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Video Marketing is one of the many styles of marketing that you can employ in your online journey. It is a really cool way to not only share information with your audience but is also the most informative, entertaining, and educating platform guaranteed when done correctly to engage your audience to the fullest. So you would want to learn as much as you can about this style of marketing and the many wonderful marketing tools available to use in your business. Learn more video marketing here.


video marketing

Why Video MARKETING Reason No.1

Why video you ask? Why not? Video is easily the most captivating media on the planet that is sure to get everyone’s attention bar none.

Notwithstanding when you have the biggest video platform that is also a dedicated search engine, it makes sense to use video if you want to get your message sounded far and wide.

video marketing


If you were to take a look at the first page of Google these days you should have noticed a trend that has been going on for some time now.

I am sure that you are seeing more and more videos being featured on Google’s page one. And there is good reason for this. It is far earlier to rank on page one using videos.

video marketing


It has never been easier to get a YouTube video channel started. Let’s look at what you will need. First and foremost a Google account is required.

You can tailor your YouTube channel name after the g-mail address you create to go along with your new channel. Select your niche and then start creating videos to populate your channel.

More Benefits Of Using Video & The Tools  To Achieve Success 

VIDEO Is King & Why Your Business Will Tank Without It 


As I mentioned before video is big. Video is KING! Video marketing then is huge and ought to be included in your online business to ensure success. But in every platform, there are rules to follow if one will be successful.

video marketing

One of the words that you will see me refer to at times will be the word CONSISTENCY. To be a success, you have to be consistent.

So as an online marketer, you want to be seen and credited as being an expert.

To do that you have to publish content that is relevant to the niche market you are catering to whether you are just doing ‘how-to videos’ or review videos.

Video gives you the opportunity to express yourself and be creative. People like to be entertained and educated.

So if you can provide both in the way of edutainment, then you are in a good place.

Video editing and making your videos stand out by way of presentation and the thumbnails you use are critical to your success too.

I don’t want to harbor too long but this is what you’ll need to get started with your video marketing.

1. G-mail Account >> YouTube Account

2. You can use a video screen recorder like Screencast-O-Matic or a DLSR camera. Canon is a good brand. There are other video capture tools besides Screencast-O-Matic. There’s Camtasia which is for Mac users.

3. Canva is a tool you can use to make some catchy thumbnails among other graphics for your channel including your YouTube Channel art. Canva can be used for many other purposes. There is a free version but you can always upgrade to benefit from more useful features.


4. You’ll also need good lighting fixtures as well as good quality microphones. But start small and build as you go along. The most important thing here is to start.

Everyone is afraid of the camera at one time or another. But then you will find some folks who are just born for the camera.

Lapel microphones are good to use as they can clip onto your apparel and leaves you hands free with no facial obstruction.

Here is a good option to help in your selection.


Stepping In Front Of The One-Eyed Monster – The Camera


Facebook Lives are useful in allowing persons to use video to share their content and getting accustomed to speaking into a camera not knowing if there’s anyone on the other end.  I know this can be daunting for many and it took some getting used to for me as well.

The phobia attached to being on video is directed to what people will say about how we look or talk. We are caught up with if they will like us or simply balk at what we have to say. For the most part, though it might be reassuring to note that people just want value and not fluff. So if your content is purposeful and value-packed you can rest easy.

People want to hear what you have to say and share in the way of value and could care less how you look. That being said though, I would advise that you still observe some degree of social etiquette and be pleasantly attired when you come on video. Remember your brand and what it stands for.


Gaining Subscribers, Views & Crushing YouTube 

Now for the 3 C’s of YouTube that when carried out will lead to more subscribers, views, and in the long run sales are these. Consider Commitment, Consistency, and Content. Let me share why I think this way and maybe you’ll agree with me as well.

Commitment means that you are going to show up especially when you least feel like it. When you are starting out in any venture, that’s usually the hardest. Why? Well because everything is new and will take some getting used to and for the most part you are now learning.

So because you are committed to the task at hand you are going to put your all into it and give it your best shot for any possible and probable chance of success. Added to commitment comes consistency.

You must be consistent in your attitude and approach to your video marketing or specifically your YouTube channel. People will start following you and your content and if they see that you care enough about them to show up and are consistent in the content you share then they will feel like they should stick around and this leads to them subscribing to your channel.

The content on your channel should be focused on a specific niche market you choose to explore and look to solve any of the problems existing in that area for your audience. At the core of why you do what you do should be the idea of helping someone to solve whatever issue they are having so they can find some resolve and peace.

When your content is designed around helping your audience solve problems that they are experiencing and furthermore teaching them how to do things within the specified niche, then you are seen as the expert, and your audience rewards you by sharing your content.

This goes a long way to your establishing your reach and pulling in your video marketing although having a command of the tips and tricks you can use within your video production is always useful.

Now while what I have shared here when concentrated upon and steps are taken to implement will help you, I will be very soon exposing you to  full indepth training resource that is aimed at helping you understand and effectively manage your own personal video marketing.

I will be exposing you to a very detailed and structured course by a multiple 7 figure earner which is also helping me and I know when you take me up on this offer you will soon be witnessing your business explode through the training in video marketing you’ll receive.

Here is a more detailed look at VIDEO MARKETING,  and somewhat of a teaser which I hope will help you as much as it did me.


 Video Marketing In-Depth TRAINING For Beginners



One of the first things you might want to do when engaging in anything to do with video is to have an aim for the said video. An example of this would be what is the purpose of your video? What do you want to achieve with your video?

So I will list out some questions below which will help you not only understand what video marketing actually involves, it is my desire that you will have a more concise and detailed picture if this is what type of marketing you would want to perform to build your business.


  • What is the purpose of your video?
  • Is your video aimed at building brand awareness or giving your audience the chance to get to know you better?
  • Are your videos going to be used to educate your audience?
  • Will your videos be used to help you sell products?
  • Will you create videos to help you build an e-mail list?
  • Will you just create videos around trending topics?
  • Are you using your video for review purposes?
  • Does your video have a “Call To Action“?


These are just a few of the many questions you can ask yourself as you first set out to launch your video marketing. It is important to have a sort of checklist or compass so you are always on top of things as you navigate your online journey utilizing the power of video.

In the next section of this training series, we shall consider the different types of videos we can create and most importantly their relevance of importance to your business.

When you think about it there are so many different types of videos that one can create, and mixing up the types of video you do create can add flavor to your marketing and keep the buzz surrounding your channel alive and kicking.

The following is a short video showing the trends for this year where video in marketing has been going.




We shall continue now by looking at the different types of video we can create and what is best based on what our business shall require.

This you can know because only you can decide where you want your business to go and that helps you determine the best types of video you will need.

Let’s continue…

I will give you another checklist of sorts here and in it, I will list the 10 best different video types you’ll likely to end up using. That being said, you will also want to experiment to see which types best match your creative genius and the ones you feel most comfortable creating.

Just remember that there are many, many types of videos you can create so always think first of what your business or brand is likely to need and start there. You’ll soon start to come up with many ideas as you ask the relevant questions.

Of course, you are always free to outsource the many tasks you can end up doing as it relates to your business, but let’s keep it as simple as possible since you might be in beginner mode.


  • Have you considered a “welcome” video or channel introduction video? This gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself and briefly state who can benefit and why by subscribing to your channel.
  • How-to videos are very good for breaking down and explaining things of interest and relevance to your business and the offers you promote. I especially love these.
  • Case study videos can come quickly behind the how-to videos as you may want to further highlight the information given in the how-to video with a real-life demonstration including results.
  • And that brings me next to Results videos. These are usually not long in length, but they go towards showing visual social proof of what you have been speaking about, not only for yourself but you can show off the results of your team to get viewers hyped and keenly interested.
  • You could actually create a top ten video marketing tips every marketer would need to know video.
  • Another type of video could be a checklist video, sharing ideas like what you are reading about here right now.
  • Questions and answers videos are really a great way to teach your audience what you most want them to know and share information that they might have wanted to ask but didn’t know how to. 
  • Other video types include Reviews which allow you to explain in detail about a product or offer you want to expose to your audience more in-depth.
  • Motivational videos are often a favorite with some video creators.
  • Finally at least for this list put together here, let’s include Interview videos. These videos will generally create a buzz depending also on the guest you feature in the interview, their popularity in the niche you are in and it can boost your own authority.  



david jones marketing


 There are quite a number of different cameras you can use for your video marketing. Choose what suits your budget, but also keep an eye out for quality. Two options to consider for starters. The Logitech HD Pro C920 & secondly the SONY HDRCX405. There are more that will be revealed in the course coming soon.

video marketing


When it comes to sharing your videos, there are many social media platforms that will allow you to share directly from the time your videos are uploaded to YouTube. There are pros & cons to this however and it is sometimes best to upload to each platform manually when in doubt. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook to name a few.

video marketing


It is absolutely amazing all that you can do on a smartphone these days when it comes to video. You can record high quality videos, edit the videos, add effects, add music, and even create animation videos whilst on the go. Most people will likely use an Apple I-phone, but I’m sure that you can find some great android smartphones on the market as well.

  More To Come Soon…..


I do hope that you have enjoyed what you have been able to read and digest so far. There is so much that goes into video marketing. Once you have identified that this is the area you wish to focus your marketing efforts on with regards to your business, then you have made a good decision.

There is one more plug I’d like to stick in here as this is an article I recently came across from our friends at To get the full impact of what was being said just Click Here to read the article.

To give you a brief overview however, the piece looks at the growing number of persons who use their mobile and or other devices for the purpose of watching video and the stats that were collected on a global scale.

I was hoping to offer a full video marketing course very soon and the many things I did not cover here I would definitely get to and invite you to be on the lookout for that.

But I think I have found a great resource that I can point you to that has been a tremendous help to me and now I will pass that information on to you.

What you have experienced here so far however, will take you a good way towards making a great start.



video marketing

The VIDEO MARKETING course I have been telling you about will not be coming from myself as had been intended. Instead I want to refer you to a channel which I think you might have heard of and it is called ThinkMedia. This channel will give you even more relevant information when it comes to not only video and video marketing especially if using YouTube, but also gives valuable tips on a number of video related matters. I think they also have their own course and this I’d also highly recommend. Check out their channel HERE as this will be your best investment ever if you intend to succeed in VIDEO MARKETING & EXPLODE your online business. 

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