do occur.

Research is and will continue to be your best bet in any endeavor you see to undertake in life.

Those who fail to prepare will thus likely be prepared to fail.

So when you are looking to build your email list and by extension, your business whether online or offline, take the time to do your research.

There is no rush. Take as much time as you need. Just do it.

Since we are going to be starting with vendors first, I will list some of those who come recommended as being worthy of your attention.

I will also however give my own personal recommendation and I will share why this is so.


Solo Ads Vendors


solo ads


It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. I’m sure it doesn’t take a thousand to guess what the lady above is going through. Yikes!

This does not have to be your solo ads experience. So I started by giving this post a title. Can you remember what it was? Yes, it was 4 reasons solo ads are the best way to build your email list fast.

That can happen but only if you are working with the best and most credible vendors in the industry and some are just downright dirty.

But we want to focus on the good, and not the bad & the ugly.


solo ads


Here are some of the ones that come recommended but after I have exposed them to you for your perusal, I will give you those 4 reasons solo ads are best and then highlight the one vendor whose message I resonate with.

I recommend these vendors based on the feedback received and or acquired through testimonials and those of other senior and more experienced marketers who have also used their services.

Real solo ad traffic by Rodney Stokes has been and appears to be a very consistent reliable provider of quality solo ads traffic for a number of years.

The testimonials speak for themselves.

I have also had the pleasure of doing business with Rodney on another level and I find him to be a very honest and credible guy. You can check his site by clicking the link just a few lines above.

Traffic For Me with Harris Fellman is another that I have only heard good things about. His introduction video is hilarious but he makes a point.

He comes recommended from a 7 figure earner I also know. Click his link right above to learn more.

So how do I know what vendors to kinda stay away from? You’ll learn that before I close. Now the last vendor I shall highlight is the one whose message really lifts me.

Sales For You Traffic with Ian Hartwell is the one I really recommend out of the lot. Here’s why and this ties in with my title for this blog post today.

Get his Free Report at the link above.

His other page is what I actually wish for you to read. This is the GOLD right here.

Just open that link and read. So the 4 reasons solo ads are the best way to build your email list fast are as follows:


  1. They can be made to identify and target your specific market and audience.
  2. They can be segmented to fit your specific audience,
  3. They are quickly scalable and can give the best ROI.
  4. When partnered with the right vendor, solo ads are unstoppable & unbeatable for reaching massive profits.


Now there are other important factors involved as well. Here’s one of them and it leads to another incredible perspective.


This is the biggest reason why most marketers lose money with Solo Ads traffic and that is because they fail to build their own list first before sending anyone to their main offer. ~ Ian Hartwell ( Sales For You Traffic )


I can give you even 4 more reasons to consider using solo ads.


  1. You get to create dozens of leads in a single ad campaign.
  2. You now have hundreds looking at your offers 
  3. You can follow up with your new leads as often as you like. They are yours.
  4. And finally, as you build this new relationship with your list, it’s only a matter of time for sales to come rolling in.


One More Important Perspective Great Solo Ads Providers Will Have That Benefits Your Business


In order for a solo ads provider to build a successful business, they have to deliver traffic that gets you the purchaser results.

If they don’t do that then they are stuck in like the middle of the vast ocean with a sail but no wind or a boat with no oars to paddle. Not a good position to be in, right? Exactly.

So a great vendor will usually go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that they can get you the results that will keep you coming back to buy more and more like clockwork.

The competition is tough, but when you decide to give value alongside your offer and a commitment to excellence you cannot fail. Neither will your clients.

This is what stood out for me when I met with my current solo ads vendor. I love his approach and ethics with regard to his business.


Where Can I Buy Solo Ads On The Whole?


solo ads


There is a marketplace devoted to solo ads purchasers and sellers and that forum is called Udimi.

Udimi has a process for vetting solo ads providers to ensure that business owners are getting a good deal in the exchange. Not all traffic is real.

But I have met some reliable vendors over time and I feature 3 of them in this post.

Udimi actually walks you through the process teaching you along the way as to how to go about purchasing your first solo ads and what to expect.

Watch this short video and hear what others have to say about Udimi.



If you are desirous of starting your very own Udimi account then use this link to get started.

Let’s do a quick recap. You’re in business to make money. That’s a given. Solo ads are the way to go.

Here are 4 reasons one reputable vendor gave as to why solo ads are the fastest way to build your email list.

They also resonate with what I am saying also.


  • With a great marketing message and a good email follow-up sequence, email traffic is the fastest way to get a massive volume of people to see your offer on a limited budget.
  • Email traffic has the highest response rate because it is direct and the message is focused on a specific offer.
  • The easiest and cheapest way to build a massive email list quickly.
  • Having a list is like having an audience on demand that you promote offers to whenever you like.


Here’s a Free Report that will also help you in your selection process of how to spot credible vendors. That’s my gift to you.


Conclusion –  Will You Hit Or Miss?


solo ads


The goal of any smart business owner is to provide a user experience comparable to none in which he or she will have attracted your loyalty based on the value they share.

If the solo ads vendor provides an environment for success to his clients, then he will get repeat business. And that is the obvious goal here. Not just a one-time walk in the park.

To get that consistent flow of business for yourself as a vendor then you have to provide top-notch service for your clientele.

Nothing else will do. So buckle down and do your research when it comes to the vendors you will use.

I have made the work easier for you by creating this article that I hope has answered most of your questions.

The rest is now up to you. Will you hit or will you miss? Either way, one thing is clear.

You have to take action. It’s your time. Just do it!

Stay safe and we connect again soon.




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