5 reasons it’s time to start a thriving online business are what I will be sharing with you today. At one time or another, almost everyone has had the idea of getting into business for themselves.

If there ever was a time in earth’s history when you would want to start what could become a thriving online business, that time is now. Don’t believe me? Read this article as well.

With the level of unemployment and job losses in the past year alone, why wouldn’t anyone want to start an online business? The key however is to know when to stat and what to do when you begin.

The idea to have one’s own business exerts excitement in the one contemplating the move to being a business owner. Let’s dig in.

5 Reasons It’s Time To Start A Thriving Online Business 

It’s no secret that mankind has been the victim of being thrust into the digital age sooner rather than later and as a result now has to come to grips with devastating changes to normal everyday life.

In fact there is no more normalcy. That went out the door with the arrival of the pandemic.

Did Someone Say Pandemic?  

Believe it or not the sudden and rapid spread of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic has been the root cause of the upheaval society is facing today.

But while life has been turned upside down for many, it has never been a more opportune time to start a thriving online business. The timing could not be more right or the stars more aligned.

1. Everyone Is At Home With Little Or Nothing To Do


 5 reasons it's time to start a thriving online business 

The restrictions being imposed due to the virus and the measures sought to contain the spread has seen hundreds of thousands of persons being forced to stay in their homes with nothing more to do than binge watch movies on Netflix.

Some of the more ambitious-minded, have utilized their time wisely in looking to catch up on getting things done they otherwise couldn’t due to time being away at work.

But there is now too much time on their hands.

With so many consumers at home, bored with nothing to do in most cases, the thought of many has been to establish some way of creating an income while home.

Voila! Why not start a thriving online business. Sounds too easy?

The reason this is so compelling a reason for many is that being at home has created a dent on savings, earnings and in escalating cases loss of employment.

So why not start a thriving online business? All the potential customers are at home with nothing to do and for many especially among the women, when bored they shop.

So the timing is right because the odds are in your favor with the majority of consumers being stuck at home. Now would be the time to learn a new skill set.

2. More Than Half Of Those At Home Have Lost Their Jobs 

5 reasons it's time to start a thriving online business 

Jobs losses continue to climb, and because of that one, eye opening reality, and being stuck at home, people are driven to the internet as a means of releasing tension and stress.

They are also slowly realizing that looking for an income online might be the only means of survival.

To start a thriving online business does not call for as much capital as would a brick and mortar business and is a worthwhile consideration.

When one thinks of fulfillment, depending on what type of income-bearing activity is being sought, that is not an issue especially if one chooses to be an affiliate marketer for some big company.

Goods still have to be sold, food still has to be bought, bills still have to be paid and what better way to remain active and busy than doing all of the above from the comfort of your own home.

You might have to leave though to go to the supermarket, but that’s no big deal. So the loss of jobs/income becomes the second compelling reason to start a thriving online business.

3. More Persons Now Must Learn Computing Skills If They Are To Compete To Survive

start a thriving online business
You can work form anywhere when working online

Online Courses on every topic under the sun one could think of are now being consumed.

PLR sales I can imagine must be on the rise. For those not knowing what I mean by the term PLR, it means Private Label Rights.

Some online business owners who might have created products for sale to the public also gives the customer an opportunity to resell the product as their own.

Through the use of these ” Private Label Rights” and because the products are digital, they can be sold just as fast as they can be duplicated. Pretty neat, huh?!

If you are not computer literate, you could find yourself being left behind.

With the closure of schools, colleges, and public places and most of us are confined to staying indoors.

I imagine that laptop and personal computer sales have climber significantly higher as a result of these protocols in recent times.

According to sources like the Wall Street Journal, The Verge.com, Techrepublic.com and others, Laptops and pc’s are becoming harder to find as supplies are running out faster than they can be restocked.

So what does this tell you? If you were an entrepreneur right now and could show persons how easy it is to create an online income with the number of jobless at home going crazy for something to do, you could become a millionaire rather quickly.

4. Convenience & Timing


With the restrictions in place because of what social distancing measures create among the population, corporations, banks, fortune 500 companies, anyone that can work from home is forced to do so rather than commute to an office.

But interestingly enough the same conditions making it futile for some to hold on to their jobs is also creating an environment for them to become digital entrepreneurs.

The question is will you join the few who see a great opportunity despite the pandemic. Will you use this time to now take that bold step you were so unsure of taking before now that the playing field has been laid flat for you to take over. What’s it going to be?

5. E-commerce & Digital Businesses Are Booming…Why Can’t You?

When you think of it, there is really no reason stopping anyone that would want to start a thriving online business unless they had a major cash flow issue at hand.

Shopify, Amazon, and the like are still making money for people with vision today. On the downside, though we are reminded in scripture that ”where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Skype, Zoom, Whereby and many other online businesses have shot up in sales due to the crisis. They don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon either.

So let’s consider how you might be able to launch or even get into an online business right now.

Stores and numerous brick and mortar businesses are closing down. They are losing customers and revenue so they cannot remain afloat.

Since persons do so many searches using the likes of Google, Yahoo ,YouTube and Bing daily, it should be safe to assume that information sells.

Why not create a membership site? This would be where those PLR’s would come in handy since most of them are tutorial based e-learning courses anyway.

Since companies still need sales conducted on their behalf, it’s as good a time as any to consider becoming affiliates for more popular brands and with more people stepping out of their comfort zones, desirous of becoming internet marketers, then virtual assistants jobs could potentially increase.

5 compelling reasons it's time to start an online business 
5 reasons to start a thriving online business

If you have computing skills and graphic design skills then you could ply your trade on Fiverr.com. There is so much potential right now to become your own boss it isn’t funny.

I  want to also suggest that being an affiliate marketer is by far the most rewarding at this time.

And when you can partner up with an established marketer, like I have,  who walks the walk and is not afraid to talk the talk then it could be your time to shine.

Why wouldn’t you? I would like to suggest that as you make use of this pandemic and the opportunity it has presented for us to grow, that you take advantage of a special program that has come across my desk very recently.

The Time To Start A Thriving Online Business Is Now 

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