What if I were to ask you what it is that defines someone as being a hero? What would you tell me?

Victoria De Ita is to a lot of us a hero but until now she has been a silent one.

So in this article, we shall learn a bit more about this unspoken hero. Who is she exactly and more importantly what motivates her to live above the world she finds herself in.



Victoria De Ita: The Unspoken Hero


I met Victoria on Facebook a few months ago. I can’t remember who friended who first, but she had been a student in my friend Sumit Choudhary’s course entitled. “Be The Best.” 


Victoria had been thrilled so much by what she had learned from Sumit’s course that she immediately wanted to share it with the world, starting with her friends.


But there was a little snag. While her friends had excelled at sharing their entrepreneurial business opportunities with Victoria, none of them wanted to now share in hers.


Normally this type of rejection would have negatively affected most people in her shoes and though it did trouble her, she instead sought answers, rather than wallow in self-pity.


Victoria is a fighter. She easily could have given up as some might have in her shoes, but she didn’t. She never saw herself as below anyone. She was somebody.


But now, she needs to be taken seriously. She needs to be heard. She needs to have her story publicized as it would help enlighten her peers as to the person she really is.


I have sought to help her get her message out through this interview-style blog post. Do leave your support for Victoria by way of your comments and sharing her story.


So Who Is Victoria De Ita ? Let’s Find Out


Victoria consented to do an interview with me as this was her way of sharing her story with the world. 

Let me quickly state here that Victoria has been affected with hearing loss from an early age and while this did have some negative impact on her life, she has still emerged victorious.

This is her story.


The Interview 




Q. Hi, Victoria, and Welcome to the interview. Tell us a bit about yourself, including what country you are from as of birth, and what hobbies do you have if any?

Hi! I am very eager for you to get to know me. Okay, I was born with the blessing of life and to get a chance to live every day. You see, I was a premature baby, being born too early at a mere 5 months.


But this was not the end for me. It was just the beginning. Why?

Because God put me in the care of someone who has the same thought of being grateful. Don’t feel left out. I thought I was born in Mexico, but I was not. I was born in California, in the United States of America.

I was born deaf. At age 3 or 4, my foster mom asked the doctor if there was any chance I would ever hear. I was given surgery to be able to hear some but was hard of hearing for a few years then I lost more of my hearing. Things became worse.


Q. Can You Hear Any Better Now Victoria or not yet 100%? 

Not anymore. My hearing loss is the worst and I can only hear 1% more than before.


Q. Is This Why You Want To Teach ASL ( American Sign Language)

Yes, Asl is indeed for many reasons. I am lucky I can speak for that matter.


Hobbies & Favorite Foods 


Q. Okay, Let’s Revisit The Other Part Of The First Question Regarding Your Hobbies, Shall We?   

My hobbies are very important and I’m trying to stay with them. 

My hobbies include watching movies and love to make blogs. I love music and dancing. It is part of my workout. 


Q. What’s your favorite color, favorite foods, etc? Just anything you’d want the audience to know about you.  And I happen to know you love to eat. 🙂

My favorite color is red or ruby. Makes me strong like fire. I love going out to eat at restaurants. I would love to video and share and tell you why those foods are my favorite. My many favorite foods are hamburgers, tacos, steak, and international foods


victoria dining with son

Life Challenges & Possible Workaround


Q. Now I understand that you have had a fairly troubled childhood and other challenges related to your impairment. What was it like growing up?

Gotta hear my grown-up story. I will write. It is a long story! But for now, just a short story! 

Why was I born so early as an unhealthy baby! Who will take care of me to be healthy again?. 

Who can challenge me to be living without help! Trying to be independent to grow up. 

These were the questions I wanted to have answered. 

I grew to be a fighter, to learn and experience and stand up for what I can do.

My foster parents helped me through it all. Here’s a pic of them.


victoria's foster parents


Q. Were you ever able to work at all? 

Yes, I can work. I had many jobs in the past years. I used to work in stores as a cashier. I used to work taxes. I worked in Data entry. I used to work as a music teacher. Many positions I can do. 


Q. You mentioned to me before the interview that you were fascinated by the ability to make money online. 

Yes, very. Facts. I had a hard time finding it. Now, you open me to walk in and start writing. Thank you. I feel much better. Please try me. Nothing to be afraid of.


Q. Are there any special areas you want to explore in the MMO ( Making money online)  Niche? 

Yes, Make a blog! Watch movies and give hints of improving thoughts. Study and learn.

I am sure there are more that I don’t know. I do not mind seeing it.


Q. I understand that you had some exposure to an online opportunity created by my friend Sumit Choudhary called “Be The Best.”  How was it for you?

I love you! 🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼

I read this. Melt my heart. I tell you. Sumit Chaudhary is the best coach. He is a very good listener. He was surprised that I am deaf. He still let me open the door welcome. 

I love to see people and love to hear their testimonials. We all do need support to live and be a happy life. There is no other like Be The Best. 

Thank you.


Working From Home Doing Affiliate Marketing. Will It Work?


victoria reflecting


Q. The program uses the affiliate marketing business model. Do you like doing Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, I do.


Q. What do you like most about it?

I love seeing my friend Jenise doing her project on foods to eat healthy because of her being a diabetic. I respect that. I learn a lot.


Q. What was it like for you when you got started in online marketing?

I started last year. More like from Aug 2021 to now.


Q. Why affiliate marketing? Why was this your choice of marketing style and business model to use?

It was a very good deal for the price of this affiliate and I got a great income. Others are very pricey and can’t afford it, I found this and it matches me well.


Q. What happened next?

I did a post and a few friends asked me and they are pitching me to join their business and not want to join my Be Best program, it is sad. I do not understand. Not that hard to join. 

I want to know why they can’t support me in my business but instead pitch me to join their business. I am trying to understand. Their cost is too high. My cost is very low and easy to afford.


Q. So you’ve been doing affiliate marketing for how long now..the past how many months or years? 

8 months 


Q. Do you see that it can actually help you to achieve your goals in life?

Hard! They need to meet me and get to know me better and will be fine.


Q. Have you been able to make any progress or do you need to be able to work 1 on 1 with someone who can teach you?

Yes, please! One by one is the best.


Q. We often read of some of these digital marketers making millions of dollars. Do you think that this could one day be your story? Making millions of dollars online?

Hard part for one million. Gotta be good at it. I am not that great. I am not a movie star. I am not an actor.


Q. It has been said that the more people you help resolve their issues, the more,  You’re likely to make ($$$) in your business. Do you agree with this idea?

Yes. I have not really tried this. I want to.


Q. Most entrepreneurs tend to not get the support they need when starting out from family or even friends. Is this true for you as well?

Yes, facts.


Q. Do you have a support system in place now?

No. I am trying.


Q. So Victoria, tell me what would you advise or say to anyone who was thinking of becoming involved in affiliate marketing today and why?

Yes, well it will be hard at first, but later you get better and I know those new people need support too, not just me. I am pretty sure I need support. It is liberating.


Q. I wish you all the best Victoria. Know that I am here to help you in any way I can with your online journey.

Thank You.


Let’s shift our focus now to Victoria, the mother.



Victoria & Motherhood –  The Challenge Of Having CODA Children


CODAs are children born to a Deaf parent (or both parents). The vast majority (up to 90 percent) of children born to Deaf parents are hearing.

Although hearing, they are members of the Deaf community from birth and their first language is often American Sign Language (ASL).

Victoria would be the first to tell you that she had two moms while growing up. She had her real mom, who could not take care of her at that time.

And so she was raised and later adopted by her foster mom at around the age of nine years old.


victoria and her three children


Victoria herself became a mother to three healthy children, all of whom were born being able to hear properly while she as their mother could not.


Q. How would you describe yourself as a person Victoria?

I am faithful. I am a good listener. I am good at helping to improve. There are many.


Q. You have children. How many? They must be the love of your life. Are you married?

I have three coda children. My love is very tough for my children. I was married. I don’t want to talk about it. I want to be positive and happy.


Q. How were you able to support yourself or be supported when you started having children?

Long story to support me and my children. I live a hard way. I have not broken it yet. I thank God for living. Very blessed and  I’m still looking for work, because of my being deaf.


Q. Has your life always been a struggle, Victoria?

Yes, always.


Why The Title “The Unspoken Hero”



It was at this point in our interview that I came to realize the seriousness of the struggle that Victoria had been experiencing for most of her life.

Despite herself having to go through what she did not bring upon herself having been born prematurely as a baby, she possessed a strength in her situation, that most in her shoes would not know how to cope with.

Rather than wallow in self-pity, she chose to fight and not see herself as downtrodden and outcast.

Rather she learned to believe in herself, relying on God for her inner strength.


Victoria is full of love despite the hand she has been dealt. She is indeed a hero. She may not have been vocal a lot in her formative years, but she always had a voice, though unspoken.


Q. How would you advise someone who may have the same challenges as you do now but is unable to cope?

I am sure some of them do have to suffer to be single moms or trying not to depend on their husbands in times of conflict.


Q. What’s next for Victoria De Ita?

My next is Victoria. Write a book about who I am. I want to help children ..who like me are blessed but have lost parents.


Q. What is your unique message that you wish to share with the world and any that may read this interview?

I wish, my story is called “Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for being patient with me.” I am kind to share as you do share with me equally.


Last Thoughts & Conclusion


victoria enjoying an apple drink


I truly want to thank Victoria for giving me the opportunity to delve into her world, learn more about her and certainly encourage her to keep chasing her goals.

I know answering some of these questions must have been challenging for her but I also know that more than anything else, Victoria wanted to get her story out there.

Interestingly enough, there is so much more that could have been mentioned but I figured that with what has been published here that one has a pretty good idea of who Victoria De Ita is as of now.

Thank you, Victoria.


ps. This blog post will also be made available as an e-book for easy sharing through the ebook creative platform known as Designrr

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