When I think of the word Canva, the next word that pops into my mind is canvas, like what an artist uses when creating his masterpiece. I think it is somewhat ironic.

I guess I think this way because Canva has become the #1 tool sought out by many creators both online and offline when it comes to visually creating content that captivates and inspires.

The same thing that art does.

In my post, we are going to discover why Canva is considered the #1 in my humble opinion but I would be quick to add that there are other somewhat similar platforms though none coming close.



Here’s Why I Consider Canva To Be #1



Created using Canva


I have been so impressed with this software that I have even included it as one of the most important tools in my business and I’ve listed it on my resources page.

This image above and the other one below in the next section I created using Canva.

Canva is No.1 in my opinion because with it you get so much value across a very wide spectrum and can be accessed for free even if you have a small team of designers working with you. ( up to 5 people)

It also enables users to create and publish anything from postcards to ebook covers, videos, and content that can also be scheduled in advance for those busy persons just needing to create and go. 

But let’s dig in to learn why this may be the super tool of software tools that many small and even larger business owners love.

There are several things one can do within the Canva platform and I’m going to list them for you as well as I’ll showcase some demos. But let me first give you a brief user overview.


What Does it Cost To Use The Software & Who Exactly Is It For? 



Created using Canva


Canva is free to all users, but should you desire to make full use of its many features then it is best to upgrade to its Pro version.

When a user upgrades, it will cost them USD$12.99 per month, which is relatively inexpensive for all that you can do with the platform.

Furthermore, if you opt to pay yearly then there are further savings to be obtained.

I do have a promotion where you can try it out for a full 30 days for FREE at the Pro level.


Disclaimer: I wanted to let you know that interspersed through this article are links through which if you click and go on to make a purchase, then I as the affiliate will make a small commission. This is in no way an added expense to your purchase and I thank you in advance for your support as it helps me produce more informative articles like this one.


So Who Can Benefit By Using This Software? 


When you log into the website, you are going to see starting from the left top corner of the page a navigation bar. This bar basically highlights some of the main features of the platform.



As indicated in the above screenshot, the arrow pointing to pricing is also a drop-down menu, which reveals just who the platform can be used by for the benefits desired.


  • FREE –  For individuals and small teams to create and download designs for any occasion.
  • PRO –  For individuals and small teams who want more advanced tools and more content.
  • ENTERPRISE –  For large businesses seeking an integrated tool to keep their brand consistent.
  • EDUCATION –  A powerful creative tool for your classroom and organization.
  • NON PROFITS –  Canva is free for all registered nonprofits. Apply today.




So the 3 categories the make up the pricing are FREE where a user can access a good number of the features enough to satisfy the average designer.

The next category is PRO and it is in this category as well as in the Free before it that you are allowed to have a team of no more than 5 persons joining you that can co-design with you.

The last category in the Pricing field is AGENCY. For this category, Canva asks that persons desirous of having this category opened to them, call for a quote.

So that completes the pricing and next, we shall further see the benefits for those who utilize the platform.


Education Is Key To Making The Most Of This Software & This Is Why Canva Stands Out 


Courses, Tutorials, and a Blog featuring content that teaches you how to get the most out of the platform by way of design techniques and strategies is why this is not a platform to be overlooked.




Under the learn drop-down menu is where you will find 3 subsections, Courses, Tutorials, and blogs. As the navigation bar suggests, this is where you learn.

Canva has really provided no reason for any user who has ever stumbled across this platform to ever want to leave it. Everything is provided for you here.


There are many courses to peruse from Canva 101, Personal branding, Social media mastery, Graphic design basics, Branding your business all the way to Presentation to impress from the experts.

All of these are courses featuring lessons ranging from 4 modules in number depending on the size of the content to cover.


The tutorials covered are as follows with the first one being “Getting started,” then going on to Designing, Creating videos, Presenting, Canva Pro, and finally Canva for education.


The blog is the final stage in the menu and this along with the other two categories I highlighted for you can all be found under the tab “Learn” in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

The Blog consists of the following articles: Design, Marketing, Branding, Nonprofits, and lastly Teachers & Students.


And Now For The Features…



Created using Canva


There are so many features that this platform boasts, that I fear in starting to highlight some of them, I would not have time or space to list them all.

Nonetheless, I will endeavor to make mention of the more popular features so that in reading this article, one can make a determined and informed decision as to what steps are likely to be taken next.


canva features


Let’s talk features. The features can be broken down into 6 columns, each column carrying quite a number of areas that would occupy a creative mind for hours to come.


Photos                 Icons                Print products         Apps                  Explore       Download   

Free photos       Social Media      Business Cards     Google Maps     Teams        Canva for MAC

Backgrounds     Web & Seo         Postcards              Giphy                   Graphs       Canva for Windows

Nature               Files / Folders     Invitations              QR Code                                  Canva for Android

Animals             Business            Custom mugs         Bitmoji                                      Canva for IOS

Food.                Weather              Flyers                       Youtube

People             Computer           Custom T-shirts       Duotone


Canva Creativity



When it comes to what you can do or create with Canva I should say, there seem to be no limits. Not even the sky can be considered as a possible limit.

There are templates to suit every social media platform and then some. The most popular media platforms. And with the scores of templates come categories of every take and design.

These you can all see for yourself under the tab “Templates.” But why take my word for it. Aren’t you by now curious to see for yourself?

Then you’ll see why this is your next step to take.   Take a look right now, right here.



Created using Canva


There are so many different styles and pieces of content that one can create using Canva it is simply amazing.

What is even more amazing is that the platform is like a one-stop center for all content creation purposes.

Any and everything that you could possibly want to make your life easier with regards to your businesses’ marketing needs can be found and done using the Canva platform.

You can create anything under the following categories using Canva. Here are just a few examples.


  • Social  Media  –  Instagram Stories, Instagram Posts, Facebook Covers, Facebook Posts, YouTube Channel Art, LinkedIn Banners & more.
  • Personal  –  Invitations, Cards, Resumes, Postcards, T-Shirts, Weekly Schedule Planner.
  • Business  –  Presentations, Websites, Logos, Business Cards, Invoices, Business Letterheads.
  • Marketing  –  Posters, Flyers, Infographics, Brochures. Newsletters, Proposals
  • Education  –  Classroom Decor Kits, Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Certificates, Bookmarks, Class Schedules.
  • Trending  –  Canvas Prints, Videos, YouTube Intros, Photo Books, Menus, Itinerary Planners.




So the question is, “What will you design?”  

When it comes to designing, Canva also has a dedicated YouTube channel that’s full of tutorials teaching you how to do just about any and everything you can think of. 

Here is a Canva for Beginners 2021 video course just to give you an idea of what the platform is really capable of and why you ought to make them your first choice for all things related to your graphic designs needs.



Conclusion: Is Canva Right For You?


I have sought to give you as much information as I could so you could appreciate what Canva is all about and what it has to offer those in the digital marketing space.

Of course, I would be remiss if I did not also share with you some of the Canva alternatives out there on the market. I am not saying either can I actually say that they are better or worse.

All I can say is that Canva gives me all that I need and at a price point that is affordable. You can decide from the information I have shared whether it could be a good fit for your needs. I believe that it is.

Here are some of the other alternatives to Canva on the market.



I have used Visme before and it is a nice platform but it is limited with what you can do within the free version unlike with Canva. See what Visme has to offer.

Here is an ebook I created using Visme. Consider it a useful bonus & use the comment section to let me know what you think.

Here is an article highlighting the 11 Best Canva Alternatives which would provide you some more information you can use to make comparisons based on what I have shared about the Canva platform.

What I have found however as I read about the alternatives, some of the reasons the author was using as to what made his options better Canva also supplies on their platform.

It is possible that maybe they were not available when he wrote his article. I noticed he made a point about the ability to remove unwanted backgrounds and there was an alternative that could provide that service.

What I guess he is not aware of is that Canva also has such a tool in its picture editing choices. I know as I have not only used it, I love it.

So that’s all I will say at this point. Either way, only you the one reading this post will know what your individual needs are and I have given you what Canva can provide as a viable solution for you and your business.

I hope this has been helpful for you and do feel free to subscribe to my newsletter here if you have not already done so. Every other month I give away freebies that will help you if you are new to online marketing.

In the conclusion to this post, I actually left you a bonus gift.  An e-book I created. It’s yours only if you reached this far.

Stay safe and see you next time.

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