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Covid-19 popularly known as the pandemic has certainly changed the way we live as millions of people around the world are now coping with the massive fallout in job losses and business closures.

The question is how did we not see this coming? The question of a pandemic of this size and scope was alluded to by US President Barrack Obama in a speech he gave while he was still in office.

The bigger question on the lips of the world’s populations is how do we stop the business closures that result in the loss of jobs? How do we bounce back? Can we survive this situation?

In order to know what we are up against and how to move forward with clarity and certainty, we need to pay attention to the following components.



Covid-19 Is Here To Stay So Deal With It


These are somber words for a heading but there are true. The pandemic created by the arrival of the Covid-19 virus has literally turned the world upside down.

No one in their wildest dreams was prepared for something of this magnitude and more importantly the fallout in massive job losses and business closures as a result.

How did we get here? More important now is how do we get back on our feet and stay on top of events as things play out?

I have not made mention to the loss of life due to the virus as in my opinion when the numbers are compared, deaths attributed to the flu among other similar areas has not really moved in terms of numbers. This means that just as many people die due to influenza as compared to Covid-19.

What might have been different with Covid-19 and admittedly so is the fact that this virus spread fast and furious globally at a surprising speed and has been unrelenting.


covid-19 pandemic
Covid-19 protocols in place


It is important to note however that while there have been changes to living as we have known it, some changes are still palatable. So let’s consider our options in the face of Covid-19.

The virus is not going away. While the spread has been stemmed to some extent, things are expected to get a whole lot worse before they become better if at all.

So once we are prepared to accept the fact that change is here and has become necessary for survival, then we can look at ideas we can implement to help us get back on our feet.

I hesitate to use the phrase “get back to normal” as there is no more normal. Rather welcome to the new normal. Other more alarming terms have been lockdown, social distancing, and staying safe.


What Casualties Did Covid-19 Bring & Possible Solutions


So we know that we have a deadly virus on our hands and there have been various protocols put in place by the various world governments to stem the spread and bring back some degree of normalcy.

The world suffered the loss of life, jobs, business closures and a number of changes have been implemented to see life continue without much distress albeit taking some getting used to.

To understand exactly what one is up against, there is a need to look at what has been affected, the level of displacement caused, and what can be construed as a new working variable that addresses the problems created by the pandemic.

So I will now seek to put things in perspective. Let’s first look at what I call the casualties or massive changes brought to bear on humanity. I will also clarify the title of my post in the light of halting or stopping what I term as world collapse.


The World Before Covid-19


  1. New offline ( brick & mortar ) businesses were being opened.
  2. Unemployment was for the most part on the decline.
  3. Social Interaction was not threatened.
  4. Travel & taking vacations abroad whether by way of ocean cruises or plane trips was still an option.
  5. Movie cinemas, local bars, sporting events, community centers, gyms, daycare for the elderly & children were all running as usual.
  6. Family outings, picnics, going to the parks, beaches, and other favorite pastimes.


The World After Covid-19


  1. The mad rush to implement, or start online businesses.
  2. Work from home is one of the new rules.
  3. Social distances must be kept so persons cannot come within six (6) feet of each other.
  4. Lockdowns and quarantines are the order of the day.
  5. Businesses are forced to close as no one is allowed to work.
  6. Jobs are lost as persons cannot all work from home neither can all jobs be performed under such conditions.
  7. Lockdowns last from weeks to months and virus protection quarantines are two (2) weeks.
  8. No more social interaction. Not even church attendance is allowed in some countries.
  9. Must now wear masks on the outside and in some cases at all times especially when being within close public proximity.


So you get the picture. But we must live and to do that economies must have a way to survive and in that way, we can work and put food on the table.

Now that we have an idea of what has been disrupted and subsequently lost, we can better determine a strategy that will help us in dealing with and around the covid-19 pandemic.


The Further Impact Caused By The Covid-19 Pandemic


So we have seen a glimpse of the picture the world now appears to look like in the aftermath of the global pandemic crisis. It is not a pretty sight.

While the response to deal with the situation has been valiant in the way of speedily coming up with vaccine remedies, this process of inoculation is far from perfected as it has been done in a rush to seek halting the further spread of the virus.

In fact, when one looks at what the vaccine can or does do against what it won’t do, one has to wonder why to take the vaccine at all as there is little improvement or changes that do bring things back to closely being what they were before.

There have been big shifts seen in the Stock markets where shares in companies are bought and sold and these shifts can affect the value of pensions and individual savings accounts.

According to BBC News, ” The FTSE, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and the Nikkei all saw huge falls as the number of Covid-19 cases grew in the first months of the crisis.


this chart shows the sharp fall when the pandemic hit and then it bounces back upon news of coming vaccinef
stocks have only started rebounding with the announcement of a vaccine


This chart pales when one takes into consideration the other major sectors that play a vital role in spurring economic growth. In the tourism & hospitality industry, general travel by way of airlines, job losses continuing to climb.

It has been said that the world is now in the worst recession of its time since the Great Depression of the 1930s. See the full report with charts here.


lockdowns are now a constant feature in the world today
lockdowns are a common occurrence in the world since the covid-19 pandemic


It should be interesting to note that in all this the only two (2) countries expected to come out great in the way of improvement with their economic growth in 2021 are China and India.

It should also be noted that with all that is going on and with mounting job losses and recession swirling all around, Big Pharma comes out in the winners’ circle as being the ones coming to the “rescue” with the vaccines.

But let’s get to the meat of the matter. Let’s see how we can turn what seems to be a totally negative scenario into something more positive.


This Is What Is Needed In Order To Strike A Balance


The first thing to recognize when it comes to recovery is that things will never go back to what they were. So this means that in order to go forward we must be prepared to accept CHANGE.

It will not be business as usual. These are changing and desperate times and will call for challenging measures. Are you ready? I’m going to list the steps one will need to take and it will not be easy at first, but they can be achieved.


The Steps – 1. Where You Are & Where You Need To Be


So let’s look at this from an overall perspective first, then bring it down to an individual basis. The first thing you need to be aware of is where you are. In knowing where you are, you can then focus on where you need to be and how to get there.

Regardless of what your job was before or ongoing into the pandemic, if you no longer have that job, then you need to consider that a serious change is now warranted.

In order to know how you will proceed, you have to know what is necessary and what is needed for you to survive and to thrive.

One way to know how you will proceed would be to keep an eye on what is happening globally and what conditions are being experienced worldwide. In the event that you didn’t know, the world while coming to grips with what the pandemic has brought is moving rapidly towards some troubling times.

On the one end, the world is moving towards becoming a digitized economy. With blockchain and many countries moving their currencies over to digital versions, it gives you an idea of what you can expect.

Many protocols being set up as a result of Covid-19 have also changed how business is being conducted.

The exodus of persons losing jobs and moving away from the norm has created the desire and decision for many to look to the internet for work. This is something that I have been suggesting for some time.

So in step.1, there is a need to first look at what you might have been doing by way of profession or job, and if there is an allowance for that job to be done from a location other than in the regular work environment.

If the pandemic has totally disrupted that job you had from being pursued, then you may need to consider a change of job.

You also need to look at what is needed by way of services or skills that can be provided in exchange for payment of wages so that you can have employment.


Step.2 Know Where Your Current Customers Are Hanging Out & Be Aware Of Their Current Needs


In looking to secure work, you may need to know where your current customers or even new ones may be hanging out given the times in which we live. Then seek to reach out to them in inquiry as to what they might need help with. This is your start.

The easiest income stream that can now be pursued would be in the way of creating an online income stream. I am more leaning towards online income streams as right now they can easily be the most lucrative.


covid-19 pandemic
common signs are now seen due to the pandemic


Many of the niche offerings available post-covid-19 might be those which one can easily do from home and given the climate it is wiser to pursue these types of income streams.

Once you know where your customers are hanging out and what the market needs at this time, then you just have to take massive action and give the market what it wants.

Going forward you are not only helping others by providing solutions to their pain, you are also winning as you are creating gain, and while at it you can also encourage and teach others how to follow your lead.


Step.3 Action


As was suggested at the close of the last section, once you know where you are and what you want to pursue, you know where your customers are and what they need, then all is left to do is to take action.

Some who in pursuing a fresh start or new line of work have ventured into affiliate marketing as it is really a great idea when you know how to do it properly.

Affiliate marketing is simply aligning people with a product or service they need or that helps them solve a problem and you get a commission for bringing the vendor and the customer together.

Most persons are doing this as it can be done from the comfort of your own home and it keeps them out of harm’s way as far as exposure to the Covid-19.

If this is something that you would welcome learning more about, I have written an article you can read here that details what is required to get started in this field.

The key though is this. You need to be actively connecting with folks, becoming genuinely interested in them and how you might be able to help them forward, and in so doing you also help yourself.

I would also like to stress above all else that while the virus appears to be here for the long haul, it is of critical importance that we take care of ourselves.

Ultimately if we are going to conduct ourselves responsibly then we ought to take every precaution and make sure our bodies are in optimum health. Click The Banner below to see how this could be you.


build your immune system
Stay Ahead of Covid-19


Thanks for reading and see you soon. Take care.








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